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Stays compact while storing cash and cards
Stays compact while storing cash and cards
Interior pockets for tap and go cards
Interior pockets for tap and go cards
Fits unfolded U.S. dollars
Fits unfolded U.S. dollars
Comfortably fits 4 cards in each pocket
Comfortably fits 4 cards in each pocket
Stays compact
Stays compact
Available in supple oil-tanned leather
Available in supple oil-tanned leather
Blue Leather
Blue Leather
Black Leather
Black Leather
Dark Brown Leather
Dark Brown Leather
Stratto Bifold Wallet
Stratto Bifold Wallet

Stratto Bifold Wallet

From the Next Generation Wallet community design project.

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Tap-n-go. The Stratto Bifold Wallet lets you tap your wallet on card readers without removing ID or commuter card. The compact, lightweight wallet holds a few cards and bills.





All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Full-grain oil tanned leather
  • Optional RFID-blocking material

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 4 x 3.125 x 0.5 inches; 1.5 oz.
  • Two secure hidden pockets for “Tap and Go” cards.
  • Fits unfolded U.S. dollars.
  • Two easy access card slots fit 4 cards each.
  • Compact, lightweight, no bulk.
  • Optional RFID-blocking material (no tap-and-go with the RFID).
  • Fits comfortably in suit pocket.
  • Slim enough to fit in rear or front pants pocket.
  • Supple full-grain leather that feels good in your hands.

The Stratto Bifold Wallet has 1 cash pocket for unfolded USD, receipts, and 2 secure secret slots for “Tap-and-Go” cards. Two easy access card slots fit up to 4 cards each.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Got this as a gift for my Dad

Dad loves the wallet - he keeps comparing it to doeskin. And he's been wanting RFID block for awhile. This hit all the high level bullet points.

The only feedback I have is not with the wallet - it is with the order process. I sent this as a gift but failed to mark it as such in the interface - I didn't see a place to do it. As a result, Dad got the invoice and saw how much it cost and chided me for spending that much. I replied that he's worth it and don't worry about it.

So a 'gift' checkbox option might help in future. Then you could send a 'gift receipt' and the price isn't included in the item, sparing me the strange experience of telling my Dad it's OK if I spend a little money on him.

Very good quality wallet

This full-grain leather wallet is probably the best one I've ever owned. The complaints about it being small aren't warranted as this wallet holds as many as 6 cards comfortably, along with plenty of cash notes. Any more cards and almost any other leather wallets tends to get bloated, and you're likely to stretch the leather too much.

Lighter than your old wallet.

Choose this if you want a wallet that's a traditional shape, but smaller and lighter.
Very lightweight. It fits everything I need to carry and nothing more, and feels weightless and comfortable in any pocket. I use it to carry some cash and 3-5 cards. The blue leather is a deep navy color and looks great. There's an internal pocket that you can use for transit and key cards.

Love my new Wallet

I switched to my new wallet as soon as it arrived. I LOVE it. compact yet holds everything I need. I am so happy.

Thank you!

Awesome Wallet!

I was using a smaller wallet before this one, and have been wanting to upgrade for some time. The Stratton bifold wallet is perfect! There a couple of loose threads on it (only reason I didn’t give it five stars), but other than that truly excellent quality, craftsmanship and organization. Love it!


The leather we’ve chosen for the Stratto bifold wallet is oil tanned leather. Special oils and waxes were applied during the tanning process to give the leather a very soft and supple feel and make it resistant to water and other elements. It is both rugged and soft at the same time and feels really good when held in your hand.

How do you suggest I clean the leather?

Actually, we suggest not doing anything. Part of the beauty of highly distressed leather develops as it gets used over time— with rain or getting bumped around. Leather conditioners will darken and alter the leather, maybe not something you desire. If at some point you want to condition the leather - we suggesting using Mink Oil. This will darken a bit at first - but will keep the leather very nice. You can also spread the oils around and smooth them out a bit with a hair dryer and your hand. Any leather discoloration or marks are straight from the actual hide itself; it's part of the character of the leather. That’s how you know it’s the real thing. Each hide has it own look; it's unique just like you.

What is RFID-block material?

For those concerned about data and their cards being hacked wirelessly, we offer the option to include a layer of RFID-block material between the leather and the lining for added protection.

Will RFID-block material prevent Touch-and-Go cards from reading?

We tested as many variations as possible. In our experience RFID-block material did confuse some machines preventing you from using the Stratto as a touch-and-go wallet.

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