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Optional RFID-blocking
Optional RFID-blocking
Available in full grain premium leather
Available in full grain premium leather
Also in waxed canvas with full grain leather bottom
Also in waxed canvas with full grain leather bottom
Finn for international travel
Finn for international travel
iPhone-size Finn Wallet
iPhone-size Finn Wallet
Finn Wallet for cash and cards (Size #25, 26)
Finn Wallet for cash and cards (Size #25, 26)
Finn Wallet
Finn Wallet
Finn Wallet
Finn Wallet
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below
Black Leather
Black Leather
Camel Leather
Camel Leather
Grey Leather
Grey Leather
Red Leather
Red Leather
Forest Green Leather
Forest Green Leather
Cowboy Brown Leather
Cowboy Brown Leather
Tan waxed canvas
Tan waxed canvas
Black Ballistic Nylon
Black Ballistic Nylon

Finn Wallet

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The Best Wallet Ever! The all-leather Finn Wallet maintains its ultra-thin profile even when fully stuffed. Comes in various sizes for carrying just cash and credit, or also an iPhone, Passport, and foreign currency.  Optional RFID-blocking certified material. See also Finn Access Wallet which includes an external pocket. 

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.

- Full-grain cowhide leather with a natural deer tan finish
- 1050 denier black ballistic nylon

Weight & Dimensions:
#25: 4.5" x 2.75" - 1.4 oz.
#26: 5.0" x 3.5" - 1.4 oz.
#27: 5.25" x 3.25" - 1.7 oz.
#28: 5.75" x 3.3" - 2.3 oz.
#29: 6.5" x 4.25" - 3 oz.
#42: 5.5" x 3.9" - 1.8 oz.

- YKK locking zippers

  • Assorted leather colors
  • Sized for a range of phones and uses
  • Option: include RFID-blocking certified material
The Finn Wallet fits these phones:

  1. Size #25:
    • Holds 20+ credit cards plus a wad of cash

  2. Size #26:
    • Fits US or foreign currency
    • Holds 20+ credit cards plus a wad of cash

  3. Size #28:
    • iPhone 7
    • iPhone 6s
    • Samsung S6

  4. Size #29:
    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • iPhone 6s Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy S7
    • Nexus 6p
    • Note 5
    • Lumia 950 XL

  5. Size #42:
    • Designed for larger foreign currency
    • One zippered coin pocket
    • Holds 10+ credit cards
    • Fits USA passport
Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet Review

Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet Review

Chautime - May 4, 2014

“This is an incredible wallet. I’m so happy I found it. The whole wallet is not only thoughtfully made, it’s functional, tough and beautiful.”

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Review: the Finn Travel Wallet (Passport size)

Essential Travel " essence all you really need is a wallet that can hold your passport, money and phone, and is small enough to keep with you for the entire trip..."Rest assured your important documents and money will be safe whether you keep your wallet in the front or back pocket." "...if you're taking your phone abroad to use as a virtual wallet and for a number of travel apps; ... I'd say this wallet gets a 10 out of 10.

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Review: Finn Wallet – An awesome, practical wallet & case for iPhone

Today's iPhone It might not look like the height of technological amazement. And it isn't. But it is a brilliantly made and incredibly useful wallet/case for iPhone. And given its quality, coughing up $39 for it seems like small change.

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Review: SmartPhone Case Review: WaterField Designs Finn Wallet

MobileTechReview “The center of the wallet is surprisingly spacious, and depending on the size you get, you can store your smartphone, your passport and cash with room to spare. One side on the interior also features soft lining for your phone's display in case you store your phone bare in the wallet.” “The case has strong nylon reinforced bottom and a nice soft lining for your phone's front glass.” Editor's Ratings (1-5): 4.5

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Just in time for Father's Day: Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet

TUAW - June 8, 2013 “...that same durable design is now showing up in your pocket with the delightful Finn Wallet (US$29), which can be used either as a wallet (duh!) or to house a naked iPhone...The nicest thing about the Finn Wallet is that it slides easily in and out of your pocket.”

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Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet Review

Technology Tell - November 21, 2013

“WaterField Designs continues to please, and is quickly moving to replace all of your cases, bags, and now, wallets. The SF-based company's Finn Wallet is great, especially because the materials are high quality, the colors are fantastic, and the design is exactly what you would expect from WaterField.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Bob Coulter B.C. Bob C.
Excellent small wallet

The small Finn Wallet actually carries a good bit, and lets me just grab and go when I’m heading out, and it holds things like receipts and luggage claim checks in place during the day. The only trade-off I’m experiencing is that the smallest one is a bit snug for US $$, but doing a 3-way fold works great.

Steven Engelbrecht S.E. Steven E.
Surprisingly roomy!

Very roomy! Holds more than I will ever carry. Keeps items secure and protected from pocket debris as well as RFID. WaterField does not disappoint!

Michael M. M.M. Michael M.
Common Sense-iest Phone case / Wallet combo

This is my second Finn wallet; the latest phone outgrowing the first. My last Finn held up to the rigors of my active life while the leather developed that worn baseball glove feel. I honestly wished my latest phone would have fit. But, given the quality and durability, I had zero qualms ordering a second. For me, the simplest solution to keeping my wallet and phone together while protecting my phone is to bundle the two. The functionality, durability, style, and quality of the Finn wallet can't be beat.

Carl Johnson C.J. Carl J.
Finn wallet-nylon,RFID blocking

As usual it is a quality constructed product. I have an old one I used for many years and this was a replacement. 5* except that I decided to try the RFID blocking as an option.Unfortunately it gives the wallet a "crinkly " type feel like cellophane has been placed inside it. Not a deal breaker but I wish I had gotten it without this added function. Otherwise great product.

Keith Falango K.F. Keith F.
Finn Wallet #29 - Tan waxed canvas

Great product, well made, perfect size for my needs.
Customer service dept. was very attentive. I would
definitely purchase again.

What is a locking zipper?

When the YKK zipper is folded down the zipper "locks" and prevents the zipper from sliding.

What is deer tan leather?

The leather we use is highly distressed cow hide made to feel like deer skin. The leather is designed to get smoother and softer with some use.

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  • Thru washing machine: Finn is Fine!
    - David B., Pennsylvania
  • Simple Finn design streamlined my life.
    - Ray H.
  • Finn Wallet, money secure!!!
    - Robert S.
  • Wallet rocks my pocket, zips up!
    - Shy Me, Connecticut