Outback Laptop Sleeve

Outback Laptop Sleeve by WaterField Designs Outback Sleeve with Mac Laptop Outback Sleeve with Optional Flap in Chocolate Trim Left: Horizontal Sleeve <br />
              Right: Vertical Sleeve Outback Sleeve Closeup of Clasp (Grizzly Leather Trim) Mac Laptop Inserted into Outback Sleeve Outback Sleeve with Chocolate Trim Closeup of Grizzly Leather Trim Vertical Outback Sleeve with Optional Flap in Chocolate Trim Outback Sleeve with Optional Flap and Shoulder Strap Outback Sleeve with Optional Piggyback Pouch
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The Outback Laptop Sleeve. $59

Old World Charm meets New World Protection. The vintage look of time-worn, waxed canvas plus the high-grade protection of neoprene, give the Outback Sleeve its relaxed, professional look. Several custom-fitted sizes keep your Apple laptop snug. Sturdy leather enclosure snaps shut for a clean finish. Add an optional flap for additional protection. The Outback Sleeve can be used on its own or inserted into another WaterField bag. Or, add a strap and Piggyback accessory pouch and convert it into a minimalist shoulder bag. No need for frequent flyers to take the laptop out from its cushy compartment—the Outback Laptop Sleeve is TSA Checkpoint Friendly.

Outback Sleeve with Chocolate Trim
Chocolate Leather Flap
Closeup of Grizzly Leather Trim
Grizzly Leather Flap

From: Ward
Subject: Many Thanks

I just wanted to send a note saying thanks to everyone at WaterField. I ordered the Outback sleeve last week and received it on Friday. I can't say enough about the customer service experience. The responses to my original emails were prompt and friendly. The sleeve is beautifully crafted and I can't wait to show it to my colleagues. It fits perfectly into my Saddleback Leather briefcase. 

As a product manager for a domestic furniture manufacturer, I know how important it is to have excellent customer service when your products are often priced at a premium over inexpensive imports. Creating a culture of service in an organization is an arduous task and I commend you for success in doing so. For what its worth, I found your company on a flash sale site. I don't recall but believe it was on Huckberry. 

Thanks Again,

From: RT
Subject: Outback Laptop Sleeve Kudos

The Outback waxed canvas sleeve is simply phenomenal. Got it for my MacBook Pro Retina. Fits amazingly. Bonus with the vertical style: you can charge your laptop in the case. 

Tough, padded and unlike anything else on the market. Had it for a few hours and already I'm looking for a Waterfield bag to put it in (I swear, they must have shipped it within minutes of my order).

Love that they're made in SF.

Thanks! RT

From: Bradley
Subject: Re: On the way....

Received the product over the weekend.  Above and beyond what I expected.  It is absolutely perfect!  I had been searching for something exactly like this for quite some time and am very pleased with what you have designed.  Thank you so much for your great customer service and your craftsmanship!  


From: John S
Subject: Re: On the way....

Hi Gary,

Thank you for personally e-mailing me to tell me about my package - what a nice touch that is often missed from online shopping experiences! I am a new customer, but I purchased with confidence after one of your colleagues quickly and confidently answered my question through the "Hey Gary" section of your website. I originally found your website by happenstance after Google searching "Best bags for MacBook Pro Retina", and was impressed by its design and the wonderful YouTube videos explaining the ins and outs of each product. Thank you for your excellent service thus far - I'm looking forward to receiving my Muzetto and Outback Sleeve, and I won't hesitate to point friends and family in your direction when they are in need of bags!


From: Andre Chew

The order turned up on my doorstep today.

I've gotta tell ya I am super happy with them :) Not a stitch out of place .. feels so sturdy & fits like a glove. I really love how the waxed canvas on the sleeve takes on a character of it's own.

Many tks once again for the help getting it here.

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