We have the iPhone Camera Contest Winners!

We’re excited to announce the winners of our iPhone Camera Bag Photo Contest.
We asked you to post or submit a photo of your WaterField bag or case out in your world with the hashtag #SFBagsWOW.  We were so impressed with the results!

We have three winners: one chosen by popular vote on our camera bag contest webpage, one chosen randomly, and one chosen by secret ballot here at our WaterField Designs headquarters using the criteria:  uniqueness, artistry and good composition. We were blown away by the originality and quality of so many of the entries. Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate. 

The winners:

Popular Vote:  Jo Hunter
Jo posted a photo of her SleeveCase taken at the Texas State Capitol, "the biggest landmark" in her area.

She tells us it was one from the first set of photos she took with her new iPhone 8 Plus right after leaving the Apple Store. Jo says, "Thank you so much! I'm delighted to have such a great bag. I can't wait. ... I've been a fan of WaterField for years."

Random Pick: Brian Frazer
Brian’s posted several photos, including this one showing what he says is only part of his WaterField bag and case collection. 

Brian says, “I was introduced to you by a co-worker in May of 2014 … and my first purchase was a Travel Express for my iPad - This was featured in my Aruba photo and set the tone for my future experiences.  After that I was hooked…  Tell the team, keep up the good work. It is always an easy sell for me to tell a perfect stranger about @SFBags.”


Most Inspiring: Marc Tailrud
Tailrud was one of the first to enter our contest with his beautiful photo featuring his WaterField Air Porter bag with a view of Chateau de Foix in the southwestern French countryside.

He tells us, "I took that picture in front of the medieval castle of my town.... The picture presented itself naturally, the colours of the buildings and the castle fitted the bag perfectly....  I absolutely love the thinking behind your designs, they're so complete, so elegant, yet discrete at the same time, and clearly built to last."




There were so many creative and skillfully-taken shots. Thank you to all.

Keep posting photos to your social media channels of your WaterField bags and cases in interesting spots. We love to see our bags out and about in your world.