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Love it

Got it in waxed canvas. Trial by fire as I took it around Europe for meetings and conferences for 2 months. Love all the little pockets and how everything has been thought out and executed with high quality. I just enjoy using this bag. My 2015 rMBP fits snugly into the bigger slot just about, and I use the smaller slot to fit my air caddy with an ipad inside. On top of this it still comfortably fits an international adapter as well as the macbook charging brick, headphones, and a soft water bottle (vapur). Only 2 things I wasn't quite happy with. First, how the excess strap seems to flail about with no 'lock' in place (unless I'm doing this wrongly). Second, very minor point but the bag, because of the substantial construction is a little heavy.

Lastly, FEDEX royally messed up the delivery. I expressed delivered to Australia and the whole ordeal took 2 weeks for FEDEX and AusPost to figure out what was happening and where my bag was. Both companies wouldn't take any resposibility. Because of this, I'm a little wary to get more stuff as FEDEX is the default international shipper to Australia it seems. I do realise that this has little to do with the actual bag.

Absolutely Fantastic. Goes where I go.

Got this in the black ballistic. This is now my favourite piece of 'bag' I've ever owned. I put my ipad pro 10.5 (w/ smart keyboard), usb stick, presenter remote, airpods, few pens, business cards, and a little notebook if needed in there and I have everything I need whether I'm teaching on campus, walking around a conference, or in an aeroplane. The soft material in the ipad section is also great. Construction is top notch, it feels almost indestructible and the zippers are nice and chunky. As a bonus, it fits perfectly in the ipad slot of the sutter slim. I definitely would buy again if mine got lost or stolen.

Great Quality!

I love Waterfield's products -- I own both the Cityslicker and this Pouch for my Switch, and they both excel at what they do. The quality control is amazing, and I can tell premium materials are used for both. Even the attention to detail for the accessory pocket on the Pouch for Nintendo Switch is amazing -- the fabric used for the lining of this pocket is a nice color that matches the outer leather with a slight pattern, really making the Pouch seem like a premium product.

Vertical, Gray Dash Sleeve for Surface

I purchased the vertical orientation of the Dash Sleeve for Surface in gray. Overall, the quality is excellent, the design is beautiful and color is professional. I went with the vertical orientation for the following reasons: 1) customer service told me the pocket is larger in the vertical orientation than the horizontal orientation, 2) customer service told me that the vertical orientation pocket has a holder for the surface pen inside whereas the horizontal orientation does not, 3) the vertical orientation leaves access to the ports at the top so you can charge your surface while it is in the case. Because of the high quality, I feel the case will do a good job protecting my Surface if I were to accidentally drop it. I wish the case were just slightly deeper because the edge of my Surface is right at the top of the case. Also, because of the design the case does gap slightly when looking from the top down on my Surface, but I don't think this is a significant issue. Getting my Surface out with the Type cover on takes a little work because the Type cover finish is meant to not slide. One nice addition or change may be to put the label near the bottom on the non-pocket side to serve as a sort of grip as you pull the surface out of the case. The pocket is a bit tight, although I was able to fit my charger and Surface pen. The tightness of the pocket makes it difficult to get the Surface pen in and out of the Surface pen holder within the pocket. But a looser pocket may detract from the sleek, minimalist design of the case anyways.

It’s really nice but it’s a bag not a sleeve

It looks good, it feels good, MacBook fits good inside it
BUT be prepared that it won't fit in any of your laptop compartments in any of your backpacks, actually it won’t fit even in your backpack if it’s smaller than 22-25 litres I think.

Mouse Pad

Elegant. It works well.

The passion for quality continues

This new MacBook Pro sleeve case was everything I expected. It is beautifully designed and beautifully made. I could describe every product I have purchased from SF Bags this way. Purchase with confidence.


I’ve been using this daily for a couple of weeks. I carry a Surface Go with the cord and a notebook to court daily. I opted for the larger size. There’s plenty of room. The leather on the front is a nice touch and it’s getting softer and better looking as I use it. I wish it had leather on both sides- but for the price, it’s great. This portfolio is excellent and functional. Looks professional. Almost bought a Bellroy for three times more. This portfolio is more flexible for when I need to load it up with papers, etc.

Red Italian Forza

First and foremost I like to give a shout-out for what an amazing and outstanding customer service this company has. My package was delivered but was somehow missing. After follow up with customer service to make sure I was thorough in my search and still didn’t find it, they sent another wallet to me! I was flabbergasted and shown just how this company stand by their products and provided seamless customer service. I had this finn wallet in the red forza for a few days and love the slim compact size and texture of the fabric. It’s hard to find a slim wallet in the market that deliver it’s true intent with a locking zipper! I found this product through a friend’s Instagram post and don’t regret my purchase at all!

I love it!

I got the standard size because I have an 11" iPad Pro and I am loving this bag. It fits the iPad perfectly with the Apple Smart Keyboard too. There is plenty of room for everything I need plus extras within the different pocket without being bulky at all. I also love how it will stand up on its own on.

Form and Function

Fantastic case, functional while also stunning!

Perfect for one-bag travel

After receiving my Air Duffel I decided to give it the ultimate test, and use it as my only bag on a 4 ½ day trip to Istanbul. My order included an Air Caddy, which I put into the front flap compartment of the Air Duffel and used to store my iPad and other things I wanted for in-flight use, and I added to the bag a MacBook Sleeve Case for my MacBook Air (I put that in the zippered rear compartment so I could just take that to meetings and leave the Air Duffel in my hotel room) and a Piggyback Accessory Pack for my cables and chargers that I clipped to the outside of the Air Duffel while traveling to save space in the bag, and to the outside of the Sleeve Case when using that. In the main compartment of the Air Duffel I had my toilet case, socks and underwear for four days, four dress shirts, a pair of trousers, two neckties, and a rain shell. The side pockets of the Air Duffel had my water bottle and a compact travel umbrella. I use the roll-up method of packing clothes and could have fit one more pair of trousers if needed, or crammed the Piggyback Case into the main compartment if absolutely necessary. Instead, I had a bunch of magazines and other papers on top of the clothing in the main compartment.

Conclusion: the experiment was a complete success. The bag fit perfectly under the seat in front of me and was comfortable to carry, either by the handles or by the shoulder strap, even when packed full, on long slogs around airports. I was able to bring everything I needed for the international trip without compromising on what I wanted. I don't have to tell anyone here about the build quality and good looks - it's a Waterfield design, after all. So if you're looking for a bag that can handle all your needs on for a 4-day international business trip while looking great and being compact enough to carry on-board and fit under an airline seat, look no further. For even shorter trips, it's all I'm ever going to need to use.

Bought a 16 Inch MacBook Pro - Needed A Premier Bag to Carry It

Admittedly, I have a bit of a bag fetish…. Briefcases, messenger bags, laptop bags, all of it…. This may be the best combination of style ruggedness, and functionality I have ever had in a bag… simply fabulous,

Exactly as advertised

The wallet is exactly as Waterfield described. The leather will likely patina beautifully over time, and this is a great option for a minimalist wallet.

Spot On - Great Product

The Muzetto leather bag was exactly as expected, great quality and great design and actually more spacious than I first anticipated. I use the bag as my “grab and go” and it’s a perfect compliment to my larger bags I use when I travel. My only suggestion would be to add a handle the back side of the flap to make it easy to pick it up and move around without having to grab the strap. Without a handle on the product it’s sort of a pain to get in and out of your car for example as you have to grab both handles of the strap in one hand and try to pull it out.

Great gift!

My stepson wanted this for one of his 18th birthday gifts. He loves it! It’s well made & great quality!

Outbook Solo for iPad Pro 12.9”

I found the case to be stylish and well-made. It fits my iPad Pro with Apple keyboard perfectly and acts as a solid case. The front pocket is a good size. I keep my Apple Pencil, a powerbank, cables, wireless headphone case and memory cards in there easily. At the back, I store my kindle.

The bag suits my needs extremely well. If I just need my tech, I carry it by itself with the shoulder strap. When I’ve been travelling, the whole bag fits into my larger backpack, so I can take it out in planes and keep it under the seat in front. I highly recommend it.

Not super impressed

Sleeve is nice, however, very bulky and difficult to place MacBook into. Unfortunately, decided to return it

My new Surface Book sleeve

I am extremely satisfied with this product. The dimensions fit perfectly. The material is high quality and the design is sleek and eye appealing. I have no complaints whatsoever, and I would highly recommend purchasing the additional cord bag option, as I did not, and now regret not doing so.

Great effen bag!

Really love this bag. Top notch materials, super fast shipping and the clip is fantastic. Only caveat is I wished I had gotten the smaller version:(

Great sleeve for 16” MacBook Pro

Great sleeve, nothing else like it on the market for lightweight protection. I love the padding at the bottom of the laptop - I use it for my bag which has an unpadded laptop sleeve. Only negative is the one I received is looser than the one I have for my 13” MacBook and I prefer the snugger fit.

Laptop Sleeve

It's very nice. Fits the laptop well and the price was reasonable.

Great bag with only small nitpicks

Overall great bag. Just two points to improve.
1. You can’t zip close the main and laptop compartment with one hand. This is due to the structure of the bag somewhat collapse if in the center when come stuffed full. This cause you to use two hand to zip close the bag.
2. In the main compartment I would like to see another zippered pocket. There’s only one small one on one side. Would be nice to have an additional pocket on the other side of the main compartment.

Can one love a bag?

I love, love my new Outback Solo (#16) messenger bag. It’s the perfect size, has tremendous build quality, and looks fabulous. I like to carry it even when there’s nothing in it.

16" MacBook Pro Sleeve

Liked my first WaterField sleeve (15" 2015 MBP) so much I bought one for my newest laptop. The sleeve fits my new 16” MacBook perfectly.