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Packable Sling Bag
Sean C. (Washington, United States)


Packable Sling Bag
Scott B. (Faro, Portugal)
Took it to Lisbon!

Love the packable sling! It was JUST what I needed for a trip to Portugal. Inside pocket great for important docs and cash. Inside lining is SO sharp. Durable and comfortable so far!

AirPods Max Shield Case
Paul M. (California, United States)
Good travel case

I finally received my AirPods Max Shield Case, and am very happy with how my AirPods Max fit, and the amount of protection and storage this will provide for carry-on travel bags. It easily carries my charging and 3.5mm audio cables, allowing me to keep all of my headphone equipment together. I find the convenience well worth the price.

Bolt Backpack
Anonymous (Wisconsin, United States)
Bolt backpack

I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to use the bag in the field, and while traveling. But you don’t have to use it to notice the amazing craftsmanship and quality of the bag. Definitely enjoying it so far, and am excited to pack it full and go somewhere. (even tho I’m not a big traveler) One thing to note is that using leather conditioners and care products will more then likely take away the cool distressed look to the leather. Weather that will come back after the produce wears off the leather over time is yet to be seen. But it is something to keep in mind, is that “caring for the leather” might take away the distressed look. It’s not damaging by any means. Just takes it away. At least for a little bit…hopefully..

Sutter Tech Sling
Kenny H. (California, United States)

It is amazing! The love in the hand crafted bag and the attention to detail is simply second to none! I have already used it almost every single day and I can’t imagine my life without it! Love it!

Tech Folio
Gregg C. (Colorado, United States)
Now every member of my family has a Tech Folio

My wife was the last to get one, but already she just LOVES it! She and I both use them much like a portfolio on steroids; holding iPads, business essentials, extra tech goodies, snacks (esp if we’re flying), and she packs her concealed. carry in there too. Great bag, SO versatile!!

AirPods Max Shield Case
Ryan H. (Florida, United States)

Pretty cool case, love the many pockets. Great for in the go

Jersey Pocket Tool Case
Debbie N. (Connecticut, United States)
Great tool pouch

I just love this new tool pouch as I no longer need a bag hanging off my bike and everything fits perfectly in even my car key money ld etc and lays flat in my middle back pocket leaving plenty of room for my fuel in the other pockets. I ride three different bikes so it’s easy just to grab the pouch instead of making sure I have what I need in those bags. The loop makes it simple to reach around and pull pouch up and out. Great quality so will last for many years/miles

AirPods Max Shield Case
Julie A.S. (Hawaii, United States)
AirPods Max Shield Case

I bought this for a gift. He really likes this case and how he can just put the headphones in with or without the Apple case. And the chocolate leather matches his old Staad backpack!

Apple TV Case
Kyle B. (California, United States)
Perfect charging case

I use this as a pouch for my charging stuff like a wall charger and my battery bank.

Double-Take Sleeve for iPad and MacBook
Andrew R. (California, United States)
So good

Well-made and functional

Hitch Crossbody Laptop Brief
Eric C. (New York, United States)
Awesome Bag

As if it needs to be said...but...this is another awesome bag from Waterfield. It has plenty of pockets for organization; it is extremely well made; it looks amazing. I can't think of anything bad to say about it.

Curo Dopp Kit
James M. (Mississippi, United States)
Great Dopp Kit

Item is of excellent quality and I will gladly use it on my next adventure.

iPad Pro SleeveCase
Jochen B. (Ontario, Canada)
Great craftsmanship

What a great product. Fits perfectly and protects the expensive Apple device really well. The craftsmanship is great. I highly recommend this products. Enough space to carry the charger and cable.

Vero Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro
KEN A. (Ontario, Canada)
I would purchase this again

Very happy with this purchase. It was a little more expensive than I wanted to spend but it is a very high quality product and while I’d purchase it again, I don’t expect I’ll need to as it should last me a lifetime.

Great customer service experience also, from end to end also considering that I’m in Canada as so many vendors don’t service Canadians well. Thanks for your great service!

Hip Sling Bag
Chris B. (Land Berlin, Germany)
An outstanding piece of craftsmanship – once again!

I’ve been wearing my Hip Slingbag for several weeks – and i am totally convinced of the oustanding quality, the design and the usage. The strap offers many adjustment-possibilities and every item inside is hold in place (wonderful!).
Thanks to the Waterfield-Team for another piece of outstanding craftmanship!

AirPods Max Shield Case
Alex R. (Quebec, Canada)
Must Companion for AirPods Max

This case has given me the ability to travel with my AirPods Max in true safety.

Packable Tote Bag
Benoit D. (Quebec, Canada)
Another great product from Waterfield

Once I’m very satisfied with my purchase. Amazing quality and craftsmanship, with a very thoughtful design. I’m using it almost everyday for grocery or picnicking at the parc. Love it.

Love my Executive Leather Messenger bag

I am very happy with my purchase! The Executive Leather Messenger bag was expensive, and paying Canadian duties and taxes added to the overall price (obviously not the fault of SFbags), but it was well worth the cost.

I’ve wanted this bag for sometime, and now that I have it I have no regrets with my purchase. I’m a lawyer and always have my laptop and iPad Pro on the go with me. This bag fits in perfectly with my busy life.

The quality and craftsmanship of the bag is top-notch, and I’m a huge fan of the gold interior and soft lining.

I highly recommend this bag to whomever is in the market for a top-quality messenger bag that will last for years.

Hitch Crossbody Laptop Brief
Samuel Q. (South Australia, Australia)
Well designed bag

The bag comfortably fits my laptop, work papers, headphones, lunch & some stationary - yet somehow it still looks sleek. I like that it has both a shoulder strap and handles - it is comfortable to carry. I purchased the full size bag and I can confirm that it easily fits the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop.

Finn Wallet
Nirav J. (Ontario, Canada)
Great product

Awesome product. Want a cheaper shipping option.


My Marqui Crossbody (MXB) is only my second purchase from Waterfield Designs. I chose waxed canvax version. I like to keep my pockets empty whenever I travel so I bought it to take on 17 day family trip late in later July/August. My MXB will be holding 3 passports, earbuds, my Finn wallet, keys and Galaxy Note 9. The build quality, the materials, the design are top notch and considering all that, the price is very reasonable.

My wife said I should have gotten the MXBL (ie.larger version). I may still do that....

Sutter Slim Backpack
Tod B. (Texas, United States)
Sutter Slim Travels

Accommodates my laptop, tablet, e-reader, portfolio of papers, and essential travel docs well. At security checkpoints, they slide in and out of their pockets easily. And it keeps its slim shape, making it easy to roll around with my carry on, sling over my shoulder, or slide under the airplane seat. It's beautiful.

Bolt Briefcase
Shaji A.K. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
Happy customer

I received the bag as per the specification, the quality is really good. It was delivered on time, overall happy customer and will recommend to others too.

Packable Duffel
Tom B. (North Carolina, United States)
Travel essential

I often find the need for an extra bag when returning from a conference with books or gifts. This simple, elegantly made duffle is now my go-to if i expect to return with extra things. Alternatively, I can just pop the duffel to a shipper and fly home as light as when i’d left.

I’ve been waiting for this folder for a long time. Well done!!