The Staad Collection

The Staad Collection creates a lasting impression, long after you’ve left the room. The design is purposeful, device-specific, and head-turning.  The name Staad  implies a European look that is streamlined, professional, and polished. The bags are designed to fit just the necessities, with pockets and zippers strategically placed for convenience. The Backpack and the Attaché are sized for specific MacBook, Surface Book, iPad Pro, and Surface Pro models. Handsome, yes. Enduring, of course. Sophisticated, absolutely. 

Staad Attaché
Staad Attaché
From $229

Bridges the gap between messenger bag and briefcase. Fits iPad Pro, MacBook, Surface Pro 4 & accessories

Staad Laptop Backpack
Staad Laptop BackPack
From $319

Professional backpack with built-in padded compartments for laptop & tablet. WWII-era ammunition clip.