Your Next Wallet - Design It With Us

UPDATE #5: THANK YOU - April 1, 2019

March Wallet Month has ended. We introduced several wallets during the month, based on your input. See Wallet Collection. Thank you for participating in this community design project. Please continue to share your thoughts with us at


UPDATE #4: READY TO LAUNCH - February 22, 2019

Thank you for hanging in there. We are ready to launch several Next Generation Wallets for March Wallet Month. Two wallets will launch every week.

March Wallet Month 2019 Timeline

March 5 & 8: Minimalist
for those who like to keep it extremely light
* can also use in combination with other wallets

March 12 & 15: Standard
for those who carry a moderate amount of cash and cards

March 19 & 22: Specialty
for carrying specific items or for specific uses

March 26 & 29: Upgrades
existing wallets get a refresh


UPDATE #3: READY FOR PROTOTYPES - February 22, 2019

Thanks for hanging in there — we’re almost done! We’d like to share with you these prototypes.


UPDATE #2: SKETCHES FOR REVIEW - February 8, 2019

Here’s some sketches of what we’re thinking for the Minimalist and Standard users, as well as long-time Finn Wallet users.


UPDATE #1: SURVEY RESULTS - January 28, 2019

Thank you for joining our journey to create the next generation of wallets. We reviewed 2000+ responses, and here’s the summary.


Watch the Intro Video. - January 8, 2019

Everyone has a favorite wallet. Now that the phone can do so many things, some have predicted the demise of the wallet. We think the wallet may change, but it’s not going away. Tell us what you’d like your future wallet to look like, and let’s design something classic together.