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CitySlicker for Steam Deck
Josh H. (Texas, United States)
Wonderful well made bag

I’ve been getting bags from Waterfield for my consoles, and plan on getting one for every console they support. The City Slicker for my Steam Deck is everything you could ask for- durable, high quality, and well designed but also elegant and sleek. Highly recommend.

MacBook air sleeve the perfect substitute when you don't want a briefcase, just your macbook

The sleeve has a fantastic aesthetic and fits perfectly! It is only going to look richer as it ages and gains a time-worn patina.

Mac Studio Travel Bag
Carmelo U. (Idaho, United States)
Great Bag!

Enjoying the new bag! It allows me to travel with and its built to last.

Finn Wallet for iPhone
Paul H. (Minnesota, United States)
You can always count on Waterfield

I have been buying iPhone Wallet from Waterfield every time I change my iPhone... Product is great and service is also great... highly recommend...

Agile Brief
ajay v. (Maharashtra, India)
Angile brief

I have not used it but I am fan of waterFeild and been using this product for long time and I am Indian

AirPods Max Shield Case
Damien D. (Washington, United States)
It works great

Love the look and feel. Keeps my airpod max protected in case that is not huge love it :)

Marqui Crossbody Pouch
Clayton V. (California, United States)

Marqui Crossbody Pouch

Vero Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro
Kent R. (California, United States)
Better than I thought it was going to be

Great materials. A bit too tight. But I guess it will take time for the leather to stretch to shape. Would buy again and recommend to any other that are thinking of getting this sleeve.

Tech Folio 16-inch
Michael S. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Perfect for MacBook Pro M1 Max 16”

I have had difficulty finding products that match the slightly different dimensions of the new MacBook Pro M1 Max 16”. I already had WaterField Designs on my radar for their Vero Leather Sleeve and Pro Executive Laptop Backpack, however, after I received an email from sfbag's newsletter detailing a brand new tech folio 16 inch that would fit the dimensions of the new MacBook Pro, I immediately placed an order that included the 1.5" Supreme Suspension Strap and the Leather Mouse Pad. Shipping was included with the order and extremely fast, taking only a single day for the product to arrive. Upon first look over, it is easy to tell that it is a very well cared for and quality product. I loaded it up with the MacBook Pro, mouse, cords/everything else and it carries very nicely with the already-built-in handle but the 1.5 supreme suspension strap feels buttery smooth on my shoulder - it's amazing. The Leather Mouse Pad is made of this very nice, very fine, and smooth darker leather. Although it is a smaller mouse pad, it fits the outside sleeve of the Tech Folio 16 inch perfectly and is an easy decision for me to take with me everywhere I go. One small note about the Leather Mouse Pad is that the bottom edge (wrist edge) is slightly curved up from possibly the cutting process or the shipping process but it's nothing that letting it sit between two big books couldn't straighten out. I would absolutely recommend getting both of these optional items with the bag. The Tech Folio 16 inch is affectively a perfect bag for me since it combines all of the best properties of both a laptop backpack and a laptop sleeve in to one single place so now when I need to commute I don't have to put the MacBook Pro in to a sleeve, organize multiple tech pouches, load everything in to a backpack, and then finally leave. Now I just load up the Tech Folio 16 inch and I'm good to go. Thank you so much WaterField Designs. You have made a supporter out of me!

Analogue Pocket Pouch
Zach (Utah, United States)
Perfect for everything

….except the original DMG Gameboy. It even fits a New 3DS XL! Its compact, protective (but don't drop it!), and discreet, perfect for taking it to work. The blue looks great. The only complaint I have is I wish I would've waited to order because the waxed canvas version was announced the day before mine arrived. Other than that, I'm entirely satisfied!

Padded Gear Pouch
Charles C. (Ohio, United States)
Worth it

I use this for my random wires, my ear buds,but the main reason was to put my Kindle paper white in a safe spot in my bag. goes great with my waterfield bolt backpack

Outback Solo Case for Surface
Patrick M. (Zurich, Switzerland)
My second bag

This is already my second Outback Solo Case and I'm still very convinced. Thanks.

Tuck Backpack
MW (California, United States)
So far so good!

My husband asked me to find him the impossible laptop bag as a birthday gift for him as he two-steps-forward-one-step-backs his way through "return to office." He knew it was a challenge, and knew if one of us could find it, it would be me. Something effortlessly cool, nothing too serious, but also not like everyone else's and no "tech bro" vibes. I wanted to make sure it was something well made, and preferably made in the US. I think I nailed it?! So far so good. He's only had it a couple of weeks and that means he's only used a few times. I like how the magnets keep things looking streamlined when the bag is not too full, like it will mostly be, but there is some great room to fit things in when needed. A very happy find and made me look like a the perfect gift giver!

CitySlicker Case for Analogue Pocket
Jake G. (Missouri, United States)
Great and versatile case

Like a lot of people, I will not receive an Analogue Pocket until later in 2022. In the meantime, I have found other things that the case can hold. Mine fits my GameBoy Color, 3DS XL, or 2DS XL. A GameBoy Micro will fit in the back zipper pouch. If you are questioning putting a PS Vita in, this case is unfortunately a bit too short for the magnets to line up with a Vita in it. The case is a beauty, and, like all Waterfield products, the quality is beyond compare.

CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch
Adrian T. (Texas, United States)

CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch

Sutter Tech Sling
Jiminknoxville (Tennessee, United States)
Just what I needed

Seems like the items I carry are smaller but more important. The Sutter sling allows me to keep what I need, close at hand without bulking up. Everyone has different needs but for me it seems perfect.

Great craftmanship!

Recently received the padded gear pouch.
Received it fast, and it was properly packed.

Impressed with the fact that you were able to calculate taxes and duties during checkout, not many shops that I've used from the US so far offers this service.
Makes it a lot easier, and saves some fee's in the end, while living in Europe.

The pouch itself represents great craftmanship.
Quality materials used, and it's very nicely stitched.
I don't mind paying that bit extra if you get a high quality product, where you're able to see that the manufacturer takes great pride in their work, and that is indeed the case here.

I'm keeping the pouch in my Fjallraven backpack (that I use to and from my job every day) in order to neatly organize my knife, notebook, charging cable and pen. I'm sure more stuff will be added soon.
I ordered it in the compact size, and so far I've got more than enough space.

I can only recommend Waterfield and their products wholeheartedly - and this is NOT a paid review :-)

Analogue Pocket Pouch
Brandon J. (Virginia, United States)
Great for a 3DS!

This is a super nice, high quality pouch. I actually bought it for my 3DS since those bags are no longer available and it fits great! (specifically a New Nintendo 3DS XL)

Staad Attaché Laptop Messenger Brief
Todd (California, United States)
I needed the larger size Staad for a new MacBook Pro

I already have had the smaller Staad for My Surface Pro for years now and love it, so when I got a new MacBook Pro to edit video on the road with I had to have a Staad to keep it safe and protected. This makes the 6th bag I've bought from Waterfield and probably not the last.

Finn Wallet for iPhone
Roy M. (Texas, United States)
Finn wallet for iPhone

Materials and quality speak for itself! Got 11 pro max and it’s a perfect fit. Would recommend

Latigo Leather iPhone Holster
Jan L. (Central Jutland, Denmark)
First class phone case!

Beautiful design and lovely leather.
Very convenient to use with great magnetic closure.

CitySlicker Case for Analogue Pocket
Charlie S. (Oregon, United States)

Perfect fit and looks very sharp. Great companion to the Pocket.

CitySlicker Case for Analogue Pocket
daniel w. (Pennsylvania, United States)
Stylish match for a stylish handheld!

It’s absolutely top notch! Not much more to say—if you have a Pocket, I’d say get one!

Outback Solo Case for MacBook and iPad
Laurence S. (New York, United States)
Great MacBook case

Extremely well-designed and constructed case — a person simply cannot go wrong with any SF bags product. Larry Shute, Callicoon Center, NY

Tech Folio Brief
Adrian S. (California, United States)
loving this bag

The quality is top notch, love the waxed canvas, the zippers are also high quality and I like the bright inside