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Love this briefcase

When I first received my canvas/chocolate leather Bolt briefcase I was disappointed at how much darker it appeared compared to the pictures on the site. After using it a couple weeks and taking it on a trip, it’s grown on me a lot. Not sure if I’m biased or it really has started to age well, but loving its look.

It does stand on its own, but I can’t get it to stand straight; it keeps leaning toward the direction of the pockets to the point that I always think it will tip over.

I ordered the medium and it fits my 15” Mac perfectly. Plenty of space for my needs, which include a water bottle, a book, and two notebooks in the main compartment, along with a couple chargers in the interior pockets.

Overall very satisfied.

Great quality case

This is my third CitySlicker case for one of my game consoles and I couldn't be happier with it. The build quality and materials used are both top-notch and the overall feel is extremely high-quality. The CitySlicker definitely makes my console feel more refined and mature than a lot of the colored plastic options available online, but the major benefit is simply that it's a reliable, attractive case and a joy to use. I'll definitely be coming back to Waterfield next time I need a case for something.

Great Everyday Bag

I am a Technology Evangelist which means I spend time with both in the trenches developers and C-Suite executives on any given day. The Sutter Slim Backpack has finally provided a single bag which can be used in both environments and provides all the organization and flexibility I need. Thank You for a Great Bag!

Way Overpriced Fashion Over Function....

Title says it all.... ... overpriced for what it's function I purchased 400 dollars on 3 bags Based on Reviews from friends So I fell for this because I needed storage but I've seen same type of thing at every tech store and Target I've been to, priced at like 19.99 versus the 149 dollar price tag this has... Because it's made from canvas doesn't warrant its price, Is it a nice bag Sure but it's holding Crap cables and Stuff that's loose in your bag... Anyone of the Target bags will do the same at 125.0ollars less.... Save your money....I would rather have Function rather than Fashion
I'm going to be asking about a refund... Frivolous use of money

Nice bag but the one I was sent should not have been sold as "new"

The bag I ordered was sent the next day, faster than expected, they must have had a returned one in stock. The bag is functionally fine but should have been sold as a "demo" because the leather on the panel was significantly pre-distressed. Not a huge deal, I kept the bag, but I prefer to distress my own bag.

Great Little Pouch

Very comfortable to wear. Easy to access. Carries most of what I need except a pen. I find the key hook useless. If I put my key ring on it, nothing else would fit in the Pouch. I suggest increasing the height to 6.75" and the width to 3". I think you can easily add a pen loop between the two pockets. I would eliminate the key hook. These are my suggestions for improvement. I really like the pouch and use it every day. Very glad I purchased the Sling Pouch

Great bag!

Thoughtful design, nice-quality materials. Just the right size for my daily carry.

Great bag!!

I had high expectations for my Muzetto, and it exceeded them. The leather is beautiful and wonderfully soft, and the bag is surprisingly spacious. It's comfortable and gorgeous. I get compliments on it wherever I take it (which is pretty much everywhere).

I do wish they had more strap options (maybe something with more padding, and maybe a handle on top to grab when you need to), but these are not dealbreakers. It's still a fantastic bag and I highly recommend it.

Best Case Ever

This is an awesome case. Extremely well made.Glorious leather. Exceeded my expectations. I was worried about the belt loop magnet, it is incredible hasn’t detached yet. Love the cover latch,it works perfectly. This case should last many years and only look better as time progresses.


The game card is a perfect companion to my Cityslicker Switch case! I never leave for vacation without either.


I love it 100%
Definitely will buy again. I am looking at that backpack and wallet.

Another great product

Beautiful chocolate leather sleeve. Laptop fits perfectly and snug. Sleeve slides right into the laptop compartment on my Waterfield Executive backpack. Great sleeve!

Perfect size for my chargers and cables.

The Tech Pouch fits perfectly in my backpack. It carries my Anker battery (fits perfectly into one of the internal pockets), and all of my cables. The Tech Pouch looks like it will last a lifetime.


Its just amazingg!! I can’t wait till the next edition of this bag


From the moment the box is opened, to taking it out of the plastic sleeve, you can feel and smell the quality of this leather sleeve. The quality of the construction is also noticeable right away: you dont feel the need to be careful or delicate. The fit of the surface in the sleeve is spot on, my worries of the pen flying off the magnetic connection are gone. It's perfect for travel and just taking it somewhere by itself. It's also sturdy enough to act as a portable surface to have the computer on. 1000% satisfied with this quality product.


I am very impressed with the range and quality of your personal bags and wallets. I look forward to viewing new products

Nearly Perfect

Excellent in every way. Personally would like the shoulder strap be easy removable with small hand strap option.

What I've Been Looking For

I am a big fan of Waterfield bags and cases, having got the first of many almost 10 years ago. With laptops and accessories getting smaller and lighter, and also trying to minimize my every day carry items, my bag needs have also changed. I was looking for a small bag that I could comfortably and easily carry, and that could accommodate a MacBook Air, accessories and my every day items, including a water bottle, paperwork, pens, notebook etc. I am however not a fan of backpacks. A messenger bag is what I was trying to move away from as it didn't provide enough comfort and was verging on too large. The Sutter Tech Sling (large) arrived on the scene just at the right time. And it is a fantastic bag. Just the right size for my typical every day needs (and it doesn't look like a murse!). I've read all the reviews out there for this bag and they all strike a similar positive tone. One of the more frequent complaints, of which there were few, was that it needed a carry handle as the reviewer struggled to find a good part of the bag to grab. With this notion, I disagree completely. The strap at the top of the bag is a natural grab point and I've never felt it needed a handle. I also think a handle would take away from the clean lines the bag has. Comfort wise, it is perfect. Even loaded and feeling heavy when held in one hand, once its over your shoulder and strapped tight, you barely notice you have it on. The Sutter Tech Sling is a home run for Waterfield and if you are looking for a small single purpose sling, I don't think you can go wrong with it.

Love my Cozmo!

Everything about my Cozmo is perfect. The yellow interior material is bright and sturdy. The leather external is beautiful and acquires it’s own unique finish with use. The laptop sleeve holds my Mac Pro securely, and the tablet sleeve is perfect for my Kindle Oasis. The interior pockets hold my laptop and phone chargers, power bank, and other everyday items with ease. There’s a key fob on the inside so I’ll never lose my keys again. The exterior D-rings are very sturdy, and the handles are soft and fit well in the hand. The Cozmo sits upright and is a joy to carry. It turns heads wherever I go. I can confidently say that I’ve found the perfect briefcase!

Sony PS Vita CitySlicker Case

Tech Folio
Could be better (or less expensive)

Too big for the storage you get and way too expensive for joy I get. I love SFBags but this one is too expensive for storing a few things.

Great Backpack, but almost 5 stars

The Sutter Slim backpack is a perfect addition to my Waterfield collection of bags. My only comments, I wish there was an external pocket for a water bottle and the side zippers should have the ability to be secured when closed especially since the zippers zip up to close instead of zipping down to close which makes more sense for security reasons especially around crowds.


This thing reeks with quality and craftsmanship...it’s my second Waterfield bag and won’t be my last.

ok, but a little underwhelming

The strap is too narrow. The nylon materials for the strap and most of the exterior look less upscale than I expected for a bag at this price. However, the bag is well made and the interior materials are very high quality and practical. I would have liked a zipper pocket inside the bag.