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Picked up a Pro Executive Backpack as I need something with a little more volume than my other Waterfield Design bags to carry on a few forthcoming business trips. Whilst larger than my other Waterfield Bags, it doesn't feel like it on your back; comfort is excellent. Very thoughtful design touches with easy access to important travel documents, work documents and more than enough room for my camera, additional lens, headphones, computer and a few pouches full of chargers, dongles and cables. Built to last a lifetime. I have bought quite a few bags from this company and they have always exceeded expectations with their excellent craftsmanship, wonderfully intuitive design and great looks.

Love it !

I now own several wallets and bags from Waterfield, common sense functionality and quality are the only way to describe their products. They have made me a lifetime customer.

Nice Case

Beautiful concept and material


I love the design, the size, the look; everything seems to be just right. It can accommodate my laptop, my ipad, my swimming / cycling gear, handle grocery shopping, and does not look out of place at more formal meetings. There is certain simplicity to it: it has enough pockets to keep me organised but not too many, etc etc. In Swedish there is this word "lagom" - which does
not quite translate to English. It means sth like "just right", "perfect-simple", "not too much not too little" -- well, Garry, your Bolt is just "lagom" :)

Amazing Case

I love this case. I got the blue canvas material option and it matches my blue APM elegantly. This case is exactly what I expected and I love it!. The build quality is top-notch, the interior is super soft, and I feel like my APM are very protected in them. I will be looking into purchasing products from waterfield in the future!

Best one yet

I have been buying from Waterfield since my first Titanium PowerBook way back in 2001. I have purchased new bags as new designs were created, not because the old bags wore out, but because they kept getting more clever and unique. I still have 6 bags I can’t part with, but I have given many to friends and relatives who are still enjoying the quality and thoughtful design.

This bag, the Air Porter Carry-On Bag, is the best Waterfield bag I have ever owned. I don’t know how they did it, but I can back much more in this bag and it’s so well balanced, it actually feels lighter the my previous favorite Waterfield bag. Everything is easily accessible and there are so many pockets to keep your items organized and easy to find.

I know they call this a carry-on bag, but I think that’s the only mistake they have made. This is a perfect every day bag!

AirMax Vegan Blue Case

Nice Material. Plenty of pockets. Fits the airmax even with the sub par apple smart case on.

Amazing Bag

Came just as described and is even more beautiful and well-built in person. Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase again.

AirPods Max Shield Case

Fantastic case!

Great construction and complete protection for my AirPods Max!


Perfect case for my Air Pods. Very well crafted. I love that they go right into sleep mode and have extra storage for my cords and charger.

Finn Wallet Review

I received the Finn Wallet and have been using it for a couple of weeks now. I replaced my Bellroy Elements card case with this wallet. The Finn wallet appears to use a higher grade leather and feels very well made. This wallet is a great minimalist wallet that reduces bulk for front pocket carry. I expect this wallet to last a long time and would highly recommend to anybody looking for a minimalist front pocket wallet.

Classic dog collar with a twist

In a world of nylon (that’s only made worse by the incessant clanging of name tags hanging off collars) what better than a simple classic leather collar with the info actually on the leather. Get one. It’s a class act.

APM case review

Case works as expected, with sleep mode working and great protection around the product.
However cover seems way too big, and I think top cover can get thinner without the zipper pocket.

Absolutely excellent!!

Outstanding craftsmanship and design

This case exceeded my expectations. It is well made and the materials feel high quality. I took the case on a recent trip flying and they did an outstanding job protecting my headphones. Worth the money and the investment.

The case passed my check list, but I noticed the zipper located on outside the pouch did not have a cable compartment; The zipper was just there for design. This was disappointing, but I can't complain because it's better than the apple case.

iPad Pro 11 perfect sleeve

Excellent fit and finish. Accommodates needed essentials.

No more Apple cover

I give the product a very solid 5 stars. It works very well and I no longer need the Apple cover. Thanks for creating this great product and for sharing it with us.

Great gear

Beautiful strong and well finished product

Best small leather wallet I have seen

It is already the 2nd one, this one in a different size. Fits exactly for some cash, the main cards and some coins.

awesome wallet!

I was looking for something a little dressier (I had the minimalist wallet from Gary and loved it). I ordered the billfold wallet and am thrilled. It is still compact in design but is more professional and has plenty of room for all of my cash and cards.

My AirPods Max Shield Case is robust protection for my precious AirPods Max

After my AirPods Max arrived I was confronted with a problem..., - that ridiculous “Smart Case”...
I would like to take my iPad along with my AirPods Max for long bike rides.
The “Smart Case” offers no protection at all...
A design-flop...
Waterfield Designs was the first in the news with the “AirPods Max Shield Case”.
I wanted a complete high quality package.
As “a third-party case” for the AirPods Max the product from Waterfield Design stood out.
The AirPods Max Shield Case would complement my AirPods Max very well...
After reading a review, with video, about the Shield Case on MacRumors I was sure to invest in the Waterfield Designs Shield Case.
The AirPods Max Shield Case offers robust protection.
Inside this case is well padded with soft fluffy material.
The leather “flaps” at the bottom with magnets inside the Waterfield-case not only puts my AirPods Max to “deep sleep” and prevents the earcups from knocking against eachother as well.
The Shield Case is not cheap with all the extra costs involved to get it to The Netherlands... - but hey...
I don’t have to worry about my AirPods Max shift and rattle in my backpack while riding on the oft bumpy bike paths in the north of The Netherlands.
After testing it for a few weeks I can say AirPods Max Shield Case is well worth the price!

Need more time to decide if it is perfect

I love the quality of the materials, the feel and usability. I wish there was a pass through for charging the headphones in the case. And it seems (I’m not sure yet) that this case is more likely to have the headphones enter Neverland. This is what I call it where they won’t turn on or connect to anything. The only way to fix it is to plug them in. It happens with the Apple “case” too. But it seems more frequent with this case.

Love my new leather case

Love my handcrafted leather case for my AirPods Max. Thank you so much for this wonderful product and your nice mails. Take care, Alex