MacBook Sleeves

Our sleeves hug your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and even the new 12" MacBook. Made of ballistic nylon or waxed canvas, the interior is soft & cushy to cradle and protect the MBA or MB Pro. Can be inserted into another bag or used on its own. Straps optional. Not looking for a sleeve? Check out also our MacBook Bags. 
NEW! Pre-order Maxwell Sleeve for MacBook
NEW! Pre-order Maxwell Sleeve for MacBook
From $79

Custom-fit, magnetic enclosure, water-repellent material and bold colors.

Custom fit MacBook SleeveCase
MacBook SleeveCase
From $69

Compact heavy duty protection in neoprene & waxed canvas or ballistic nylon.

Dash Sleeve for MacBook & iPad
Dash Sleeve for MacBooks and iPads
From $49

Ultra slim, super lightweight, great protection.

MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve
MacBook Suede Jacket Sleeve
From $25

Soft Ultrasuede scratch protection. Built-in neoprene base for extra cushion.