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Quality is awesome!

This bag is built to last. The quality is fantastic and looks good! But I will be honest when I am working in the field. I often wish there was quick access to my phone. It's time consuming lifting the flap to get to phone calls, and I can't hold it because I'm working with my hands.

replacement for a fire loss

Several years ago, I bought a laptop bag. I’m an urban professional, and often meet with thought and industry leaders. After an extensive search, I settled on the Waterfield Laptop cargo bag. I wore it for three years, and was always ready for what was to come. It kept my machine dry in the storms, it was appropriately sleek when it needed to be, and always had the capacity I needed. Then we had a house fire. My work laptop, was in my home office. My Waterfield bag melted around the laptop, but after the mess was pulled from the debris, the Apple powerbook opened and worked fine. The bag had given its all in the end to protect that which it had been made to protect. Last week, when I had to buy a new bag, there was no search. I went straight to Waterfield and ordered exactly the same bag. That never happens, in this world of commodities and endless choice. This company makes a great bag.

Great feel and look!

I love everything about this bag and I look forward to using it once the shelter in place mandate is lifted.

Tech Folio

The best tech folio ever! I love this company! Buying products from them since years. Very good customer service!

Simple, clever, effective duffel

Yes, it's expensive. You can definitely get a useful duffel for less money. You can even get a waxed canvas duffel for less. But this is a nicely designed take on the waxed canvas duffel and it's made entirely in San Francisco. It has a nice amount of simple organization without wading into overdesign. It's enjoyable to pack and enjoyable to use. That's worth it to me!

You should get the dual-zipper version. It's the best part! Each side can take over ~75% of the internal volume with the extra fabric in the divider. It's a clever, effective bit of organization that doesn't really detract from the main use for a duffel. You can overstuff the "back" pocket with bulky compressible items like clothes and still have useful volume for a dopp kit, shoes, electronics, etc. Less digging and less re-packing mitigates the more annoying parts about duffels.

The small internal pocket on the liner is nice for cash, wallet, passport, pens, pills, or whatever else you want easy access to without using an external pocket or losing it in the main compartments.

The side pockets can fit a 1L Nalgene with room to spare, a pair of smaller bottles, a stuffed down jacket, rain shell, book, etc. Though if you overstuff the bag it can cut into the space for some of the not-flat items. My 9.7" iPad fits nicely as well, though I'd encourage a protective case of some kind. There's no internal liner.

The front flap pockets have a soft fleece liner for glasses or screens. You can fit a Kindle or a small iPad in there, but not a full-size one. (The larger bag might fit if they sized the pockets proportionally - I have the small bag.) There's no gusseting so again the space can get tight with an overstuffed bag. You might need to tug up and out on the flaps to get them to fold over a stuffed bag or pocket, but the magnets are actually strong enough to stay closed. (If you've ever tried to use a button clasp or buckle in the same situation you'll enjoy the experience of magnets.)

The included strap pad is neoprene-lined for a really solid and comfy shoulder carry. I haven't had an issue with the smooth nylon strap loosening over time. The leather-clad grab handles are really nice in hand but honestly aren't very useful for shoulder carry unless you have a fairly empty bag. One will dig in and the other will keep flopping off. They're almost stiff enough to stand up on their own but usually fall to the sides. I wish they tossed another pair of magnets in there to keep them together.

The waxed canvas makes the bag fairly heavy on its own. A benefit of the heavy canvas is that the bag has structure whether empty or full. Combined with the little pull-tabs I've never once had to fiddle with the zippers, despite them being rubberized.

It's a shame this thing will probably last forever because I'd definitely buy it again.

great product.

as a dude in his mid-30s, i like to be a bit discreet about busting my switch out in public. to that effect, this thing is perfect. also, it's well made and feels nice in the hand. happy to pick up the canvas iteration. full endorsement. 1,000 gold coins.

Splendid product

I wanted a well made, handsome and practical bag. This is it, and made in SF to boot! Superb quality and thoughtful design throughout.

Great case, a little big.

Really like the craftsmanship of the case. As always, fantastic materials used by WaterField. My only complaint is that the case is a bit bigger lengthwise than I had expected or prefer.

Sutter Tech Sling = Perfect Bag (for me)

I received my ST Sling a week ago and I absolutely love it! It has the high quality I've come to expect from Waterfield in a professional yet compact form. It's no exaggeration to say that the more I carry it, the more I appreciate it's build and materials. The only area I'm even slightly concerned about are the zippers, which at first glance seem a bit small and fragile. However, the more I actually use the sling for my everyday purposes, the more confidence I have in them. I'm very happy with this purchase and I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

International Compact Finn Access Wallet

This is the ideal wallet for me and the features it has, though I did change it up a bit as to how things are placed in the wallet for my needs. The pictures show how you can cards in the left and right side pockets and putting cash in the middle. For me, on the left hand pocket, I put cash (around 10 bills inside), the middle compartment I put all my cards with no trouble (around 18 cards), and on the right hand side, I put coins (5 coins currently). I also have a mini pen behind the cards since the height of the international wallet can accommodate it. It is still slim and with the card placement, I’m able to find things relatively quick.

Well made and great looking!

Received the Airporter just as my company banned air travel. I was able to fit everything in it from my old backpack. Can’t wait for things to normalize so I can try it!

It's Unique...!

There's nothing I've seen like it. Well padded and very well made. Strong corners and yet soft leather.

It has a very different rugged, worn look. I like that. It's a blend of the modern high tech world and old style Leather craft!

It does draw

Most importantly, it does the job of protecting the computer!

In very pleased with this case.

The only shoulder pad that I will use

Shaped with the right curves and wide enough to distribute the weight. However, the best part is the rubbery backing that helps to keep it on your shoulder.

Cargo Laptop Bag

Hi, Gray and Waterfield
Thanks, the cargo laptop bag is good for my MacBook Pro 16 and iPad Pro 12.9. I received to the bag and it is useful for me and I satisfy this bag with carry a lot of my stuff. Just one thing it might be concerned to me that it is possible to design an anti-water cover for this bag due to the humidity of this climate in my country on occasion in some particular periods.
I would like to make a suggestion SFbag Waterfield can make a shot with YouTube channel how to use all products with tutorial step by seep.


Ellery Chen

Great Desk Accessory

The quality of this product is top notch. Looks great paired with my Waterfield leather mouse pad which is also exceptional. Looking forward to trying other products.

Awesome product

As always, the quality of the product and the attention to design details doesn’t disappoint.

Bolt Cross Body - Quality Meets Beauty Meets Function!

I am writing this on behalf of my girlfriend for whom I recently purchased the bag. Firstly, I will say that the item is impressive and appears to be of the high quality that Gary demonstrated in his videos. The bag is intended for a 13” MacBook Pro, which fits very securely and snug. Albeit a tight fit, that’s exactly what we desired. My girlfriend enjoys the vertical design as opposed to her previous horizontal style briefcase (much more comfortable to carry over the body). The front pocket and main inner compartment each offer just enough room for a few handfuls of laptop accessories (charger, mouse, pens, external HDs, small notebooks, etc.) and maybe a light long sleeve layer at the bulkiest. The distressed chocolate leather is beautiful and looks lovely with the other fabric.

This bag is certainly not intended for too much extra cargo, which is what makes it so useful as a stylish, compact laptop bag. She has yet to use it much as of yet, but says the back pocket (zippered directly behind the laptop compartment) is a bit too tight to be of much use. She’d prefer even a half cm more space but indicates this is a minor complaint.

That said, my only complaint – and the reason for the loss of a full 5 star rating, is the snafu in delivery. All was going well as the bag was on target to arrive in time for my girlfriend’s birthday, until I received another customer’s order on 3/12/20 (which is her birthday – thank you for the effort Gary, your early customer service was excellent). I won’t go into extraneous detail here, but needless to say the bag finally arrived on 3/18/20 (ordered 3/7/20).

In conclusion, this is a very nice product. With the test of time, perhaps I will buy a similar bag to house my MacBook Air. I'll just have the difficult task of choosing between multiple stylish options... Thanks folks!

Premium quality and attention to details

I'm impressed with the premium quality and attention to details. This is the second time I purchased WaterField product and I intend to buy more.

Leather Key Clip


The Sutter Tech Sling not only looks awesome regardless of the venue I’m visiting (dress code) but is the PERFECT size for my EDC (iPad Pro 11”).

High-Quality Professional Bag for my MBP

After a fair amount of online research, I decided to go with Waterfield for a new bag for my MacBook Pro 16” that I often take to and from office. As such, the bag needed to be both professional in appearance but also functional - and it succeeds on both counts. My only compliant is that the clip while easy to release, is somewhat clumsy to fasten and usually takes two hands and a bit of fumbling. Otherwise quite happy with the bag.

Great build quality and clever design

Was glad that I was able to get the products before the lockdown. Please take very good care!

Great Pouch!

The Sutter Sling Pouch is my EDC pouch. My daily contents is a notebook, pen, small flashlight, a spare battery for my Leica Q2 camera, a SD card and iPods. The pouch is the perfect size for my needs. The materials and workmanship are exceptional. The folks at Waterfield were kind to setup my strap configuration for a left hander. Great company to do business with. American Made is a bonus!

Perfect fit

I got this as a laptop sleeve of sorts for a One Netbook Onemix 3pe (UMPC). It not only fits, but the pouch is extremely well made. I have now 10 Waterfield products. Customer for life.

The Micro wallet fits the bill!!!

Extremely pleased at the craftsmanship of this little wallet. It’s compact in size and easy to get in and out of pockets. I keep mine in my front pocket with room to spare. I have about 15 cards and a fair amount of cash in the wallet with more room. Very small foot print yet holds plenty of stuff!!! Would get it again maybe in leather next time. Keep up the great work!!!