Packable Backpack
The Packable Backpack good enough for everyday use
Folds into its own case
Convenient and easy to put away
Water-resistant, structured textile with a natural feel
In four solid colors
Front pocket expands for bulky items
Keyhook included for faster retrieval
Two wide side pockets
Inside is lined with durable nylon. Internal pocket secured with waterproof zipper.
Expands to fit more items
Wide, ergonomic strap lined with breathable mesh
Royal Blue Color Block

Packable Backpack

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This Packable Backpack won't stay packed up for long. It easily folds into its own pocket and unfolds into a crisp, clean backpack that you can take into a meeting without looking like you just came from a hike. Super lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. Perfect for work, school, or short urban strolls.

This is a community-designed product with input from customers. See process from start to finish here. See the Packable Bags Collection here

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Custom-made technical material with added structure, anti-wrinkle, and water-resistant properties
  • Ripstop nylon lining (400 x 300 denier)
  • More details here

Dimensions & Weight:

  • One size:
  • 11" (l) x 6” (w) x 15" (h); 12 oz.
    27.94 (l) x 15.24 (w) x 38.1 (h) cm; 340 gm
    Volume: 16 Liters

  • Folded:
  • Backpack folds into a 9x9 square pocket


  • Made of technical material that has structure, doesn't wrinkle, and looks professional. 
  • Micro-porous breathable coating repels water.
  • Silver, diamond ripstop nylon lining adds tear strength and better visibility of contents.
  • Built-in collapsible pouch: Fold into its own pocket and zips up with its double-sided zipper.
  • Metal zipper pulls can be locked for extra security.
  • Secure splash-proof zippers keep gear dry.
  • Secure, zippered, front pocket provides easy access and includes a sewn-in keyfob.
  • Waterproof zippers and custom metal zipper pulls can be locked together.
  • Two pockets on either side store water bottles or additional items.


This product was designed with customers who gave input from idea to production. See the process here.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Stephan B. (Ohio, United States)
Better than expected

I purchased the packable backpack for a destination bag not an every day bag. Haven’t used it yet but looks and feels better than expected.

Alex L. (Georgia, United States)
Simply the best packable backpack on the market today!

As someone who spends 75% of their life traveling, the Packable Backback has become an essential item. It’s amazing how small it backs, yet how well it’s designed. The rippers are very high quality and waterproofed, the bag itself is water resistant, there’s very convenient interior and exterior pockets, etc. It’s such a great bag that I’ve continued buying additional ones as gifts for family members and friend. Thank you team for creating such a wonderful item!

One suggestion for a future design: provide the ability to had a camelback water system. I love to hike when away and it would be very useful to be able to access water with a camelback.

Anonymous (California, United States)
Lightest weight backpack I own

I bought this backpack without intending to the packable feature. It's the best made lightest backpack I have; the zippers, fabric and stitching are top quality, and the straps are nice and wide. It's great when every bit of weight matters, and have soft clothes or other materials to arrange around the outside of the bag to cushion more fragile items like a laptop or tablet, since there is no padding. This is not the pack for you if you're going to throw it around or drop it on the ground hard. But if you always have your gear in sleeves or are careful about how you arrange the items in the bag it's not an issue.

Tom S. (British Columbia, Canada)
Packable Backpack

Great service (yet again), prompt delivery, product as advertised. Appears very well made, great appearance and structure. Little bit bigger than I thought it would be when packed but very happy so far.

Tobias E. (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany)
Perfect quality, perfect size, perfect shape

I bought the Packable Backback toherther with some other Bags, as I knew from experience with many past purchases from SF Bags, that the quality and construction would be top notch. I was not disappointed. Tight stitching, quality materials and solid zippers.

I have bought close to a dozen items from sfbags over the last few years and I have yet to be disappointed. These are not cheap, they are made in the US and made to last for years.

I've got a few bags that are going years that I use daily that are still in amazing shape. Recently i had to ask the customer service for the replacement of a zipper. I never had such a postive, good and honest customer service expirience. Never.
Spend your money wisely now and invest in quality; over the lifetime it will save you money.


The Packable Backpack is your perfect travel companion or EDC. 

  1. One size:
    • Devices in a protective sleeve that can fit in the main compartment:
      • 14" MacBook Pro M1, 16" MacBook Pro M1
      • 13" MacBook Pro M2, 13" MacBook Air M2
      • 12.9" iPad Pro, 11" iPad Pro, 10.9" iPad Air
      • Surface Laptop 4 (15" & 13.5")
      • Surface Pro X, Pro 7, Go with Type Cover
      • Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite

        NOTE: If using the Packable Backpack to carry laptops or tablets, they should be protected in custom-fit sleeves and the Switch in Nintendo Switch cases.
    • Ideal size for quick overnight trips, or daily outings during longer excursions
    • Two deep side pockets holds water bottles, umbrellas or miscellaneous gear
    • Store your tourist essentials such as souvenirs, snacks, camera gear, or sunglasses


With input from over 1000 customers, we set out to design a packable bag ideal for both travel and every day. 


To support multiple uses, we created a custom-made material that combines Taslan — a modern, high-tech woven fabric that feels good and substantial — with a layer of tricot mesh for structure and a water-resistant coating. 


This durable, lightweight textile still looks crisp and unwrinkled even after it has been stuffed or folded.   


The Packable Backpack squishes down quickly and folds into its own pocket. Weighing less than a pound, it's designed for using in a pinch or for every day.


For extra comfort, you'll find features not found on most packable bag, like a strap lined with moisture-wicking mesh, interior lining, and pockets secured with waterproof zippers.


Good luck keeping this Packable Backpack packed up. 



1. Lay the Packable Backpack flat and take out the interior pocket. 

2. Fold into thirds toward the middle. Be sure to include the straps. 

3. Roll from the bottom toward the pocket.

4. Turn the pocket inside out and flip the roll into the pocket.

5. Zip it up and go.


We asked our community what their ideal packable bag would include. They told us they wanted the convenience of a packable bag with the functionality of a regular WaterField bag. 


Using the right textile was key, so we set about creating one that combined packability with style.


The community also had different ideas of the type of packable bag they wanted, so we created a collection — a Packable Backpack, Tote, Duffel, and Sling. See the process from start to finish here

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