The SleeveCase for the iPad Pro

Why a Custom Fit Laptop Sleeve Provides Better Protection

What are laptop sleeves? Do you really need one? Simply put, laptop sleeves cover a laptop with a generally snug fit that helps provide protection against drops and scuffs. Some laptop sleeves even offer protection against spills and rain. The best laptop sleeves, like ours at Waterfield Designs, are custom-fit and made with premium materials. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Read on to learn more about why you should invest in a custom-fit laptop sleeve for your computing device.

Do you ever find yourself accidentally dropping your laptop, bumping it against a surface, or scratching it against a rough edge? Well, you can reduce the damage of your device with a cushioned, durable, and protective layer: a laptop sleeve. With a single drop of a bare laptop, immense damage can be done, requiring a replacement of the device or a costly repair expense. A laptop sleeve decreases the impact and vibrations if and when the device is dropped. A laptop sleeve will even prevent dust from building up within both the inside and outside of the laptop. Even when a laptop is placed in a bag or backpack, it may be loosely sliding or bumping around, but with a laptop sleeve, you can prevent this by adding a protective layer made with premium materials here at Waterfield Designs. In addition to this, we make custom-sized laptop sleeves for all the most recent Apple MacBook models. Our sleeves for MacBook Pro, sleeves, for MacBook Air, sleeves for iPad Pro, and sleeves for iPad Air are all built to fit one device specifically and to offer the best protection possible. We also offer leather laptop sleeves or canvas laptop sleeve variants.

While purchasing a laptop sleeve, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as how snug you want your laptop sleeve to be, what materials make the best laptop sleeve, and what small details make all the difference when purchasing a laptop sleeve that is guaranteed to last. At Waterfield Designs, there is an opportunity to customize your leather laptop sleeve, such as by desired color, or maybe by having a laptop sleeve with a strap or hidden magnets to secure your laptop. The high quality materials that these laptop sleeves are made of, including neoprene and leather, that add a classy look as well as protection from rain and spills, and add a level of durability that will last a lifetime. Waterfield Designs offers a variety of different laptop sleeves to choose from, including ones that store both the laptop and accessories, compact and classy sleeves, as well as slim, lightweight sleeves with soft padded lining. The four qualities that make a good laptop sleeve include: protective layers, shock resistant, waterproof, and dust proof, which can all be fulfilled by Waterfield Designs’ custom made laptop sleeves.


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