Every single bag is designed and made in San Francisco.
Snug, secure fit for the Mac
Snug, secure fit for the Mac
Shuts securely with Velcro closure
Shuts securely with Velcro closure
Back pockets for accessories
Back pockets for accessories
Optional Strap
Optional Strap
Optional: Piggyback Accessory Pack for power adapters, cords, cables
Optional: Piggyback Accessory Pack for power adapters, cords, cables
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See more User Reviews below
Waxed Canvas with Leather trim
Waxed Canvas with Leather trim
Black Ballistic with Micro Trim
Black Ballistic with Micro Trim
Waxed Canvas - Vertical (L) Horizontal (R)
Waxed Canvas - Vertical (L) Horizontal (R)
Ballistic Nylon - Vertical (L) Horizontal (R)
Ballistic Nylon - Vertical (L) Horizontal (R)

MacBook SleeveCase

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Size Does Matter. The MacBook SleeveCase is  now available for Apple's NEW! 15" and 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, as well as for all other MacBook sizes. The Mac stays snug and in its place in the custom-fit SleeveCase. The high-grade neoprene interior helps absorb shock. Use the SleeveCase on its own, or insert in other bags. All made in our San Francisco workshop.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.

- High-grade neoprene interior
- Long-lasting, durable ballistic nylon or waxed canvas exterior
- Premium, full-grain leather accents

SleeveCase Dimensions & Weight:
-12" MacBook: 11.75 x 9.25 inches, 0.7 lb.
-13" MacBook Air: 13.75 x 10 inches, 0.9 lb.
-13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar: 13 x 9.75 inches, 0.85 lb.
-15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar: 14.5 x 10.25 inches, 0.95 lb.

- Optional strap with metal hardware

  • Lightly padded flap of full-grain leather
  • Angled pocket in the back
  • shock-absorbent neoprene interior
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Optional Piggyback for additional storage
  • Optional Simple or Suspension Strap (balances the load)
  • TSA-checkpoint friendly (no need to take laptop out of SleeveCase
The MacBook SleeveCase is custom-fit for:

  • 12"MacBook - Size 37
  • 13" MacBook Air - Size 32
  • 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar - Size 38
  • 15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar - Size 39
  • 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display (Old Size) - Size 35
  • 15" MacBook Pro Retina Display (Old Size) - Size 34
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WaterField SleeveCase for MacBook Pro Review

Gadgetmac - August 12, 2011

“If you're looking for a quality protective sleeve that will last you a lifetime, the SleeveCase should be the one to considered.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 181 reviews
Luxurious Finish, Quality Build!

This sleeve and accompanying gear pouch are of an unmatched build and quality. I bought a similar sleeve for my 2011 MacBook Air and after 7 years it's still in perfect condition (my wife now uses it). These products have the best quality and fit & finish of any similar products I've ever purchased. And the kicker - they're still in the same building in San Francisco since I bought my original sleeve in 2011! For those of you who don't know what it's like to do business in San Francisco, several years in the same location is a feat in and of itself! If you're able to stay in the same location for several years in San Francisco, then you must be doing something right!

Still the best sleeve for my MacBook Air

I stumbled onto WaterField back in 2010 when I was searching around online for a sleeve for my MacBook Pro 15", and bought another one in 2013 when I got a MacBook Air 13".

I'm still running that Air--I'm not a big fan of the recent MacBook Pro offerings--and replaced the battery on that machine yesterday, so I thought I'd treat myself to a replacement Waterfield sleeve as well. The one from 2013 has held up extremely well, given that I use it daily. It has been rockclimbing in Joshua Tree, on business trips to the Bay Area, and travelled with me to London, Edinburgh, Paris, Barcelona... After 5 years of use and abuse, my old machine deserves a new sleeve.

Thanks for making a great product. It's why I keep coming back.

Wonderful Bag

The bag is perfect in every way.

Macbook sleeve review

As always, a well made product by Waterfield!

MacBook Pro 15" sleeve

As usual this bag looks great, fits perfectly, and I will continue to buy more and more stuff from Waterfield Designs.

Should I get a horizontal or vertical SleeveCase?

We recommend that you match the orientation of the SleeveCase with the bag you plan to stow your laptop in. This allows you to access your laptop without removing the entire Sleeve.

What is the loop on the bottom of the SleeveCase?

The loop is to hold on to when removing your laptop - rather than squeezing the SleeveCase and device inside that you are trying to remove - the finger hold makes this work better.

I have a protective case on my Apple laptop, will the SleeveCase fit?

We custom-fit each Apple laptop for a snug fit with the "naked" laptop. Even a slim protective case will make a difference. Send us a quick email and we'll help find the right size for a great fitting SleeveCase.

What is a Suspension Strap?

We call it the "suspension" strap because this strap stretches just a bit, adding a little spring effect so your laptop is a little lighter to carry. The underside of the strap is lined with grippy material so it sits on your shoulder, preventing it from moving around. The strap is removable and snaps onto metal D-rings.

I already have a strap I plan to use. How would I complete the order?

When selecting your Strap Options, please choose "D-rings only". That way, we'll sew the D-rings on for you so you can attach your existing strap.

I need more storage than the rear pocket offers. What should I do?

The Piggybackcomfortably stores your power supply, mouse, hard drive, or phone. Hook the piggyback onto your SleeveCase (D-rings required) when you need the storage and un-hook when you don't.

Have a question about this product? Contact us at HeyGary@SFBags.com.

  • Dropped laptop. Not broken. Thanks, WaterField!
    - Amy B.
  • Sleevecase helps calm my anal retentiveness.
    - Eric T.
  • Sleeve pull tab, pure unadulterated genius!
    - Patricia C., Massachusetts
  • Tight but comfortable fit, durable quality.
    - Sebastien B.
  • "Dropped my bag with my MB down a flight of cement stairs while in the sleeve- not even one scratch!"
    - Shirley P.
  • Best sleeve I have ever owned!
    - Stan W., California