Vision Pro Shield Case
Vision Pro Shield Case
Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro
Fits the Vision Pro and accessories in-the-box
Fits the Vision Pro and accessories in-the-box
More compact  than other Travel Cases
More compact than other Travel Cases
The Shield Case includes a main compartment and a Gear Insert
The Shield Case includes a main compartment and a Gear Insert
The Gear Insert fits accessories that come with Vision Pro
The Gear Insert fits accessories that come with Vision Pro
The Gear Insert keeps the Vision Pro from moving around
The Gear Insert keeps the Vision Pro from moving around
Zeiss Optical Inserts are protected in soft Ultrasuede
Zeiss Optical Inserts are protected in soft Ultrasuede
Zipper guard
Zipper guard
External pocket
External pocket
Discreet pocket for AirTag
Discreet pocket for AirTag
Convenient grab handle
Convenient grab handle
OPTIONAL: 1-inch Simple Strap ($20 sold separately)
OPTIONAL: 1-inch Simple Strap ($20 sold separately)
In leather and non-leather versions
In leather and non-leather versions
Ballistic Nylon + Chocolate Leather
Ballistic Nylon + Chocolate Leather
Ballistic Nylon + Black Leather
Ballistic Nylon + Black Leather
Ballistic Nylon + White Leather
Ballistic Nylon + White Leather
Waxed Canvas + Chocolate Leather
Waxed Canvas + Chocolate Leather
All Ballistic Nylon Black
All Ballistic Nylon Black
All-Forza Blue
All-Forza Blue

NEW! Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro


More compact than Apple's Vision Pro Travel Case

Keep your Vision Pro and accessories neatly organized and protected in the compact Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro and be ready to show its wonders anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Small enough to stow in bigger bags, the Shield Case makes it easy to transport your Vision Pro.

Although much smaller than the Apple Travel Case, the Shield Case still fits the same items thanks to an efficient organization system. The cushy interior, the durable materials, and the light foam surrounding the case make sure the Vision Pro is protected all around. 

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.



  • 1050 denier black ballistic nylon or rugged 14oz. waxed canvas
  • Water-resistant, cross-woven Forza fabric
  • Four full-grain leather panel colors
  • More details here

Dimensions & Weight:

  • One size:
    7.75”(l) x 5.25 ”(w) x 7.5” (h)
    19.69 (l) x 13.34 (w) x 19.05 (h) cm

  • Weight:
    Ballistic: 1 lb; 454 gm
    Canvas: 1.3 lbs; 590 gm 
    Forza: 1 lb; 454 gm


  • Waterproof zippers


  • Central compartment accommodates the Vision Pro.
  • Battery slot located underneath the top flap. 
  • A removable insert which can accommodate Vision Pro accessories rests in the middle of the case.
  • Top and bottom layers of closed-cell foam protect the Vision Pro and resist compression.
  • Smooth-gliding waterproof zippers help protect against the elements.
  • Soft, plush lining backed with additional soft foam prevents scratches.
  • Top nylon grab handle makes it easy to grab.
  • ½'' D-rings sewn onto the back of the case for added versatility and compatibility with our Simple Strap or Supreme Suspension Strap.
  • Interior pocket under the flap holds the Apple power block.
  • Front full-grain leather or panel contains an easy-access pocket with a bit of depth for storing bulkier items.
  • Can insert into other bags, like our WaterField backpacks, briefcases, messengers and holdall bags.


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  • International: 4-5 business day delivery. Country duty/tax calculated at Checkout. Details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
G. K. (Ohio, United States)
Small and compact

Great product that fits perfectly with the Vision Pro
Thank you

Don M. (California, United States)
Another well-designed case!

Love the size - cannot image a way to make it more compact (at least without sacrificing its appropriate level of protection).
Looks good as well. Was able to fit into a backpack that fit under the airplane seat. Then, when changing planes, did not bother stuffing it back in, and just carried it with the (optional) strap. Worked in both modes!

As others have mentioned, no luck getting the battery into its pocket with the cord around it. Not a big deal, what seems to work fine is wrap it around the battery just as a way to get in in a nice coil, then pull that coil of wire off, slide the battery in, and stuff the coil of wire in the pocket on top of the battery.

The little pocket for an AirTag is just the kind of touch that makes me love Waterfield bags and cases!

Rafael G. (New Hampshire, United States)
Well thought and a must-have for AVP

I’m really pleased by the final product. It looks great and reduces the size of the AVP ”on the move”’ … Bravo again to you guys

Alex N. (California, United States)
Almost perfect with one flaw

Case is very good, as compact as it can be given VP arms. Well made as everything that Gary makes. There is one silly flaw. The battery pack compartment is poorly designed where is is hard to put the battery in with the cord wound around it. Even in the video that step is clearly edited as it likely didn’t go well ( it rarely does). Changing that pocket to a long side opening will resolve the problem. I also feel that the case can be a bit less padded and more compact as the result. Alter all VP comes with its own well padded cover. Bottom line: much better than Appless stupid case and is this far the case to get.

David B. (California, United States)
Very nice

very nice


The compact Shield Case for Vision Pro has a plushly-lined internal compartment and an external front pocket for storing items. You can fit the following items: 


Vision Pro in-the-box accessories: 

  • Apple Vision Pro with Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion, Solo Knit Band
  • Light Seal Cushion (extra)
  • Dual Loop Band
  • Cover
  • Battery
  • USB-C Power Adapter
  • USB-C Charge Cable
  • Polishing Cloth

Plus, additional accessories: 

  • Zeiss Optical inserts (two)


Your Shield Case for Vision Pro fits in these WaterField bags


To design a case for a revolutionary device, we turned to the experts — our customers. The joint design resulted in a protective, compact case that would make it easy to transport  the Vision Pro and its accessories.  


The Shield Case for Vision Pro incorporates many details desired by the community.

“My ideal case is something that doesn't look obvious. Not interested in advertising that I have a Pro. Highly cushioned and lined to avoid scratching or abrasions.”


“Having a case that would fit inside a case or by itself is important to me.”


“There doesn't seem to be a place to store the battery with the cable attached (Apple's Travel Case). I am not pulling out my SIM tool to remove the cable each time I pack this case.”


“Any chance for AirTag pockets?”


“I'm going to carry the Vision Pro on business trips for inflight entertainment. I prefer a case I can slip into an existing backpack."


“There should be some way to lock the zipper with a small TSA-style lock.”


“I…can you read minds? This is exactly what I was looking for!”


See other products from our Community Design that have become customer favorites. 



The Shield Case for Vision Pro is half as small as Apple's Vision Pro Travel Case, yet holds the same amount of accessories. You can easily insert it into bigger bags and carry-on luggage. 

“Being as compact as possible while still being competitive in protection would be a massive advantage over the Apple case.”


“Please design something with a smaller form actor that can fit in a bag. It's just too big.”

“The smaller the better, and preferrably something that can plausibly be concealed on an airplane with my backpack so as not to be considered as an additional carry-on item.”



To reduce the footprint and organize efficiently, there are two compartments: the main one holds the Vision Pro goggles and an insert holds the accessories. The insert's unique shape matches the negative space of the goggles.


The cushy liner cradles the Vision Pro and acts as a zipper guard to separate the device from the zipper. A thin foam surrounds the sides for added protection. Double zipper pulls let you secure the case with a small lock, and a discreet pocket for an AirTag helps you keep track of your Vision Pro. 




Your Shield Case for Vision Pro fits nicely into these WaterField bags:


Air Porter Backpack (shown). A perfect fit!

X-Air Backpack

Air Travel Backpack

Essential Backpack

Packable Backpack

X-Air Duffel

Bolt Duffel

Air Duffel Carry-on

Essential Duffel

Packable Duffel




If you have the waxed canvas and chocolate leather Shield Case for Vision Pro, Gary shows how you can maintain these materials so they'll look great over time. Even though the video is of the AirPods Max Shield Case, the method still applies to your Shield Case for Vision Pro. 


For the chocolate leather panel, we use full grain Roughman leather which has oils that respond well to heat. 

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