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Outstanding product. If you need an every day carry bag, this is it.

Air Porter Backpack
Yves S. (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
My new all I can carry back pack...

I was looking for something to carry my Macbook Pro 16 Inch and my Apple Vision Pro plus accessories and either it was only a set of very ugly and unpractical setups or one or the other was not possible. I have just used it on my trip to Dubai and I must say I am more than happy with it.

Sutter Tech Sling
Reymond Y. (California, United States)
Made for a UPSer

I’m a UPS driver in the valley and recently stuggled finding the perfect everyday sling for myself. From the sturdy design to the intense craftsmanship and reliable materials used, it’s the best bag I’ve ever owned and feels like it can stand the true test of time and everyday use. Big Vibes 🤙🏼

Air Porter Backpack
Adam C. (California, United States)
So much space! So much organization! And still pretty comfortable.

I chose the Air Porter backpack because sometimes I need to carry more than my Sutter Slim is made to handle. Like when I need to carry my work laptop, MacBook Pro, iPad mini, microphone, big headphones, water bottle, light jacket, lunch … In short, everything!

The work laptop fits in the laptop pocket, though at 14.5 inches wide, it touches the Air Porter’s cap. The MacBook Pro 14-inch fits in the tablet pocket. The iPad mini fits in the cap. My memobottle A5 fits in the water bottle pocket. I can put my eyewear and contact stuff in the left-side pocket. The front pocket fits a 12.9-inch iPad Pro on its own, but it’s snug. A fully-packed Tech Pocket (iPad mini size), microphone, AirPods Max, lunch, and jacket fit in the main pocket. And I can put my wallet, AirPods Pro, and car keys in the pocket on top of the cap. And the internal zipper pocket with its hidden AirTag sleeve can keep even more little things like pens and other small office supplies.

It’s a lot. A lot a lot. So much that, the first day I used it, when I hadn’t figured out where I wanted everything to go, I lost my car keys. In. The. Backpack. I’d put them in the internal zipper pocket instead of in the cap. Took me 10 minutes to find them.

But you know what? I put it on my back with all that stuff in it (save for my car keys, safely in my hand) and it was still pretty comfortable! There’s plenty of jingle-jangle from the eight zippers, all of which are near the top of the bag, but when you need to carry all the things, a little jingle-jangle is a small price to pay for this much capacity and organization.

This will not be my everyday carry. When I can get away with it, I’ll keep using my Sutter Slim. On the days I need the extra, though, this bag is IT. So long as I remember where I put my car keys.

Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
G. K. (Ohio, United States)
Small and compact

Great product that fits perfectly with the Vision Pro
Thank you

Gear Pouch
Zach H. (Utah, United States)
Fixed the shortcomings of another company’s bag

I bought a slim shoulder bag from Nisnas, the Vortex Shield, years ago and I love it. They later made a bigger version, Vortex Shadow, and I found out after I bought it that it doesn’t have the pockets and compartments of the smaller bag that made it so useful. Thus started a six year search for a way fix Nisnas’ oversight.

The Analogue Pocket is what brought Waterfield to my attention and I’ve browsed their wares many times. But for some reason the Gear Pouch stood out to me randomly as the thing that could actually make the bigger bag useful. And that it does. It adds the necessary compartments that Nisnas didn’t think were so necessary. It’s not perfect, but I don’t think perfect exists outside of a fully custom design. However, this does what I wanted it to do and I’m happy with it.

Mason EDC Pouch
Tiffany G. (North Carolina, United States)
Perfect for me

Its well built, beautiful materials, great organization. I think it will look better and become more comfortable as it breaks in which is a plus for me. I went with ballistic nylon with black leather and really like the aesthetic.

Great material, has held up great after a year of heavy use.

Perfect for my needs and the customer service was top notch… they went above and beyond to get the bag to me prior to my trip abroad!

Agile Brief
Jacob W. (England, United Kingdom)
I love it

I have now had a few weeks with this bag, and I love it. Form and function play together beautifully in every setting I find myself in, from academic work to carrying everyday essentials on casual weekends. A few observations: 1. The quality is excellent, as one would expect. It’s my third WF bag (the other two are backpacks, and the finishing is always top-notch. 2. The size is great: it is slim and easy to carry, it stands on its own, and it holds everything I usually carry with me (laptop, notebooks, water, books, snacks plus phone and wallet). The outer flap easily allows a jacket to be strapped in, too. 3. I was pleased and surprised to see that the inside can hold my ebike battery (a Bosch PowerTube; removing it is a necessity sometimes courtesy of London’s many thieves). It can also double up as an inconspicuous camer bag: a Nikon Z6 with a 24-70/2.8 lens fits snuggly and leaves space for other items. 4. The bag flies under the radar but is a joy whenever one interacts with it - for those to whom this means something, I find the experience very much analogous to an Explorer I watch. Overall, this has quickly become my favourite go-to bag, and I expect it to remain that for many years or even decades to come.

Vitesse Musette Plus
Tony (Victoria, Australia)
Great product

Really well made, nice and light, but very sturdy and stylish.
Looks exactly as it did in the photos.

Bolt Duffel Bag
JJ K. (Ontario, Canada)
Long decision and multiple candidates, but Bolt is the final winner

I have been one bag travel person with my backpack, but I wanted something more stylish and wanted two bag travel method with a sling bag.

I had a very specific requirement in terms of finding the perfect duffle bag.

Size (biggest purchasing factor):
As I don't carry many clothes with me as I always book places with washers, I wanted a compact duffle. Most duffle bags are 20 to 22 inches long, which cuts very close to carryon luggage size. As such bolt was one of very few duffle bags that is smaller than 18 inches.

Material, design, and origin of Manufacturer:
I wanted a a bag that is made in the USA and canvas material for longevity. The canvas color with chocolate leather combination looked sublime and luxurious.
Unlike other duffle bags, Bolt has longer straps, which allow me to carry the bag on my shoulder as it is the preferred method as I can easily take it off and carry it again without dealing with a strap.

Convenience of shopping:
I am in Canada, so I don't like being surprised by duties and customs. Fortunately, Waterfield is nice enough to charge the customs and duties fee during the checkout.


I can't wait to use the bag to go to honeymoon and cottage trips soon with the Bolt duffle bag!

Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
Don M. (California, United States)
Another well-designed case!

Love the size - cannot image a way to make it more compact (at least without sacrificing its appropriate level of protection).
Looks good as well. Was able to fit into a backpack that fit under the airplane seat. Then, when changing planes, did not bother stuffing it back in, and just carried it with the (optional) strap. Worked in both modes!

As others have mentioned, no luck getting the battery into its pocket with the cord around it. Not a big deal, what seems to work fine is wrap it around the battery just as a way to get in in a nice coil, then pull that coil of wire off, slide the battery in, and stuff the coil of wire in the pocket on top of the battery.

The little pocket for an AirTag is just the kind of touch that makes me love Waterfield bags and cases!

Vitesse Brief
kyle w.

Vitesse Brief

Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
Rafael G. (New Hampshire, United States)
Well thought and a must-have for AVP

I’m really pleased by the final product. It looks great and reduces the size of the AVP ”on the move”’ … Bravo again to you guys

Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
Alex N. (California, United States)
Almost perfect with one flaw

Case is very good, as compact as it can be given VP arms. Well made as everything that Gary makes. There is one silly flaw. The battery pack compartment is poorly designed where is is hard to put the battery in with the cord wound around it. Even in the video that step is clearly edited as it likely didn’t go well ( it rarely does). Changing that pocket to a long side opening will resolve the problem. I also feel that the case can be a bit less padded and more compact as the result. Alter all VP comes with its own well padded cover. Bottom line: much better than Appless stupid case and is this far the case to get.

Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
David B. (California, United States)
Very nice

very nice

Analogue Pocket Pouch
J.M.I. (Washington, United States)
Amazing for this tier product

It’s pretty obvious that the $200 gameboy that plays $70-$1000 game cartridges isn’t for the kids so you want a piece of luggage to tow it around and it doesn’t look like some thing a kid has their Nintendo DS stowed away in.

The Waterfield bag, the pouch specifically pictured here that I own is thoughtful and let you hold the device with one cartridge adapter in the slot, but also two cartridges in the extra side zipper pouch.

This model is not intended to transport all of the analog pocket accessories. This is meant for like a quick trip out of the house or you want to sit out by the pool, but have something to stick it in to keep it protected..

The materials are top-tier, and I like their patented yellow background inside the zipper pouch that allows you to quickly see what’s in their hiding.

Much smaller than Apple’s own carry case!

Padded Gear Pouch
Tiffany G. (North Carolina, United States)
Just what I was looking for

I sold all of my other pouches and went for this one. Feels great, looks great, wonderful organization and protection!

Beautifully crafted with both practical and aesthetic elements

Vitesse Cycling Musette
Douglas M. (Wisconsin, United States)
No zippers

If you're looking for a well-designed bag for computer, iPad, or any small to medium-sized objects or clothing, this is great, and I particularly like that there are no zippers, so you can't scratch your hands or arms etc. For anyone with thin or dry skin, which zippers can do a trip on, this bag is great and sacrifices no other feature of bike bag, backpack, carryon or related item.

Vitesse Brief
Daniel M. (New York, United States)
Exactly What I Needed

Had been looking for a while for a bag to replace my old work messenger. The Vitesse brief had the size, look, and construction of what I wanted. Received it and it was perfect. Love the waxed canvas. More olive than brown. Fits my work laptop or my M3 MacBook Air 13inch with sleeve easily. As well as an iPad mini, medium sized WaterField gear pouch, and Woolnut AirPods Max case. All without making the bag feel cramped or bulky. Paired with the optional suspension strap and this bag is perfect.

Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
Pete (Arizona, United States)
Great case

Works as advertised and much more compact than Apple case. Fits within my camera backpack and has excellent construction.

Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
John E. (Ohio, United States)
They never miss a detail.

This case is another home run. It’s so well thought out and practical.
- Zeiss lens holsters in the removable console
- AirTag pouch in front zipper
- You feel your VP is much safer stored in this case because of how snug and solid the removsble “extras” console fits, and at half the size of Apple’s outer space lunch pail for Vision Pro, Gary’s case is a no-brainer.