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We score 4.9 out of 5 based on 6285 reviews.

Based on 6285 reviews
Good case for SNES Classic (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)!

Success! The console, power adapter, HDMI cord, and both controllers fit inside.

I should've gone with the black version, but this material works fine, too.

Great Wallet

It's great to keep iPhone, money and cards together in zippered leather wallet.

A Macbook's best friend

The Gear Pouch (size medium) is just the right thing for my Macbook Pro's power brick, cables, adapters, mouse and other essential gizmos. Where my Macbook goes, it goes as well.

Exactly what I wanted!

I chose the Bolt backpack because I wanted something that had structure and would stand up and not fall over. In addition to my MacBook Pro and work materials, I wanted to have room enough to carry my gym stuff instead of having to carry a separate duffel bag. It took me about a month to research my options but I kept coming back to the Bolt. I was attracted to the utilitarian look of the waxed canvas and leather and it wasn't overly large, which was important because I'm only 5'6" and proportions matter. Even though I describe it's look and style as utilitarian, it looks very professional and I have received compliments on it from my workplace. I'm amazed at the amount of room this backpack has. There is a place for everything. I can load it up to the max but yet it doesn't feel heavy when it's on my back. That said, the only negatives that I have found is there are no pen/pencil slots, which is puzzling, I wish there was an additional pocket inside which was zippered, and just a tad bit more padding on the uppermost portions of the shoulder straps. This backpack is on the expensive side but I don't mind paying more for the quality of workmanship and design. Also, they are made in San Francisco where I live. Already, this backpack is becoming my favorite of all time.

Awesome Muzetto Leather Bag

It took me a while to find a bag that fit what I was looking for - high quality, office stylish, but also relaxed, fit my device and my other stuff. The Muzetto Leather Bag was it. Top it off with great service and you have an overall great experience and happy customer.

New bag in town

Plenty of room, nice design, plenty of satisfaction and suitable to carry all my business tools.
I chose the best option.


Gear Pouch


The second day I had this Mezetto I left a small Hershey chocolate in it and i came home only to find scratches all over it from my dog. It looked horrible. I like the old used look (which I'm a fan of), but this was a little too worn out look. Oh well... that was my fault. Not much I can do about that :) other than that I absolutely love this bag


Magic Keyboard Slip Case


I am always a bit nervous about ordering cases online without seeing first how they fit my treasured tech. I should not have been worried. Waterfield stated that their sleeve would fit an iPad Pro and it did - beautifully. The fit and level of protection afforded are superb. Am delighted with the product and strongly commend it to other iPad and technology users.

Waterfield defines the meaning of Craftmanship and Quality!

I am impressed with the quality and craftmanship that goes into Waterfield product. You can literally tell and feel the hardwork, precision, and quality that goes into the making of their product. This is by far, has become my standard for passion and quality in any product now. Keep up the great work Waterfield! I am a big fan now!


Finn Wallet


Just at the end of 2 week mad dash through Europe.... route and reservations were made on the fly using my new Surface Pro... protected by the phenomenal Waterfield Dash sleeve...
It's perfect for protectin my pad and for storing the stylus and Arc mouse in the side pocket. Kudos to Waterfirld for expediting this to me on short notice. I really can't imagine traveling without it. Fits perfectly, protects the pad and slips just right into my back pack
Thanks for such great product and service ~ 5 stars!!!

I love it!

Very nicely made, just like my CitySlicker for my old and new 3DS. I like that my Switch held firm in the case. Keep up the good work.

Now I'm waiting for a travelling case for my SNES classic. Hehehee...

Beautifully Crafted

I’ve ordered 3 of these already and each one of these fit my 3DS perfectly. The design is tight and I absolutely love the rich color of the leather. The first one I purchased was green and it never lost its color. My only fear was that the back part would be overstretched if it had something large like a the 3DS charger but I never tested it.

Finn Access Wallet - Travel with RFID

Pleased with purchase. Loaded with cards and still remains very thin.


Gear Pouch


Best bag I've ever owned!

Outback Solo for 13" Macbook Pro

Very impressive quality, looks great and is convenient to carry.

Thank You Much and look forward to additional/new products by Waterfield.

Very Useful Waterfield Pouch

This WaterField Gear Pouch is an excellent compliment to my WaterField Surface Pouch. Both fit and work very well in my Large Bolt Briefcase. A single pouch works very well in my small Bolt Briefcase. I love these pouches to keep organized.

Great product but only fits the tablet w/out keyboard

Package arrived promptly and is well crafted as I've come to expect from SF Bags but the Dell Lattitude 7825 sleeve only fits the Lattitude without the keyboard. I'll probably keep it around for when I travel undocked but I tend to keep them together so will only see limited use. Outside of the limitations it is very well constructed and very sharp looking.

Best thing ever

The craftsmanship on this case is second to none and I know my switch loves her new home. Thanks Gary, and the team at Waterfield!!

Simple and comfy.

It does what it's supposed to do with a comfortable style. It holds a large amount of items. Get one, you will not regret it! My only suggestion for improvement is to offer an RFID option to make this extra functional to go with its simplicity.


Finn Wallet

As good as it looks on the site

That's basically it. If you like the photos, the case delivers. It looks and feels amazing.

City Slicker Case for Nintendo Switch

Awesome design! Very well made and very very practical ... love it!

Perfect for the Switch

A great case to keep the Switch protected from bumps, scrapes and dust. Low profile but with enough room for headphones, a couple of games and a charging cable.

Magic Keyboard Slip Case

I received the case after a slight delay because you were making it. It is very hard to fit my keyboard in the MKSC. But, the material will last a long time. It is very well made. Just a little tight. Perhaps it will get better after I use it for a while. I like the case, and would recommend it for the Magic Keyboard. I use mine with my iPad Air and my iPhone 7 plus.

Verry good item

I m verry happy with my item. Good and beautiful , so nice ....

Awesome product and service

I ordered the iPad Pro SleeveCase with high expectations...they were far exceeded. Not only did I receive the item the next day (I live in British Columbia in a rural community), the stitching and overall quality of the case is superior. I will definitely look to Waterfield for any additional cases, briefcases or soft luggage that I require.

CitySlicker 3DS xl

It's a snug and secure fit for my 3DS xl. Materials and construction are top notch. A smart and stylish look that will protect your DS from bumps and scrapes. Rugged and sturdy exterior with a soft padded interior. I'd challenge you to find a nicer case out there.

Fantastic design

The materials are all durable and high quality, and the case is convenient because of all the storage space for game cards and a charger.

The best looking switch case around

I saw this case in iJustine's video and it looked awesome, nothing like the other switch cases that you only stash in another bag. This case can be carried alone without anyone suspecting what's inside. Love it

Comfortable, Right-sized and lightweight minimalist bag

I love the minimalist design especially the open topped version with the steel pin and tab closure. The weight of the waxed canvas is true to the original thin and light design ethic of the original cloth cycling musettes which makes it soft and light and it is very comfortable to wear. Personally, I would be willing to sacrifice some of the lightness and softness for a thicker and stiffer waxed canvas similar to the Vitesse Messenger bag because I prefer a little more structure and stiffness which would make it a little easier to stay open to load items and also aid in helping it stand upright if placed on the floor. But the comfort is hard to beat and for its size, it can hold a lot. The quality is top-notch and it looks great. It gets 5 stars because it performs its designed mission perfectly.

Great bag!

This is a great bag! I thought it was going to be bigger than it was and it wasn’t-which is GREAT! It’s small enough that I can throw it in my work bag and not have it take up all the pace there but still is completely protective of my Switch. It fits in all of my bags that I use for work, play and travel: my Tumi work bag, Tumi Weekender and my Peak Design travel/camera bag-no issues. This is a huge win for me!

Dimensions aside, the design of it is nice and well put together. The leather is good quality and I’m looking forward to it aging (I got the natural colored leather). The Switch itself fits in there perfectly, not too tight and not too loose. Plenty of room for games, cables etc. I need to try and see if my Anker can fit in there but if not, it has it’s own little sleeve that I can throw into my bag.

Easy 5 stars. Thanks for a great product!


Muzetto Leather Bag

Sleeve for 12.9 “ iPad pro

I love this sleeve for my 12.9” iPad Pro, it fits even with a case on it. I am very pleased with the quality of the product . I will be buying more things from WaterField Designs

Great product!!!!

This is a great product. Sturdy and well-made. It seems like it might be a little small for a Dopp Kit, but I wanted it for a pencil and pen case and its perfect!

Best backpack for a tech professional on the move

I don't get to sit at my desk often, so the Bolt backpack allows me to carry what I need where I am going. Stylish and ages well.

Very well made

Received this sleeve as an amazing anniversary gift. It is fantastic! I is so well made, and I love the materials! I absolutely love it, and have used it daily since I got it! Perfect for going out and about because it holds my iPad and Apple Pencil, plus with a little extra space for a notebook or magazine. Plus the handy outside sleeve is super useful for putting in my iPhone or slim wallet when heading out and about! The only criticism I have is the Velcro. Which does work very well, just a little bit of a nuisance when you’re going into a meeting.

Dash sleeve for Surface Pro

Just what I have been looking . Simple and sleek design and effective

Just great quality

I have purchased three items from WF and love them all. Great quality, thoughtful design and friendly staff (great customer service).
Look forward to needing to carry something new


Bolt Duffel Bag


Amazing quality and great customer service!

Really great!

Maybe the mesh pocket could be a tad or more flexible to allow for an easier slip in and out of things.

So good I bought 2 more!

I loved mine so much I bought 2 for Christmas gifts for my friends. Amazing!


Real helpful and well constructed


Beautiful leather!

Great Everyday Bag

The cargo laptop bag is a great everyday bag. I’ve only had it for a couple of months, but so far so good. Excellent design and superior quality. Highly recommend it.