iPhone Cases

Welcome, iPhone 7! In addition to fitting the iPhone 7/7 Plus, these custom-fit cases also fit the iPhone 6s/6s Plus, and iPhone SE. Handcrafted in San Francisco, they can accommodate a naked iPhone, an iPhone in an Apple case, or the iPhone plus accessories. 


Intrepid iPhone 7 Travel Wallet
Intrepid iPhone 7 Travel Wallet
From $99

Play-thru RFID-blocking travel wallet for iPhone 7 & similarly-sized phones.

iPhone 7 Spinn Case
iPhone Spinn Case
From $59

All-leather iPhone holster. Innovative wind-up wheel for untangling earbuds.

iPhone 7 Finn Wallet
iPhone 7 Finn Wallet
From $59

Wallet for iPhone, cash and credit cards. Zips shut, stays thin. Fits in pants pocket.

Suede Jacket for iPhone 7
From $12

Soft Ultrasuede case helps keep iPhone 7 scratch-free. Optional pocket for small items.

iPhone 6s leather belt case
Orbit iPhone 7, 7 Plus Case
From $49

Clips onto belt, pants, or strap. Detachable clip rotates for a comfortable sitting position. Small pocket holds a few cards.

Abby iPhone Case
PERALTA Abby iPhone Case
From $79

An elegant iPhone case and stylish purse all in one. Fits iPhone 7 accessories, small wallet, keys.

Club Cycling Pouch
Club Cycling Pouch

Holds repair kit and smartphone in separate pockets. Fits in jersey pocket.

Cycling Ride Pouch main compartment
Cycling Ride Pouch

Fits in your jersey pocket. Quick access to phone, tools, and wallet.