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Available in 3 full grain leather colors
Available in 3 full grain leather colors
Front tap and go pocket
Front tap and go pocket
Also in premium Italian waxed canvas
Also in premium Italian waxed canvas
Smooth, clean backside
Smooth, clean backside
Interior easy-access pockets
Interior easy-access pockets
Compact footprint
Compact footprint
Black Leather
Black Leather
Blue Leather
Blue Leather
Brown Leather
Brown Leather
Forest Brown Italian Canvas
Forest Brown Italian Canvas

Minemo Slim Wallet

From the Next Generation Wallet community design project.

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Small but mighty. The compact Minemo Wallet balances convenience, capacity, and size, and it fits comfortably in a front pants pocket. Three easy-access pockets hold cards and cash, and optional RFID blocking offers extra security. 

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Oil-tanned full-grain leather or Italian Waxed Canvas

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 4" x 2.6” x 0.375”; 0.8 oz.


  • Optional RFID blocking liner
  • Easy-access pocket gives quick access to the cards you use most often
  • Carries credit cards and cash striking a balance between convenience, capacity, and size
  • Fits comfortably into your front pants pocket
  • Optional RFID blocking liner (see FAQs for more info)
  • Available in two lightweight materials that feel good in your hand
  • 3 oil-tanned, full-grain leather colors
  • 2 Italian waxed canvas colors (vegan)
  • Fits inside a larger wallet for the times you need to carry more cards, cash, and receipts

The Minemo Slim Wallet offers an exterior, quick-access pocket for frequently-used cards, like metro or key entry cards. Inside are two more card pockets that can carry about eight cards and space for folded cash, even Euros.

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Review: the Finn Travel Wallet (Passport size)

Essential Travel " essence all you really need is a wallet that can hold your passport, money and phone, and is small enough to keep with you for the entire trip..."Rest assured your important documents and money will be safe whether you keep your wallet in the front or back pocket." "...if you're taking your phone abroad to use as a virtual wallet and for a number of travel apps; ... I'd say this wallet gets a 10 out of 10.

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Waterfield Designs Minemo Slim Wallet review

The Gadgeteer - July 12, 2019

“The Waterfield Designs Minemo Slim Wallet is an excellent slim, compact, minimalist wallet if you want to carry a handful of cards and cash.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Great quality wish I can buy all your products

Nice and Compact

Very well made with quality materials. Fits in my pocket comfortably with all my cards and cash. I really like it a lot! Thanks Gary!

By far my favorite wallet I've had!

Carried a "traditional" bifold for most of my life. This is my first slimmed down smaller wallet, and while I thought it'd be weird doing a front pocket carry, I can't imagine going back now. Best of all, even with 8 cards and a half dozen bills in it, it's still very slim and low profile! Surprising capacity without stretching it out, and the easy-access pocket is fantastic for an entry card / work ID and the like. Very happy with the purchase!


Have both the Minemo and the Cad Holder but love the Minemo so much more, is perfect for carrying exactly what I need, a few cards (like Bart) and nothing more. Fantastic.

Minemo slim wallet

Great stuff. Perfect size and areas for all your cards
Cash, etc.

What is Italian Waxed Canvas?

We chose this unique Italian Waxed Canvas, produced in Florence, Italy, for our Next Generation Wallet line because its durable, lightweight, and beautiful. Unlike traditional waxed canvas, this material is as light as a feather so it’s a perfect way to shave off extra ounces when crafting a minimalist wallet. It’s soft and flexible and fits comfortably in a front pants pocket.

What’s so special about the new Prodiggio textile from Italy?

We stumbled upon a vendor in Tuscany, Italy that produces this high performance, technical textile. We were drawn to it because it has a subtle texture and the colors immediately stand out. When inserted in deep pockets, you can reach in and feel the wallet, or you can easily spot it when mixed in with other items in your backpack or messenger bag. The bold colors also make it hard to forget if left on a table. The intricate, multi-color weave has a high abrasion rate making the wallet very durable. Special bonus: when viewed from different angles, the wallet looks like it has a different color.

What is the beautiful leather used in the Minemo?

The leather we’ve chosen for this minimalist wallet is oil tanned leather. Special oils and waxes were applied during the tanning process to give the leather a very soft and supple feel and make it resistant to water and other elements. It is both rugged and soft at the same time and feels really good when held in your hand.

Why should I add the optional RFID-block material?

For those concerned about data on their cards being hacked wirelessly, we have included an optional layer of RFID-blocking lining for added protection.

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  • "Like a good bottle of Pinot Noir -- Nice!"
    - Marcus L., CA