Finn Wallet
Finn Wallet (Size 27)
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  • Waxed Canvas and Flash Silver
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What's the difference between the Finn and the Catch Wallets?

  • Both Wallets have about the same thickness.  The Catch wallet is less wide, but taller than the Finn no. 27—which can make the Catch useful for larger foreign currency bills that stand up taller.
  • The Finn size 27 will fit your iPhone 5, while the Catch will not. 
  • The Catch has a black leather option and three Indium nylon color options.
  • The Finn comes in six colors of leather, naturally tanned to feel like a deer (but it's not from a deer). 

Finn Wallet

The Best Wallet Ever! You've never seen a wallet this good before. High capacity with ultra-thin profile. Three materials from which to choose: full-grain cowhide with a natural deer tan finish in six colors, silver and black nylon "Flash," and tan waxed-canvas. Plus it zips and locks shut. The Four sizes let you choose to travel with just cash, cards and ID or to go for the hybrid wallet-smartphone options for iPhone, Samsung S4 or HTC One. Kick it up one more notch and you can carry your cash, cards, ID, phone, passport and tickets, all in one safe place. As secure as Fort Knox. And as good as it sounds will be even better once it's in your pocket.

The beautifully balanced Size 25 comfortably holds 20+ credit cards and a nice wad of dollars.

Double the benefit with Size 27 or Size 69 - let your protected iPhone 5s/5c/5 or HTC One or Samsung S4 sit inside along with about 15 credit cards and a nice stash of bills.

Road Warriors will love size 42 to stash their credit cards, passport, foreign bills and phone; it even has a zippered coin pocket.

  • Size 25: $39 / 4.5" x 2.8" - 1.4 oz.
  • Size 27: $39 / 5.1" x 2.9" - 1.7 oz.
  • Size 42: $49 / 5.5" x 3.9" - 1.8 oz. 
  • Size 69: $45 / 5.5" x 3.3" - 1.7 oz.

$2 shipping available (domestic)
$8 1st Class Int'l available  

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From: David Steinkraus
Subject: My wonderful Finn wallet

Dear Gary:

I have bought several Waterfield products and have been very pleased with their design and construction, but my new Finn wallet is above and beyond these. You did an excellent job of rethinking the need for the layers of leather pockets in traditional wallets. The Finn swallowed everything I had been carrying, plus a couple of other cards, yet it is no thicker than my old leather wallet was when empty. The first time I carried the Finn for an extended period I had to touch my pocket a few times to reassure myself the Finn was still there, and sitting in a car no longer means adjusting or squirming to ameliorate the discomfort of a thick wallet.

Good job.

David Steinkraus
Racine, Wisconsin

From: James Fabin
Subject: Re: Thanks

I've been using my new Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet and wanted to share my feedback. I'm a very picky person when it comes to wallets - it has to fit well, hold my money & cards, be easy to stay organized, not get in my way when I sit down, and hold up well over time. I wanted something on the thin side and read a review online about the Finn wallet which was very positive and made the Finn sound like the wallet I was looking for. To be honest, the $29 price seemed far too low and that gave me pause. I went ahead and ordered it figuring I could always give it to someone if I didn't like it.

When the package arrived I was very surprised at the quality of the wallet. The leather felt great, all of my old wallets contents easily fit inside it and when placed in my back pocket the wallet wasn't creating a bulge. A few days later I had to get cash to pay a contractor for working being done at my home and the Finn wallet easily held several thousand dollars in bills. As a matter of fact I currently have 24 bills, 3 checks and 16 cards in my wallet and it has plenty of additional room if needed. To say the least I am very pleased with the wallet - and shocked at how little it cost. It's super easy to zip shut (love the locking zipper) and I've never had a problem finding what I'm looking for when I open it up.


From: Lou Beeler
Subject: Very satisfied with the quality and design of your wallet.

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the wallets to us so fast. I had been looking to replace my very worn out trifold wallet for some time,but couldn't find a wallet that would work. In spite of much effort to reduce the number, I still have 25+ cards to tote around. Most wallets I found either could not hold that many or it was pain to access the card desired. After a month of using it, I'm glad to say your design has worked out well. All the cards easily fit, and finding the card I want couldn't be less troublesome. I have never carried cash in my wallets as it in addition to the cards made the wallet near impossible to fold and most uncomfortable to have in a pants pocket. I have found with your design I can get cash, cards, and receipts in and its still slim enough to be carried comfortably in my pocket. Sorry for rambling, but I thought I would let you know I am satisfied with your product. Hopefully you will continue to make them, so when or if this one wears out I can purchase another.

Thanks again,
Lou Beeler

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