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Quality product

As always high quality product! Cheers from Germany

It’s worth the shipping to Canada

How can I write a review about a product I love but do not own? Simple, my husband Is very happy with the SUTTER TECH SLING I bought for him. He keeps his iPad Pro in it, along with other items. This bag goes everywhere with him. It’s rugged on the outside, but bright and sleek inside. Not crowded and weighted down with unnecessary extras. I love how it looks and feels. I want one. If you are thinking about ordering one as a gift, do yourself a favour and get one for yourself.

Water field case for AirPod Max

The case is amazing: light, luxurious in side, with spacer so headsets do no knock. Extra pockets for chord storage, set up to work with Apple tool. Well made and oh so timely.


Excellent fit and look. The quality of work is above par.

Great Product

This case combines a smart design with beautiful craftsmanship. 7/5 would recommend!
Customer support was also very responsive and helpful when I had to change my address. Thanks!

Wallet review

Great wallet! Really happy with my purchase

Simply awesome

Great materials. Premium feel. More than adequate padding all around. Just the right amount of organization. Enough room for a lot of stuff. Just pure joy.

Executive Leather Messenger Bag

Hey Gary all I can say about the Messenger Bag I bought from you is that it is such quality and luxury at the same time. It even smells good like my Rawlings Baseball Glove when I was a child. Thank You for making such a beautiful and quality bag. I will enjoy this bag for many years to come

Perfect Transaction and a great case for the Airpods Max

The Case is Excellent. Super soft inside and very protective Just what I wanted for the Airpods Max with plenty of cable space. Impeccable quality. Ordering process was very simple. Delivered quickly with very reasonable shipping. Not sure what else you could ask for.

Get one!

Pro Executive Laptop Backpack

Excelent Quality

The quality of the waxed canvas from Waterfield Designs make me want all their products. Also they have an excelent customer service. Thanks Gary and all the team for their support with my orders.

Sublime Simplicity meets Sophistication

Keep doing what you're doing - I already own one of your Satchel bags. My wife bought it for me over 6 years ago because I work in Silicon Valley and I needed something cool yet mature and not tech geeky and I also always loved the leather bags Clint Eastwood used to wear in his classic spaghetti westerns. So she got me the simple satchel-looking briefcase with the snap buttons in front but shoulder straps for easier transport. I love it on Caltrain & You have no idea how many times someone stopped me or commented on my bag while standing in the boarding line at the airport because i had it slung over my shoulder. This latest buy was a gift for my daughter's boyfriend. He spent the holidays with us so we thought we'd get him something nice. He's a programmer super smart engineer guy also looking for something cool & techy but simple and with great utility. He liked the slim bag but wanted something bigger. So we purchased the bigger caramel colored back pack and he was in heaven. Started using it right away. Problem: What to do with the slim pack? Guess who's smiling twice now? I live in San Jose and zip around town on my 2-wheeler white Segway. Now I get to do it with a super light should bag. Everyone once in a while somewhere looks at me like "Whoa." I'm not the show-offy type but it's still kinda satisfying. Better yet I can go to the park with my iPad and a few things without lugging an albatross around. Life is Great!


Love it!

Perfect Bicycle Jersey Wallet

I wanted to consolidate what I kept in my saddle bag and jersey pocket and found the perfect solution. The cycling iPhone wallet is the perfect size, holds the essentials for your phone and quick access items, and is extremely well constructed.

Almost Great

The bag is fantastic in almost every manner except one, making the most of available space with additional storage pockets.
The front pocket has a sewn in pocket for a mobile phone and pen but there is still unused space for at least two more pockets for things like cables, changing brick, business cards, AirPods, a mouse, etc.
There is enough vertical space for one of the pockets to be divided horizontally creating two smaller pockets, perfect for those smaller items (USB/Lightening cables and business cards) that some folks do not want tossed into the bottom of the main front pocket.
The Outback Duo appears to deliver on this issue and I had almost wished I choose it just for that reason.
But this is my fourth SFBag and I still love them all.

A happy Chef

Finally… an apron that doubles as a valuable piece of kitchen gear and not a rag with strings. Thank you! I have more than enough space for my side towel, temperature probe, phone, radio (two way), note pad and pencil. Now I just have to find a way to keep it from walking away… coveted by my co-workers!

Awesome Pouch

Great buy, inside material makes it easy to see everything while the simple organization helps to separate things. sturdy and perfect for my everyday pen/pencil/sticky note/tape pouch. love it.

16" MacBook Pro bag

A safe haven for my pride and joy - new 16" MacBook Pro. Reassuringly sturdy, unostentatious, no-nonsense bag for long journeys; though I look forward to it spending much of its time adorning chair-backs in cafes.

Amazing Case!

My last case from Waterfield was for an iPhone 7 Plus four years ago and it's still in service today. I gave it to my girlfriend for her iPhone 8. The new iPhone 12 Pro Max case is awesome. Better magnets and a much more sturdy case with an extra pocket for credit cards. I don't even feel it when I attach to my belt. Plenty of room even with an Apple protective case attached. Great job!

Your bag search stops here

Wow! The quality and functionality of this bag is amazing. Everything I need has a spot without being too crowded. Craftsmanship is too notch. Going to purchase a few more bags from weatherfield as I've completely fallen in love.

High Quality Bag!

The Developer's Gear Case was the perfect choice for all of my cords, cables, and other electronic accessory items. I love the material it is made out of and I feel like it will last a lifetime or longer. Thank you Waterfield! Your product will be used by my family and I for many years to come.

Great Wallet

I am using with 4 credit cards, drivers license, insurance card, & three bills folded in thirds. Everything fits perfect.

Love this Case

I am in love with this case. It has space for all of my needs and makes organization a breeze.

The best ever

This is the best laptop bag I've ever owned. It is superior to similar products by Nomadic, Tom Bihn, and Brightline Bags--all products that I absolutely love--so this is saying a LOT. It's beautifully made, comfortable, and keeps everything in its place.

Tech Folio Plus