Cycling Accessories

Whether you're a club cyclist, urban commuter, or elite rider,  the WaterField cycling lineup has the functionality and style for your biking needs. Designed by cyclists (Gary was a bike messenger, amateur racer, and long-time cycle tourist) for cyclists. Made in San Francisco.

Vitesse Messenger bag
Vitesse Messenger bag
From $159

Lightweight laptop messenger bag for commuting and professional office wear.

Cycling Ride Pouch main compartment
Cycling Ride Pouch

Fits in your jersey pocket. Quick access to phone, tools, and wallet.

Vitesse Cycling Musette
Vitesse Cycling Musette
From $69

Holds wallet, phones, tablets, or 13" laptops. Lightweight waxed canvas.

Leather Rapide Saddlebag
Rapide Saddlebag

Old world full grain leather tool bag. Includes Mini Tool Roll.

Club Cycling Pouch
Club Cycling Pouch

Holds repair kit and smartphone in separate pockets. Fits in jersey pocket.

Mini Bike Tool Roll
Mini Tool Roll

Keeps tools organized and at the ready to fix any mishap. Lays flat for faster repairs.