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CitySlicker Case for Nintendo Switch
Cameron (California, United States)
The case I've been looking for

I was looking for a leather case that was practical and looked good. After sifting through a lot of choices with synthetic leather, I stumbled on Waterfield. The combination of their product video review and the high-res shots I found from review articles sold me. It fits the Switch like a glove. The care/attention to detail reflects. It's functional and feels great in the hand. Highly recommend. I got the crimson/red leather case. The color in the pictures are in alignment with the real thing!

Gear Pouch
Steve H. (Scotland, United Kingdom)

I’ve used one of the smaller pouches for years but outgrown it and this bigger one is great.

Sutter Slim Backpack
Marian P.M. (Virginia, United States)
A work of art in leather and canvas

This is starting to feel like an addiction. It started with the Hip Sling Bag for carrying my iPad mini, which I liked well enough that I got the large Sutter Tech Sling for times when I want to carry both the iPad mini and my 12.9 inch iPad Pro. Now I’ve rounded out my collection with the Sutter Slim Backpack, which enables me to carry my 16 inch MacBook Pro, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, and the iPad mini plus a full set of chargers, battery packs, and even my AirPods Max.

Do I need all three? Not really. But they each serve their own purpose and each one is a work of art in leather and canvas.

I can’t say enough nice things about the Sutter Slim Backpack. It’s stylish (see “work of art”) yet slim and functional. Even packed full with all the items listed above, it doesn’t bulge at all. And it is comfortable to wear, even fully packed. It’s the perfect complement for my Hip Bag and Sling. Highly recommended.

Packable Tote Bag
Christina H. (California, United States)
If you want quality look no further!

As a busy mom! I need quality and functionality and this packable tote can take you from the parks to the office! Perfect as a gift for any busy personal always on run! The handle and zippers are top line better than any other bag on the market!

Marqui Crossbody Pouch
Brandon V. (Oregon, United States)
Great bag let down by the strap

I ordered two of these bags, one in each size. The bag itself is great (though the size difference between the two is negligible). But the strap is really a disappointment. The material feels cheap/scratchy and the orientation of the strap only allows for wearing across your body one way (left to right shoulder). I also disliked the strap on the mini hip sling bag from WF, but at least I was able to replace it. This bag the strap is sewn in.

Mezzo Laptop Backpack
Luc B. (Quebec, Canada)
From the Staad Stout to the Mezzo backpack!

So far so good!
For over 5 years now, the Staad backpack from my main work/commute/travel bag. I enjoyed the significant front leather panel and the clean, minimalist aspects of the Staad backpack. It got commented on over and over, in airports and planes as well as in meetings. However, my commute need changes a bit and I need a bit more internal space, including my water bottle out. Furthermore, my new 12.9” iPad Pro did not fit in the tablet pocket of the Staad.
The Mezzo is the perfect replacement for me. The two side pockets fit the water bottle and travel umbrella. The 14.5L main comportment is slightly bigger than the Staad 13L but with the two sides pockets and the expanding front pocket of the Mezzo, I can fit quite a lot more stuff (including my MacBook Pro and iPad pro) while keeping a relatively small and compact form factor (in fact is look smaller than the Staad!).
The front leather flap is significantly smaller than the Staad (the only part that I am missing) but the bag still look professional and fit in any type of meetings!

AirTag Leather Keychain
Jimi M. (Massachusetts, United States)

I can’t believe I’m this excited about a keychain, but here we are! Like everything I’ve ever gotten from Waterfield, it’s well-made, stylish, and works great!

Air Porter Carry-On Bag
Jason W. (California, United States)
Love the organization, initial quality concerns.

Product worked well on my first international trip, but the air caddy has some stray threads already and the case itself I’ve had to be ginger with the zippers - they just seem like they are easy to break but that could be just bad perception to me. Everything else, 5 stars in quality and utility so far.

Marqui Crossbody Pouch
Andrew S. (California, United States)
Solid bag that I'd tweak a little bit

Overall a good bag. Construction and material are top notch as always from Waterfield. If I were designing it, I think I'd go with a more vertical orientation, like most crossbody pouches. In the current horizontal layout, things like pens have to lay flat and everything ends up at the bottom of the pouch.

As short as it is, the interior pockets really aren't useful for much. In a vertical implementation, you could have a pen slots, a phone pocket, etc.. If you compare the layout to Bellroy's City Pouch (approximately the same size), the vertical City Pouch is more functional.

Vitesse Messenger bag
Joshua O. (Ohio, United States)
Vitesse Messenger Bag

I purchased this bag to replace another one I had carried for many years. I should have upgraded a long time ago. This bag is phenomenal. The materials and craftsmanship are superb and the bag layout is simple buy practical. It easily fits my 15 inch laptop, my planners, tech gear, and other essentials. I love the front panel pocket and zippers that allow quick and easy access to my keys, phone, and wallet. The look is also unique, stylish, and professional.

Marqui Crossbody Pouch
Peter B. (California, United States)

the design of the pouch is totally amazing. The Strap is very functional, I kind of like the way it's made to keep the pouch on your body but I think I'd prefer it with normally set straps like the ones on the field muzutto. I also wish the straps was the same kind of quality of the bag, Like waxed canvas and or buffalo to keeo teh style

Great card holder!

This is a very good wallet. I don’t hold cash on me that much, nor a lot of cards. This a perfect to keep a few cards and even a couple of bills, if you needed too! Its slim so it doesn't feel uncomfortable when you sit. The wallet is made well, with great quality materials too! The customer service is great, and very accommodating.

AirTag Leather Luggage Tag
Eberhard W.L. (Khomas, Namibia)
Impressive Customer Service

FedEx Germany managed to misunderdeliver the package and returned it to the US. They sent another one which arrived before the retrurn package had left Germany.

Outbound Canvas Tote
Jan S. (Oslo County, Norway)
Handle nett!

Hei. Kjøpt to stykker av Outbound Canvas Tote.
Og jeg liker dem veldig godt. De har plass til veldig mye. Det er det eneste jeg kan tenke er noe negativt. De er store for mitt bruk og enn jeg trodde de var. Og jeg vet det står mål men ja. Eller er de topp.
Pris er jo ikke billige men tenker jeg skal ha dem resten av livet så da er det vel ok.
Som alltid leverer SFbags på kort tid. Bestilt fredag og levert på døra mandag ca kl 13 i Norge.
Så anbefaler produktet på det varmeste!

AirPods Max Shield Case
Nachiketa K. (Karnataka, India)
It is gorgeous and sturdy at the same tine

I love the fact that AirPods Max (default/OOTB) case is a design catastrophe.

Your case (waterfield) is an amazing piece to add to the case and lifestyle collection.

I’m glad that this exists and I have it.


Packable Backpack
Jon P. (Iowa, United States)
Air Duffel and Travel Backpack to Europe

Hi Gary,

The air duffel and backpack worked perfectly for our recent trip to Europe for a two river cruise. The both worked as advertised!

The main suggestion on the air duffel would be to consider making an option to turn it into a backpack for carrying across airport terminals. Filling them full as our only carry on luggage made them heavy for longer treks.


Clyff Minimalist Wallet
herbert h. (California, United States)

The customer experience has been superb. The craftsmanship also terrific. My only complaint is in the rolled edges. Not sure why you did this. My Tumi front pocket wallet has served me well for over twelve years and has simple edges. Doubling the leather just adds bulk to my mind. But I hope this lasts a similar period and am proud to carry it. Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback. Herb Hartsool

Outback Duo Laptop Brief
steven (California, United States)
User centered design

This bag is just well thought out. It is precisely sized to carry my two Airs, an iPad mini, two slimline wall chargers, the requisite C-C and C-lightning cables and a few documents. The sleeves and pockets are lined with that trademark yellow which turns out to be a lot more helpful when searching for something than I thought it would be [something for you to learn, Tom Bihn] and there is sufficient cushioning to keep laptops safe and dent free. All of that and it's still compact enough to suit my minimalist nature. The combination of chocolate leather and black ballistic fabric provides a unique look that has my partner envious. I see social media posts about Waterfield bags over a decade in use that still look excellent so am hoping to be carrying this bag for years to come. Well worth the price.

Vero Leather Sleeve for MacBook Pro
Robert C. (California, United States)

love the sleekness to it

Outbound Canvas Tote
Tony (Pennsylvania, United States)
High quality materials and lots of space

I love my canvas tote from WaterField Designs. It is made with quality materials and has a lot of space for carrying various things.

Air Travel Backpack
Charles V. (Minnesota, United States)
Beautiful/versatile luggage, but not perfect

Overall, I love my new air travel backpack. I especially love the fact that I can pack my clothes and technology into a single easy to carry bag. While I love that I can fully open the cover on the technology side of the bag, I do find that the zippers bind up while closing the cover at the bottom corners. I'm taking a longer trip in the coming weeks, so can't wait to put this bag to the test.

Mezzo Laptop Backpack
Brenton D. (Texas, United States)
Beautiful bag

I love this backpack, such elegant design, love the back belt to slide it over the pull along handle of my suitcase

Air Travel Backpack
Jeffrey S. (Ohio, United States)
Almost Perfect

This bag is your typical Waterfield Design bag. Excellent quality, classy design. Great for domestic carry-on, but just a smidge too big to be compliant for international carry-on. Going to have to go back to the 33L AER travel pack when I head out of the country next time. Don't worry, though. I am already preparing for my next SF Bags purchase. I am hooked.

SwitchPack for the Nintendo Switch
Majed A.H. (Riyadh Region, Saudi Arabia)
Nintendo switch case

I am very happy of the item your product is so Amazing 🤩

Packable Backpack
Ronald J. (Florida, United States)
Lightweight - But Carries A Lot of Gear!

Very nice looking bag - portable (you can fold it when not in use). The work on this bag is amazing - every detail is completed with excellence! Highly recommended.