PiggyBack Accessory Pack

  • Piggyback Accessory Pack
    Piggyback Accessory Pack
  • Piggyback Accessory Pack with strap
    Piggyback Accessory Pack with strap
  • Piggyback Back laptop accessory pack
    Piggyback Back laptop accessory pack
  • Piggyback Accessory pack for SleeveCase
    Piggyback Accessory pack for SleeveCase
  • Piggyback diagram
    Piggyback diagram
$25 $27 $25 $27 $25 $27 $25 $27 $37 $39 $37 $39 $37 $39 $37 $39 $47 $49 $47 $49 $47 $49 $47 $49 The Piggy Back functions as an accessory holder that attaches to your WaterField Designs SleeveCase, or can be used on its own. It holds cables, adapters, etc.
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Multi-use bag. The PiggyBack has two functions—as an accessory holder that attaches to your WaterField Designs SleeveCase, or used by itself as a an over-the-shoulder mini bag. Perfect to take on trips where you might need it to work double duty. The PiggyBack comes in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, depending on your SleeveCase. It hooks to the D-rings on your SleeveCase.


If you already ordered a WaterField Designs SleeveCase and would like to add a PiggyBack, D-rings will need to be added. We are happy to add these for you. The cost is $5 plus the cost of return shipping. Please write to us at heygary@sfbags.com for our shipping address and further instructions. Be sure to include that you want to purchase a PiggyBack in your message.


  • Size & dimensions:
    • Horizontal – 11" to 9" x 7", 5 oz.
    • Vertical – 10" to 8" x 9.5", 5 oz.
    • Mini Horizontal – 9" to 7", 3 oz.
    • Mini Vertical – 8.3" to 6.5" x 7", 3 oz.


I stand in awe. The bag I ordered yesterday arrived a few minutes ago. I'm going to have to revise my prejudice about SF being the home of flakes and loony lefties. Great service. And a great bag. Thank you so much. Now I'll have to look at your site even more carefully and see if there are other designs I can use.

Best -

Robert J. Avrech

Hi Gary,

The bags arrived today. I have to say I'm bitterly disappointed. There's absolutely nothing I can find fault with! Good job!

I'm one satisfied customer and glad that I purchased from you...

Best regards,



Thanks for the email! I came across references to your bags while searching the Dell user forums and some Apple Powerbook sites.

All of the reviews for your products raved about the quality of the construction and design in your products. But the single most consistent feature across all of the reviews was praise for your customer service. I begin to see now that the praise was well earned.


Technology Tell

Going Mobile with iPad 2…and Waterfield SleeveCase (mini-review)

Technology Tell

"Where to put that power adapter, or an external mouse, necessary dongles and cables, plus an Apple USB modem if you’re using the case to carry its intended MacBook or other laptop? No problem. Just order an auxiliary "Piggyback" or "Piggyback Mini" case ($25-$27), which is a small pouch that attaches onto the Sleeve Case."

"Made from matching ballistic nylon with reinforced zippers, the Piggyback has soft divider pockets inside to protect your power adapter, even a small external drive or what-have-you."

Notebook Review

Going Mobile with iPad 2…and Waterfield SleeveCase (mini-review)

Notebook Review

"Waterfield Designs takes great pride in the fact that its bags are made in San Francisco by an American workforce that takes great care in every stitch and every seam. If you have a chance to look closely at a Waterfield bag and compare it to a typical cheap laptop bag you’ll notice that the stitching is virtually perfect in the Waterfield bag instead of something that is thrown together on an assembly line overseas by an underpaid workforce."

"If you plan to use the SleeveCase as your primary laptop bag instead of just putting the SleeveCase inside a larger bag, then we highly recommend that you purchase the optional SleeveCase Piggyback. The $25 Piggyback is an accessory bag for carrying extra items like power adapters, a mouse, USB flash drives, etc.. You just hook the Piggyback to the D-rings on your SleeveCase and you instantly transform a basic laptop sleeve into a fully functional notebook bag."

"Waterfield Designs even offers an optional mini-strap for the Piggyback, which allows you to use this little accessory bag as a very small shoulder bag. However, the Piggyback is only big enough for a small tablet, a large smartphone or a small camera — the Piggyback is not meant to function as a laptop bag by itself."

"It’s that high level of personal customization and premium materials that makes the biggest difference…"

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