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Stylish, Light...

Stylish, light, incredibly useful, soft bits, great Pro Exec laptop bag - I love it

Stylish + Light...

Stylish, light, incredibly useful, soft bits, great Pro Exec laptop bag - I love it

Elegant On-the-go Office

I was researching briefcases, backpacks on google. I came across several blogs/reviews about the best traveling bags. I was trying to decide between a briefcase and backpack. I like the briefcase because it looks classier, but the backpack is perfect for travel. The review that I saw (I’ve gone back to find out where it is on my history but haven’t succeeded so far) mentioned your company. After seeing the executive backpack, and watching your video, every bag I looked at after going on your website, was compared to that bag. I like it to stand up. It had to have a “business” look, not like a regular backpack. Nothing compared. I would see something and if it cost less, I’d think ok I could get that, but it’s not as large, or doesn’t stand up, etc. Eventually I decided instead of paying $50 to $150 for something I likely wasn’t going to be happy with I decided to give this bag a chance. I could send it back if it wasn’t what I wanted.

And wow — how well made! The “disappearing” zippers, lots of pockets and the room! Consolidation and it looks elegant! Thank you! I do however see one problem: I may have to get some other of your products to, you know, compliment this bag.
It is truly wonderful to see such craftsmanship alive and well in the US.

Can't Say Enough About the Outstanding Quality of These Products

Can't say enough about the outstanding quality of these products Gary the stitching is amazing! No short stitches anywhere to be found. The combination of different fabrics and textures make these bags and sleeves a must have. I have brought them to work and everyone has asked for your site info. I recently needed some minor work done on my MacBook pro. When I brought it to my local Apple store the staff and customers all wanted to know where I got the bag, keyboard and magic pad sleeves. Passed on your info again. Need an east coast rep lol. Thanks for bringing quality back home.

iPad Mini Case

I had been wanting to purchase a case to protect my iPad mini during travel and just love this case. The case offers fantastic protection and a place to store the apple pen but still remains light weight. Well done on producing another fantastic product.

Great bag

Another well made bag. Great for travel and cycling. Holds just the right amount of technology. Thanks for yet another fantastic product.

It’s a Wonderful Thing

Really hits a sweet spot, and is my daily bag now. I’ve realized with my Sutter Slim backpack (black), and now the Compact Executive Leather Messenger (grizzly), that the interior bottoms have slightly more room than the tops. Even with the compact sizes, this feature swallows up a water bottle or umbrella beautifully. The Executive is of course wonderfully well made and durable, but smooth and supple and I’m sure already becoming more of both.

The Full size was a bit large for my daily work pack as I’d rarely fill it - just a large iPad, notebook, charging stuff, battery, extra glasses, fiddlybits, but swapping it was a tough decision. I might use a bit more room in the Compact size, but it can fit a bit more if I need it to, and is a trim package when I don’t.

The front parachute clasp is both quick and secure, and more useful than I expected. The top handle is a very welcome feature, substantial and comfortable, and sits back just enough to make lifting safe even when the flap is loose.

All the padding, lining, zipper, and pocket arrangement is very useful and attractive. And the pen slot easily fits an Apple Pencil plus another pen.

I’m always wishing I could hang a wet umbrella, and the interior keyclip dangles out long enough to clip an umbrella strap, especially with a small carabiner. Done.

My only suggestion would be to make the rear suitcase handle opening wider, at least as wide as the Sutter Slim backpack. I find it’s too narrow for the handle points on my cases, and it appears there’s room to do it. But I’m getting use from it by sliding the shoulder pad in to keep the strap from tangling.

Very nice work again on this very functional and attractive bag. This place is terrific.



Compact wallet, great material (blue Italian canvas) - Recommend!

Purchased the blue Italian canvas, and am pretty happy with it. It looks almost black at first, and am sure with daily wear it will get a nice patina like the website picture. Overall I'm happy with the wallet - the fact that it is compact, and can carry all my cards, ID , as well as a good amount of cash are a big plus for me.

NOTE: be careful, as the zipper can get caught up on paper, or bills if not tucked in properly.

I recommend the blue Italian canvas fabric , just be aware that it looks almost black when brand new, and still does to be honest (about two weeks after receiving). I'm assuming it will patina with normal wear over time. I like that the material is sturdy, yet not as bulky as the ballistic nylon (Italian forza). Not that the ballistic nylon is bad (purchased the tech folio both large, and small - both are bulletproof and make traveling a breeze) the Italian canvas is more compact, yet not compromising on durability (feels durable, but time will tell)..

What i really like: I don't have to worry about getting sweaty while wearing the wallet as it is made of canvas, not leather. My previous wallet was leather and got pretty nasty from sweat, or wearing in the rain, etc. -

Perfect for travel charging accessories

I ordered three of these: one for myself, one for my wife, and one for the kids' stuff. Each one is pre-packed with the charging kit one would need for travel. A USB PD charger for the adults' phones, a portable USB battery pack, and extra cables so you can charge anything with any of the common connectors. The kids' pouch has chargers for the iPad, etc. Now there's no scramble to assemble charging kit for going on trips, and each person can effectively have their own kit to toss in their bag, leaving less for Tech Dad to manage.

Stylish and Functional Bag

The Executive Leather Messenger is a fantastic bag. It looks great - the leather is beautiful, and the design is a classic messenger that fits well in casual and formal work environments. The interior of the bag is very functional - enough pockets for laptop, tablet, smaller items, as well as a zippered pocket so valuables don't fall loose. The quick access pockets in the front are even lined with very soft material to ensure your phone or other items don't get scratched. The placement of the arm strap is just right - allowing the bag to fit close enough to the body. In addition to all of this, you have the fantastic Waterfield team who can handle any question or fix any problems you might encounter. This is a top notch bag from a top notch company.

Another Excellent Bag from SFbags.

The Executive Leather Messenger is my 10th bag from SFbags and it does not disappoint. The Executive Leather Messenger is the perfedt upgrade to my STAAD ATTACHÉ for when I want something a little more formal. The size is perfect for my 13” MacBook Pro, my 12.9” iPad Pro with attached Byrdge Pro keyboard, some files, charger and some cords. Since receiving it a few weeks ago it has already accompanied me on a couple of business trips and on these trips I have received both compliments about the bag and questions on where it can be purchased. Well done SFbags.

I'd been thinking about this bag for years...

And I'm very pleased with the Muzetto. I carry a fair amount of stuff around with me (I'm one of those people who likes to have a tiny office around me at all times, even if I don't need it) and I wasn't sure how it would all fit, but this bag is a champ. It is also remarkably lightweight for a leather bag. I still wish it had a little hand strap as well as the shoulder strap, but I'm very impressed and very happy with my purchase.

Pack it and it stays thin!!!!

This wallet is amazing! It shouts quality when holding it! I have 20 cards, a thin stack of bills and a thin stack of receipts and still has room for more!! The zipper slides with ease and the craftsmanship is second to none!

Beautiful product

Very happy with the communication from WaterField. My selection was out of stock but very quickly repopulated. Love the piece.

Custom made sleeve

Chris was an amazing help with my son’s sleeve. I ordered a sleeve that didn’t quite fit my son’s MacBook Air (my fault!). When I explained that my son had a plastic case (which was causing the too snug fit), Chris had one made with a little extra room. It works perfectly now and my son can head off to OSU knowing his MacBook is safe and snug in his backpack. Many thanks for looking at our specific need.

Amazing quality

I’m have to say this is the best quality game case I’ve ever used or even seen. And will be almost impossible to better it.
Would highly recommend this to anyone, treat yourself, your worth it.

Very nice

Bag is really nice quality and look amazing

A beautiful object

It's such a nice pouch, well built, every detail makes this a really nice object to own. The zipper is fantastic, you can feel everything in this pouch is high quality.

Another Great Product

Very usefull, protects the phone very well, the pocket on the back is very handy

Very convenient

I bought this case because I was tired of carrying around two glasses cases, one for regular indoor eyeglasses and another for my prescription sunglasses. This Waterfield case is a nice balance between a hard case and a microfiber pouch. I’m not worried about my lenses being scratched by the inside of the case. The grizzly leather is already developing a nice patina... and it smells great!

Great service! I bought tshis bag as a gift so can’t review yet, bu service was excellent as far...

Great service! I bought tshis bag as a gift so can’t review yet, bu service was excellent as far as purchase and delivery. I would recommend the company. It’s a gift for my son so he will write his own review but I’m expecting it to be a good one. This was his request 😃

Love it!

Holds everything and looks sleek & professional

Stylish Stylus & Pencil Case

I purchased the waxed canvas model and it is beautiful, exceeding my expectations. I find myself reaching for it throughout the day just to interact with this case. The only downside is now I want more Waterfield pouches!

Another nice nice bag.

One is always nicer than the last one.