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Lots of space and looks great. Roughly 2x the space of the sutter slim backpack (which I also have and love) and quite light for how large it is. Perfect for traveling, with this I spent a 2 week holiday in Greece (no checked in luggage!)

The team were super responsive as I needed to pick this backpack up urgently before a trip.

Great Customer Service and Product

Could not ask for better customer service. Living overseas temporarily and needed help with international shipping. The team was great at helping fix what I needed and the product shipped out right away - had the next day in Korea.
The Ranger iPhone Case worked out perfectly (a replacement for an earlier models years old). Like the very strong magnetic clip on the belt strap - now can take on and off without removing my belt. Best part yet is the duel pocket. I use a wireless hotspot from the local carrier since everything I have is web based (VIOP phone, etc.) and don't need the local carrier. This extra pocket works great for my mobile wireless hotspot device - thus I don't need to put it in a pocket, etc.

Nice Luxury

I am frequently going from reading glasses to sunglasses and back again. So it’s really a treat to have some thing beautiful and luxurious to enjoy during that moment of transition.

Excellent Design and Craftsmanship

It is well built, functional, and good looking. The material and stitching look strong that will last for a long time. It is more on the pricey side but if price is not an issue, by all means get one. This is the second case I bought from the same company and I like them both.

Fantastic Bag!

This is a great bag and I am very pleased with my purchase. The quality of the canvas and leather are excellent and the size is perfect for carrying a 15” laptop in a sleeve. I would recommend doing the optional service to add d-rings to the bag so you can use your own strap, as the one that’s included is a little on the thin side and doesn’t include a shoulder pad. Overall this a really excellent product for the price, and the customer service I received from the company was top notch!


I mainly use this bag for work and travel. It is cavernous, fits my MacBook 15 and IPad, all the accessories I require, and so much more. Not only does the bag keep my items safe and secure, it looks Amazing while doing it!

I’ve come to expect nothing but Amazing quality from Gary and the folks at SFBags. I continue to add to my collection of items from WaterField Designs and will always think of them first whenever I need a new luxury bag (for myself or others).

Keep up the Amazing work.

Pleased with my Waterfield iPad Pro Sleeve.

The bag is pretty attractive -- got the waxed canvas one, which has a bit of a "world explorer" look -- and the velcro flap is extremely solid. One small complaint: I bought the side opening sleeve, so I could charge the iPad without removing it from the sleeve. It's a pretty snug fit, especially since I have my iPad attached to a Brydge keyboard, and whenever I put the bag into or remove it from the sleeve, my Apple Pencil gets pulled off its magnetic mount. Would love it if this bag built in a small area where the Apple Pencil or other stylus could easily fit, to avoid this problem.

Great Case, just what was needed!

The depth of this case accommodates multiple charging bricks and the mesh pockets help keep various cables, ear phones and accessories organized.


I love my gear case! I bought it predominantly for when we travel- all the power bricks, cords and adapters for our devices will now go in this bag rather than being scattered throughout our luggage or zipped in with toothpaste. The bag itself is attractive and I love the different sections, zippers and pouches it has. Very happy with my purchase! Recently, I went through our travel bags to retrieve all our travel tech to put into this new bag and it fits fine with room to spare.

Great bag!

I've had my Rough Rider bag for a little over a month, and I already love it. I liked the look of it when I came across it online, but it's so much more impressive in the 'flesh.' The quality is exceptional, with plush interior pockets for laptops and tablets. The leather is very high quality, and the overall construction is terrific. I was looking for something distinctive, and this bag more than met that criterion. Some specific things to note... First, the bag is extremely well balanced. With all my prior messenger bags I've had to wear the shoulder strap across my body to keep the bag from sliding off my shoulder. This bag is really comfortable to wear on the shoulder, probably a combined effect of the way the strap is attached to the body of the bag and the excellent shoulder pad. Second, I had some air travel with the bag recently, and although I was expecting to have to lay it on its side under the seat in front of me, I found that the bag fits upright with the flap is open (which gave me access to its contents during flight). A pleasant, legroom-enhancing surprise! Third, I'd been concerned about the bag being smaller than bags I've had and overpacked in the past. But it held everything I needed to have with me during travel, and the two different snap placements meant that I had some room to fit some additional gear. Last, I wasn't completely sold on the snap closure, and at first I found it cumbersome, especially getting things out and back in again at the airport. But it hasn't taken me long to get the hang of the snaps.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the bag breaks in, especially the change in the appearance of the leather over time, but I can happily see that this one will be with me for many years.

Just what I needed

I ordered the small gear pouch - I wanted it to fit inside my new Rough Rider messenger bag - and it's exactly what I needed. It's large enough to fit my Macbook, iPhone, and Fitbit chargers while small enough to fit neatly into the bag. The pouch itself is really well made - sturdy with three interior pockets and an exterior zip pocket - and compact.

Amazing quality

Don't have to feel embarrassed bringing my switch in a zelda case feeling like I'm 12 years old anymore, my switch looks like it should be respected in this case, and getting scratches on it only makes it better in the long run! Spent a fortune on it getting it to Canada but it was worth every penny. So much so that I have already ordered a backpack from them too !

The Ultraportable Bag for The Ultraportable Laptop

Most of the individuals I know opting for an ultraportable laptop are looking to slim down, lighten their daily load, and apply those minimalist principles we hear all about from interior designers and born-again Marie Kondoians. Between this decluttering cultural phase and my own desire to conform to the Silicon Valley techno-minimalism of today’s millionaires (“Look at the five things I own! Aren’t they nice?”), I found myself searching for an equally sleek sheath in which to store my piece of the cutting edge.

Good news for those searching: this WaterField bag is the pièce de résistance of your everyday carry. Forget that plastic Target bag you’ve been piling your things into. Discard that old, trusty bindle. Slide your new tech, charger, bullet journal, kindle, and last week’s edition of The Economist into something that adds a little class to your sartorial game. I know I have.

Superb Backpack!

I'm a bit of a bag junkie. I travel frequently and need the right gear to "get me there." This is much more difficult than it sounds, as I don't travel light. After purchasing this backpack, I've been able to cool my obsession to the next best "bag thing." Waterfield simply makes the best quality, best designed, and best looking bags out there IMHO. The entire Bolt line takes a very highly upgraded bag, and using the best materials, makes me feel more casual, but still look "high-end." This is what I try to "signal" in my everyday work life, and it is not easy to do with practically any other bag or manufacturer out there. Waterfield Designs has a real talent for it, and I now have four bags from them, including the Bolt Backpack, and have my eye on one or two more. These bags are simply the very best for my needs, and I can finally stop buying and returning other makers' bags. These are great! Many thanks Waterfield!

Great bag

Stylish, practical and exactly what I was looking for.

Waterfield Pouch for Nintendo Switch

I ordered my pouch in red leather and it is absolutely perfect. I'm so glad that I'm such a particularly fussy person; that extra 10 minutes I spent searching for the perfect carry pouch for my new Nintendo switch really paid iff!

The Bolt Cross Body. The perfect compliment to my iPad Pro

The Bolt is the perfect go-to bag for a simple, light, multi-purpose day bag for carrying my iPad Pro, phone, water bottle wallet and ear phones. Love the grab handle and the distressed canvas is fantastic. Hardwearing and keeps the rain off my devices. Thank you guys for making such a tremendous bag.

Game Card Holder for the Nintendo Switch

Clean and Cozy

The Dash Sleeve is designed to keep my new iPad Pro beautifully protected but easily accessible. The external pocket is great for carrying the charger. Love it.

Better than expected!

I liked the design and quality of the products.

Bolt Backpack

Great Everyday Travel Bag

Every day I go to work, I'm on a plane, and the Air Porter carry on bag functions perfectly to keep me organised while also looking professional when on duty.

Pro Executive Backpack is Gorgeous

The Pro Executive Backpack is the best bag I have ever owned. So long Tumi- I don't think you will be seeing me any time soon!

Beautiful bag, well worth the price! Made in USA

I'm super picky and overall happy. I found the bag to be classy and not overly flashy. Just about perfect for the price. I tend to be very detailed oriented and have a few nitpicks. First I wish it fit a little tighter on my 2018 15". Second I found a few uncut strands of stitching sticking out. I may cut them myself later but haven't decided yet. With that said, I'd still be confident buying another WF in the near future. Thanks Gary and Team.