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Awesome quality

Quality of the materials is fantastic. By far the best pouch I have bought for the switch. Worth the price

Improved but not perfect!

The strap is wider but still tends to slip off the shoulder better as a crossbody. As always, the quality of the material is the best.

2019 Cargo Bag

I was amazed at how quick the bag arrived after I ordered it! I ordered it on a Thursday and I got the following Monday. The bag is as nice looking as it was pictured on the SF Bags website. I’m very pleased with this bag so far. Very sturdy bag yet not to heavy. I use it to carry my 15” MacBook Pro and my iPad Pro. It works great for both.

Great quality

Much improved belt clip design over the older model. Works great.

Finally it fits the Big Man (ME)

I have the Sutter Tech sling bag, I had to add an extension to the strap to get around by 275 pound frame. I got the strap on a whim to see how it would work. OMG I love it. I removed the old strap and am just using this. The bag fits 1000 times better and has gone from being the "I guess I will take it" to the "gimme" bag again. Thanks

Fantastiske produkter

Levert fra SF til Bergen, Norway på kun 4 dager

Super Strap

This is just the replacement strap I was looking for my Waterford crossbody bag. A swivel clip was really necessary to keep the strap aligned, and the shoulder pad makes it very comfortable.

Never disappointed.

This is my 7th bag. Love this bag. Lots of room. Nice finish. SF Bags are the best.

Great Quality

The quality of the leather is fantastic!

Bolt Bag

The best bag pack I've ever own. Spacious but not bulky, good looking, very comfortable and durable. It's a great investment.

Lightweight switch bag

Thin bag to carry my switch. Really soft in the inside

This is a very nice case that fits the switch well. Looks much more adult than any other case I've seen and the quality is A+. The soft lining is nice and the pocket on the outside is great for storing headphones, a feature that was lacking on the genuine Nintendo case I was using previously. Note: Do not bother paying for the extra carabineer. It doesn't fit the case correctly and is not worth the extra money.

Best yet

I’ve had your case for the iPhone 6+ since the phone came out and is still working. When I got the 11 max I decided to try the new case also. What an amazing surprise in the improvements of the magnets over snaps. Great case.

Best Nintendo Switch Case Ever!

Love this switch case. Excellent design that fits the switch perfect! I feel the console is well protected and I can carry everything I need with it.

My order was shipped out very quickly. Great products from a great company. Thanks so much!

Love having a switch case that doesn't let everyone know I'm carrying a Nintendo Switch.

Loved it

Amazing product and amazing backpack would definitely recommend it

Another winner!!!

I love my new large tech pocket. It is the perfect size for adaptors, cables and other accessories. I like how the magnetic strip allows easy access and I appreciate the soft insides. Fits perfectly inside my Bolt laptop bag.

Ranger case. I changed my rating to 3 ⭐️ after a couple of weeks of use.

Good case except that when the Ranger is attached to your belt it can come undone. The magnet can become undone if the case is twisted especially in a lateral force. For example getting out of your car, make sure the case did not release from your belt. I do not trust magnets as a belt fastener for a case for my iPhone 11. Perhaps the use of a marine Velcro fastener system might be considered. Just a thought.

Simply Looks Smart and Cool.

There is no more excellent feeling than when you purchase something worth what you paid for it. You feel smart about your decision. The quality, the utility, the uniqueness that differentiates it from what you compared it with before your purchase. Then you wear it to work or out with friends and colleagues at your local bar or restaurant, and you notice how they notice your recent purchase. They ask, "Where did you get that cool bag?" Smart & Cool. My Field Muzetto. “Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci.

Beyond Beautiful

Love the fact you can select this sleeve with or without the case. It is perfect and fits and looks so nice. I love this company.


Absolutely love my wallet. I thought it was for men only but it’s unisex.

Great for travel or the office

I bought this because I have a small Tumi Alpha 2 black briefcase that I use for travel, and wanted something slightly larger. It doesn't look larger, but it has more room. I also wanted a more rugged look. This fits the bill. It's the right size for everyday office use, as well as travel use. If you had to, you could easily fit 3 or more laptops in it, but it doesn't look that big. It looks like it will last forever, and get better looking with everyday wear. If it's like the other Waterfield products I've owned (for years), that will be the case. The canvas is a bit darker in reality that it appeared on the website. I ordered it with the grizzled leather, but now that I have it, I wish I'd ordered it with the Chocolate Brown leather due to the darker than expected canvas. I don't fault Waterfield for this.

Neat idea, stands out

Let me start by saying this is big. It looked big in the pictures and it is. It is fine for a duffel bag or briefcase, but you wont fit it in your pocket. That being said, I like it. It will be good for travel as I can carry my reading glasses and sunglasses in the same case. This isn't fashion leather. This is thick leather like you see on an old western gun belt. It looks like something the Marlboro Man would carry. I love the look.

1st travel wallet that's useful

Great item. The picture matched the item perfectly. I've often looked at travel wallets, and they always felt like they were not practical. Using it would be a pain. Not this one. It's simple and functional and fits well in my pants pocket. Build quality is great. It looks amazing. I've got other Waterfield products, to include some that I've had for years and use every day. All are still functional and look better now than they did when new. They age well. I'm confident this will be the same.

Perfect case for the Switch

Fantastic construction... premium materials, really thought out design... shipping was fast... I’m definitely a WaterField customer for life!


I ordered this bag to carry just my iPad Pro and a few accessories. They just barely fit. I wish I had purchased the next size up just to have a bit more storage space. WaterField was great, but the costs were very high, the said the shipping costs but the product was delivered so quikly that in my opinion these costs should never have mentioned.
It is a great beautiful bag, but in my option too expensive with the shipping costs.