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Laptop Sleeves for just about any PC on the market. Proper protection starts with proper fit. Our San Francisco sewing shop can churn out a SleeveCase size to fit virtually any laptop made. If you don't see your laptop make and model in the "Find Your PC Laptop" tab, click on the "PC Laptop not listed?" tab and give us your details; we'll make a snug-fitting case just for you.

Cushioned with high-grade neoprene and wrapped in a ballistic nylon shell, our SleeveCases function as a stylish stand-alone laptop sleeve or can be easily inserted into another bag. And YES, they are TSA Checkpoint friendly. We'll customize a sleeve for any laptop model including those from: Acer, Gateway, ASUS, Dell, Alienware, Fijitsu, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, or any other brand.

Each SleeveCase made to order & will ship within 5 business days.

Select Your Laptop SleeveCase
1. Select your PC laptop size. ($49)

Got a Mac laptop? Click here.
orientation2a. Select orientation: (Photo)

orientation2b. Trim style: (Photo)

strap 3a. Add a flap? $15 (Photo)

strap 3b. Add a shoulder strap? $12-$22
(more info)

pouch3c. Add a Piggyback pouch? $25-$27
(Piggyback info)
When ordering the Piggyback you also need
to order the Shoulder Strap.

Need a SleeveCase for your tablet? Visit our Tablet Ultimate SleeveCase page and check our list of available tablet sizes. For Apple iPads, click here and for Kindle tablets, click here.

Compatible Bags

Most Popular PC Laptops Sizing Chart

Manufacturer Model Screen Battery Length Width Depth HC VC H. Sleeve V. Sleeve  
Acer Aspire S7-392-6411 ? ? 12.7 8.8 0.51 21.82 14.42 20-13 20-13
Asus Transformer Book T100 ? ? 10.4 6.7 0.51 21.82 14.42 20-13 20-13
Dell Inspiron 14R-5437 14 ? 13.6 9.65 1.3 29.8 21.9 27-19 27-19
Dell XPS 13 13.3 6 12.4 8.1 0.24-0.71 25.76 17.14 24-15 24-16
Google Chromebook Pixel 12.8 ? 11.72 8.84 0.63 24.70 18.94 23-17 23-17
HP ZBook 14 13 ? 13.4 9.3 0.83 28.46 20.26 26-18 26-18
Lenovo Helix 11.6 ? 11.65 7.34 0.45 24.2 15.58 23-15 23-15
Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 13" 13.3 4 12.99 8.66 0.61 27.20 18.54 25-17 25-17
Lenovo T430 14 6,9 13.8 9.13 1.18 29.96 20.62 27- 18 27-18
Lenovo T430S 14 6 13.5 9.05 0.83-1.02 28.86 19.96 26-17 26-17
Lenovo ThinkPad W530 15.6 6,9 14.68 9.65 1.25-1.40 32.02 21.96 29-19 30-19
Lenovo ThinkPad X240 13 6,9 12.02 8.19 0.79 25.62 17.96 24-16 24-16
Lenovo X1 Carbon 14 4 13.03 8.89 0.74 27.54 19.26 25-17 26-17
Lenovo X230 12.5 3,6 12 8.13 0.75-1.05 25.8 18.06 24-16 24-16


Testimonials > More of what our customers are saying

From: Dominic O'Brien
Subject: RE: On the way....

Bag arrived today. Its everything I hoped for!! And the laptop sleeve fits like glove.

Many thanks for the great service and excellent products.

I'll be recommending you to all my linkedin contacts


Dominic O'Brien

From: Eric Dacanay
Subject: Re: Order—thanks

The Asus Transformer Prime with its keyboard dock fit in the SleeveCase just right. It's not too loose and not too snug, and I am extremely happy with it!

This is my 3rd SleeveCase order (my last purchase was in 2008) and the quality of each case is simply outstanding. My other SleeveCases actually still look new!

Thanks again for your exceptional service.


From: Friedel & Andrew Grant
Subject: Bicycle trip around the world with SleeveCase

We discovered SF Bags through some random web surfing and we're so glad we did. The Sleeve Case that we bought in 2006 came along on a 3-year trip by bicycle around the world. It was used every single day, dragged in and out of bags, tossed around a tent and generally given as much abuse as we could throw at it. It still looks nearly new. When you add great service to a fantastic product, we are very happy customers! Since buying our original Sleeve Case, we've purchased other bags from you and they've all been superb. Thanks so much your hard work and attention to detail.

Friedel & Andrew Grant

From: Scott Ernst
Subject: Re: Order, thanks!

Thanks Gary,

I got one of these for my old laptop which is now getting retired along with the bag after 6 years and I have to say that the bag still looks brand new. No sign of wear at all. I really appreciate being able to buy products made in this country by people who care about making something that's going to last. My only regret is that the bags fit so well that I won't be able to use the old bag for my new machine. It's a pleasure doing business with you folks.

Scott Ernst

From: Holly
Subject: Re: Paris predicament

Hey Gary,

First of all, thank you for your excellent products. I own two WaterField sleevecases, the most recent of which I bought with custom Taxi indium to house my MacBook Pro that my sweetie bought me to finish my dissertation. On a research trip to France last spring, the shoulder strap of my sleevecase slipped off my shoulder as I was hustling up the escalator at Gare Montparnasses in Paris and I watch horrified and helpless as my laptop fell straight down onto the deep, sharp teeth on the edge of the escalator step. Imagine my surprise and relief when I took the machine out to find the tiniest dent on one corner and a tiny tear in the indium. The sleevecase saved my computer, make no mistake, and with minimal damage to the bag. I will never own another brand of bag, and I never get tired of showing people how little damage the bag incurred.

Thanks for all your good work!

Holly Silvers

From: Jonathan
Subject: Re: On the way...


I have to tell you an interesting story.

My waterfield sleeve case arrived today in the mail. I was out of the house running some errands when the package came. unfortunately my 5 month old australian shepherd puppy was in the yard.

i was greeted by an excited dog and shredded package everywhere! On the muddy grass was my waterfield case partially inside out. I dusted it off and it was fine. other than being slightly muddy, it was bombproof. Thanks for making a solid product.

Seattle, WA

From: Darrin
Subject: Re: New Laptop Sleeve

Hi Gary,

Just wanted to let you know that I'm glad I bought the sleeve! Fits my Thinkpad perfectly and is definitely top-quality. Easy on the eyes and keeps that notorious rubberized finish from getting scratched.

You have fantastic products and wonderful communicative people, I'll be sure to keep an ear open for people who need a good laptop sleeve and customer service!

Thanks again, sell well!

From: David
Subject: Re: Return

Got the bag and it is awesome. It fits exactly what I wanted. A laptop sleeve plus - something I can carry around on short around town trips or I can slide it in my bigger back (for extra protection) if I'm traveling longer distances.

BTW - Y'alls service and quality and everything about your company is awesome. I am one who will always pick service and quality over price consideration. Having said that I do believe that your bags is an awesome product and a bargain for what you are offering.

Thanks again

From: Brian
Subject: Re: WaterField Designs New Products and Feedback Request

On my way through O'Hare Int'l airport in August, an agent told me that as long as there wasn't anything else in the SleeveCase but my laptop, I could just pull the SleeveCase out of my larger bag and send it through the scanner. (i.e., without having to completely extract the laptop.)


From: Robert Rosenthal
Subject: RE: On the way....

I wanted to let you know that the sleeve arrived yesterday as promised. The quality and workmanship are phenomenal. The description on the website and the reviews do not adequately represent the product. I am thrilled with my purchase. Thanks very much for the product and especially the follow-up and customer support.


From: Umu Zubairu
Subject: Re: On the way.... again

Hi Gary,

Just got back from my holiday in New York at the weekend. The SleeveCase and the DS Lite Case were great. You guys are just fantastic, as you really know how to look after your customers.

Just to let you know that when I got back, I picked up the EEE PC case that you promised to send me. It is absolutely perfect and the finish is A1. I am going to post pictures of it on the forums, as many owners are looking at ways to protect their units in style. Your product ticks all the boxes.

I don't think I could ever own a notebook without it being protected by one of your products.

I have now decided to get a Medium Vertigo bag to complement my recent purchases from you.

Thanks again, for going that extra mile for me and ensuring that my EEE PC was protected during my recent holiday.

Kind regards,

P.S. There is one thing you can do for me - Keep up the good work of always exceeding my expectations!

From: Jay P
Subject: Sleevecase Review

Many of the reviewers on your site haven’t had their cases for long, so here’s a review from someone who’s had a vertical Sleevecase for almost two years now and has definitely put it through its paces.

I’m a student who uses (or perhaps abuses) the sleeve every day- it gets thrown in the back of the car, in and out of bags and into my backpack. On an average day I’ll remove and insert my laptop a dozen times. The case gets squeezed between books, scratched, exposed to heat and cold; the wear-and-tear on the Velcro has been constant. Through all of this, the case has yet to show a single frayed thread, loose seam or loss of Velcro-stickiness. The sleeve fit the laptop very snugly when I first put it in and loosened to a comfortable level after about a month’s use; amazingly, I don’t think it has loosened at all since then. My backpack has actually begun to erode, but the sleeve case looks as if it’s brand new. I have no doubt the case will far out-live the laptop it protects.

As the ‘geek friend’ I make a lot of recommendations to my peers about what laptop to buy; when I’m asked what case to buy, I never hesitate to say that SFBags make the best cases in the market (and have the friendliest customer service to boot!). Thanks for protecting my laptop for all these years- I think you definitely have a customer for life.


From: Holly Green
Subject: Oooh goody, the postman cometh!

Hey SFBaggers!!

I got my sleeve today and it's SWEET. The fit is perfect, the interior is soft and squishy, it looks cool as heck... PERFECT! You guys do nice work. It's like a hug for my puter. And I want to say thank you again for the personal emails during the ordering process. I originally had chosen the wrong size for my laptop but you made sure I gave you my exact model number before you shipped, as well as getting my ok before fixing my shipping-price booboo. Your customer service says volumes about you before the product even arrives. I ordered one for my husband for his birthday before mine even got here because I was so thrilled with the way you do business and impressed by the positive feedback on your site. Hubby was at the post office with me today when I picked mine up and he thought it was awesome, so I know he'll be thrilled that he doesn't have to covet mine. This was worth all the desperate searches on the internet to find just the right sleeve because THIS IS IT! :D

You guys = roxor. :D

-- Holly Green, Ridiculously Satisfied Customer

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