The Benefits of our Original Game Boy Carrying Cases

The Benefits of our Original Game Boy Carrying Cases

Our Original Game Boy carrying cases add a layer of protection to your favorite retro gaming console while on-the-go. Whether traveling long-distance or just taking a trip to your local coffee shop, our cases provide protection from accidental spills, drops, and more. Plus, our cases are some of the most stylish on the market, helping you stand out in all the best ways. Read on to learn some of the key perks of choosing a Original Game Boy carrying case from Waterfield Designs.


All of our Original Game Boy carrying cases, from our most simple Original Game Boy Pouch to our most feature-rich Magnetic Case, are designed with a specific intent and purpose. We don't make large sized cases that fit a variety of gaming handhelds loosely; we design all of our cases to fit their intended device perfectly. Whenever we design a new case, our top priority is making sure that the device being held by the case is snug and well encased. Our entire Game Boy line was originally based on previous cases made for the Analogue Pocket. However, since the Original Game Boy is slightly larger than its contemporaries, we re-sized all of our cases to make sure the fit is as optimal as possible. 

Furthermore, we incorporate features into our carrying cases and travel cases that bolster the intent of the case. Is it a simple pouch whose only purpose is to securely hold your Original Game Boy, or is it a more feature-rich case that requires more pockets for Original Game Boy accessories? For example, our popular Magnetic Case is designed to be a stylish protective case that can be used by adult gamers who want a low-profile case option. Due to this, we made the case out of two handsome, full-grain leather panels that close together via an ingenious magnetic zipper closure. This makes the contents of the case extremely easy to access, while keeping the case's design very subdued and low-key. Conversely, the Original Game Boy Pouch is designed to be an extremely minimalist carrying pouch which focuses on lightweight construction and a slim footprint. To fulfill this intent, we dialed back some of the features like bulky external organizational pockets. The features and organizational structure we incorporate in our cases separates them from mass-produced Game Boy carrying cases. 

In addition to features, we focus heavily on the aesthetics of our cases in order for them to stand out within the sea of mass market products. We construct our cases with rugged but handsome waxed canvas or sturdy ballistic nylon paired with full grain leather in order to create a premium, high-end feel and look. This aspect really sets our cases apart from the rest and also makes them a perfect choice for a gamer who wants something more discreet and professional. 

While our cases are very aesthetically pleasing, we don't forego functionality. Take for instance our Original Game Boy Magnetic case: this case is designed to carry your Legion Go and a few small accessories, but have the contents of the case be very accessible. In order to achieve this, we designed an ingenious magnetic zipper that can be opened and closed extremely quickly, but that also creates a very wide case opening for easy retrieval of gear. Like the Original Game Boy Magnetic Case, all of our other Legion Go carrying cases are deigned to be extremely functional within their use case.


The Original Game Boy carrying cases and Original Game Boy travel cases from WaterField Designs stand above the rest  due to their well thought out design, their strong focus on functionality, and their handsome aesthetics.

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