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Excellent fit and quality

Great product

Quick Service, great product... worth every penny....

Quality surface book sleeve

Delivered fast, quality product at the right price.

A perfect backpack for work and casual use

I have been looking for a backpack that can match up to the quality of my new Apple Macbook Pro 16" inch, and the Bolt backpack is the perfect one, a practical and multiple functional backpack with supreme quality.

Finally, a collection of bags that does it all!

Simply put, I have been searching for a collection of bags that are well made, fashionable, useful and competitively priced. I have found this collection with Waterfield. I have recently purchased the Finn wallet, Outlook solo case, and the padded gear pouch, ... all excellent. Nicely done!

Great Pen Holder!

Just what I needed. I have a Surface and a Surface Laptop and this clips to my briefcase so I don't have to worry about if I brought one. As always SFBags makes high quality products. Thanks Gary and team!

My first Waterfield

I bought this first although I submitted a review for the Pro Executive Laptop Backpack before this. I bought this as a work backpack and for that it is ideal as I prefer to travel light. This fits that need perfectly. It however lacks side storage (for water bottles and power banks etc) so that necessitated the second purchase. Not that I regret either. Not at all. In fact, I might get a third….

Just got back from a trip to Tokyo and Hokkaido with this. Walked everywhere including through rain and snow. Is comfortable even with a moderately heavy load and I love the many compartments. I had bought the Sutter Slim earlier and while that is ideal as my work backpack, this is much better as a travel backpack.

That much said, I’m now eyeing my THIRD Waterfield… The Air Porter

Air Duffel Carry-on

I travel a lot and my trips can be anywhere from an overnight to a couple of weeks. I really wanted one bag for an overnight journey that could take everything I need for work (laptop, ipad chargers etc.) plus a change of clothes, shaving kit etc. I took the Air Duffel on the first over night to Bangkok recently and it was exactly what I wanted.
Firstly I got everything I needed packed in the bag with no trouble and it all seemed to have a sensible easily accessible location. Another good test was airport security. I need a bag that lets me quickly remove the laptop and iPad, without disturbing the rest of my bag and that makes it easy to repack the items once through the xray, the airduffel was great for that too. I also bought the caddy to go with the bag which was really useful for cables and similar. I have the Waterfield iPad 11” horizontal sleeve as well so between this and the caddy everything was well contained and protected in the Air Duffel.
All the products to date from Waterfield have been excellent. Thank you.

So Happy!

I am very happy to get this briefcase.

Great Addition to any SF Bag

Solid quality, increased comfort, as always delivers as advertised


Great case. Quite durable

Love this card holder

Simple design and carries what I need. Very happy with it.

For me, perfectly sized for a day commute

This is my third bag (Air Duffel & Bold Cross Body) and now my 2nd fav as the Air Duffel is perfect for my type of travel (1-2 days), BUT this is the perfect day commuter when I’m not traveling. Very well made, fits everything I need for a day at the office or a day of off site meetings. A great back pack for work.

Well made, simple and I trust them to work for life

While they’re simple D-rings they’re a perfect match, feel solid when operating and should last a lifetime.

great product

The Solo Case my new Macbook is exactly what I was looking for. It is very well made and based on my prior experience with Waterfield products I am sure it will look like new even after years of use.

Finn Wallet
Waterfield Does it again

Another perfect product by waterfield. Do yourself a favor and get one.

Slick looks but only if you pack light.

I'm really torn regarding the Sutter Tech Sling. It's beautifully made and looks stunning but there a few flaws worth pointing out.

First of all, the front pocket with zippers on either side, while a good idea, turns out to be really odd with actual use. (This pocket fills the entire area behind the leather panel.)

And that's the issue. If this area had separate compartments it would be a big improvement, but as it stands, it's one big pocket and gravity always drives the contents to the bottom.

In the photos the side zippers are sleekly concealed underneath the leather. However if you carry anything larger than AirPods in this very tall pocket, the zippers bulge out and the sleekness is lost. The pocket is tall enough for documents, but it's too flimsy to carry them without wrinkling and bending. It's just a weird pocket that doesn't have much practical use beyond holding a passport or other small / flat items. You will never want to fill it up, and if you try, everything just ends up at the bottom and bulging outward. Two pockets on either side with a divider down the center would have been a much better use of the tall space.

The main compartment is where this bag really shines. The full size Sutter Tech Sling holds a lot more than you might think. I've been able to carry a 14" laptop with power supply, accessories, etc. with plenty of room to spare outside the laptop sleeve (which is designed for a 13" laptop).

Unfortunately this otherwise positive facet feeds into the problem mentioned above. If you carry too many items in the main compartment, it contributes to the bulge effect and pushes the side zippers outward in an awkward way.

Wearing the Tech Sling cross-body proved to be a bit too much of a hassle so I wear it over one shoulder. The problem here is that it's not a messenger bag and doesn't reach your hip to offset the pressure on your shoulder, which is what makes messenger bags comfortable to carry.

Overall if you're looking at the Sutter Tech Sling and like the aesthetics, you are much better served by the Sutter Slim Backpack. It is a better design that addresses the flaws noted above.

I hate to knock two stars off because I 😍 love 🥰 Waterfield Designs products and obsess over them even more than the items they are designed to carry. But I just couldn't overlook the shortcomings. Thankfully there are many other Waterfield bags to choose from that may fulfill your gear carrying needs more efficiently.

I have a big head

My costa Del Mar sunglasses don’t quite have enough depth space for me to fit them in comfortably. My eye glasses fit well. I’d like to see a more flexible center divider that would allow my sunglasses to utilize a bit more space. Great quality as usual though.

Waterfield, my go to bag company

The surface accessories pouch has everything I need for my work setup. And the hand feel of this bag is fantastic! You know you have a bag that will last forever.

Waterfield is my bag company for the foreseeable future. Every product I’ve bought from them has been exceptionally done, and the customer service makes me feel like an appreciated customer.

Great sleeve, tight fit with hard shell case

Beautiful color, great fabric and cozy inner lining. With a hard shell case, it’s a little hard to get the computer out but rather that than falling out!

Best backpack I’ve owned

I absolutely love this bag. Plenty of room for everything I need for traveling. Very comfortable on my back and I love the fact that it stands up on its own instead of flopping over like most other backpacks. I also love the look...very classy!

Excellent quality

The perfect sleeve for my iPad Pro. I have this same sleeve for my MacBook Pro too. Highly recommend.

Recent Purchase

Hi Gary and Team,

Per your instructions, I ordered the pouch with the special instructions to get some of your waxed canvas so I can create a “saddle bag” organizer for the MacBook sleeve I purchased from you about 2 years ago. I got the material! It’s perfect! I’ll share with you what I build with it when I finish.


Brett Johnson

I really like it

I don’t like things in my pocket. The crossbody pouch was the answer. It holds my wallet and phone with room for other things. The quality is off the chart. I get a lot of questions about it. This is my second bag. I am hooked Waterfield. Well done.