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more or less perfect

This sleeve is a lot more attractive than my last one, which I donated to a motel somewhere in Oklahoma. There are no loose stitches anywhere, and no abrasive surfaces or edges.

Another excellent bag (for the collection!)

This is my sixth bag from Gary and already my favourite - build quality is just amazing as with all SFbags but this Bolt briefcase has the looks to go with it - on tour with me in Iceland at the moment as my laptop bag and works perfectly

Great quality and perfect fit!

This sleeve fits the 15 inch Surface Book 2 like a glove and is a very nice addition to the laptop. Microsoft should have made this product.

Very good

Attractive and practical


I needed something to store all my cords and chargers in and this was perfect.
The qualifying ty is spectacular. I can’t say enough good things about this company and the products they produce!

Have only been using this Bolt Crossbody for a week.

As I have only been using the Bolt Crossbody for a week, perhaps the leather and materials have not been broken yet. Unlike the Travel pouch or even the Sutter Sling, the materials of Bolt Crossbody still seem hard and cheap to touch. The strap is not easily adjustable like the Sutter Sling and doesn’t have any shoulder pad.

Club Cycling Pouch

This thing is the berries; I got rid of that embarrassing pouch under my saddle, and now have an inflator, tube, phone, and dosh all in my jersey pocket. Keeps my stuff dry and handy. Top notch quality!


Great product: its practical, elegant and compact.
I already bought lots of Waterfield product and I have never been disappointed..

Just what I was looking for!

I was on the hunt for an attractive & durable case for my Limited Edition Nintendo 3DS-XL. When I found this one I was amazed at how great it looked and the materials it was made of. I'm so happy I made this purchase :) Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a beautiful high-quality yet affordable product.

Best wallet ever!

I'm a minimalist by nature but also by circumstance, I live in Los Angeles and rarely wear a jacket with pockets to stuff things in. So I've been looking for a small wallet that can go into my front jeans pocket but still be large enough to hold little things that I carry on a daily basis such as micro reading glasses, keys, etc. I've been eyeing the Finn in the past but found it to be too big for me. Now, with 3.0, it's come down in size so I ordered the Compact. I have to admit that I didn't find the wallet particularly attractive in the pictures but was prepared to go for functionality over style. But that notion changed the moment it arrived in the mail. Not only is it perfect size but it's also a stunner. I would even call it beautiful. Yes, it's a beautiful little wallet with a very nice feel too it. Looks much better than in the pictures. It holds everything I need to carry and fits perfectly in my front pocket. Craftsmanship is top-notch and it even brings good vibes. I think it's made with love at a loving place and it brings that with it into the world. You can't go wrong with this wallet and there is a size, fabric, and color for everyone. Mine is black leather. Thanks, Gary and crew!

Great minimal case

After getting each of my nephews a Vero case for Christmas, I knew where to go when my husband bought his new 15" MBP. Straight to Waterfield!

Perfect For On The Go Working!

I have a full-sized backpack that I use when I travel and I was looking for something a little smaller and easier to use on a daily basis. The tech sling works great to carry my laptop, tablet and accessories for when I'm running around town for meetings.

Great bag and great support!

I really love my backpack! Really love the look-and-feel and the quality that is delivered. Initially I missed a couple of zipper pulls, but after contact with support I received new within a couple of days (with international shipping).

A great bag

The material and design of this bag are first class. A great addition to my EDC.

Well made sleeve! Very sharp looking!

I just recently received my laptop sleeve for my new Dell XPS 13 laptop and I will say that it is very well made and fits perfectly. I also ordered a small "stuff" bag for extra cords and whatever and that too is very well made. I anticipate both of these items lasting a long time. Thanks.

Awesome carry!

It has become a part of my EDC

Great product.

Very well made. Simple and effective.

Great Product

if you use your iPad 24/7, you’ll want a light and small case like this one

Love it!

This is my third iPad, third dash sleeve. Note: the pencil slot is still there; it’s just inside the zipper pouch now. A little harder to get it in there but it’s probably more secure, especially since the Pencil 2 is both shorter and smoother (matte).

Lighter than your old wallet.

Choose this if you want a wallet that's a traditional shape, but smaller and lighter.
Very lightweight. It fits everything I need to carry and nothing more, and feels weightless and comfortable in any pocket. I use it to carry some cash and 3-5 cards. The blue leather is a deep navy color and looks great. There's an internal pocket that you can use for transit and key cards.

My best investment in a long time.

This bag is awesome. The look and feel of the bag is sharp and I get complemented on it all the time. Functionality is great the Staad Back Pack slim version is great for traveling. I take my bag with me everywhere from business meetings to traveling via airplane. I can easily fit my iPad with Keyboard, Toiletry Bag and my all chargers. If your looking for a function, great looking Bag or briefcase this is the one for you. If fits anything from a laptop and 2 IPad Pros, if you need extra room the larger version will work for you.

Lives up to expectations!

I'm so happy with this backpack. I've had Chrome, Timbuk2, and various other (much cheaper) backpacks over the years. This is the first time I bought a backpack and actually felt like it was worth the money. The style, material, and functionality of the backpack is well thought out. I'm so happy with Waterfield!

Great Sleeve - Even better Service

It's been a while since I've purchased a new laptop and I wanted it to ride around in my bag in style and comfort - and I knew from previous purchases that SF Waterfield Designs was the place to go. Love my sleeve and it actually arrived to my door on an island in Canada faster than my lap top - amazing.

Great product!

The Cycling Ride Pouch is a high quality, thoughtfully designed, and useful product. It allows me to carry my phone (in a case), flat repair supplies, and several other essentials comfortably in my back jersey pocket.

Really nice

Fits iPad Mini5 with a Zagg keyboard case perfectly. Outside pocket is perfect for iPhone & cords. Very well built, offers great protection. Very happy with this - as well as all my Waterfield purchases.