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Please note that if you are ordering your Piggyback for your SleeveCase, your SleeveCase must have D-rings sewn onto the sides in order for the Piggyback to have a place to attach.  We are happy to add these for you.  The cost is $5 plus the cost of return shipping.  Please write to us at for our shipping address and further instructions.  Be sure to include that you want to purchase a Piggyback in your message so that we can send both to you at the same time.



One for the road. Your SleeveCase and briefcase are best pals. But when you only need to take along your laptop, you need a place to carry a few extra items--cables, adapters, keys, etc. That's where the Piggyback steps in. Just hook it to D-rings on your SleeveCase and you are good to go. Your laptop is protected and comfy, and you have everything you need for a day of work at your local coffee house.

For those really light days, just attach our mini-strap to your Piggyback, and you've got a lightweight and convenient bag to take on the fly.

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Piggyback available in four sizes:
- Horizontal  $25  / 11.0" to 9.0" x 7.0"  / 5 oz.
- Vertical  $25  / 10.0" to 8.0" x 9.5"  / 5 oz.
- Mini Horizontal  $25  / 9.0" to 7.0" x 5.75"  / 3 oz.
- Mini Vertical  $25  / 8.3" to 6.5" x 7"  / 3 oz.

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Subject: Re: On the way...


I stand in awe. The bag I ordered yesterday arrived a few minutes ago. I'm going to have to revise my prejudice about SF being the home of flakes and loony lefties. Great service. And a great bag. Thank you so much. Now I'll have to look at your site even more carefully and see if there are other designs I can use.

Best -

Robert J. Avrech

Subject: Re: On the way...

Hi Gary,

The bags arrived today. I have to say I'm bitterly disappointed. There's absolutely nothing I can find fault with! Good job!

I'm one satisfied customer and glad that I purchased from you...

Best regards,
-- Paul

Subject: Re: On the way...


Thanks for the email! I came across references to your bags while searching the Dell user forums and some Apple Powerbook sites.

All of the reviews for your products raved about the quality of the construction and design in your products. But the single most consistent feature across all of the reviews was praise for your customer service. I begin to see now that the praise was well earned.


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