The Vitesse Cycling Musette
The Vitesse Cycling Musette
Without Flap
Without Flap
With Optional Flap
With Optional Flap
Vitesse Cycling Musette
Vitesse Cycling Musette
Thin profile even when full
Thin profile even when full
Can hold a laptop-in-a-sleeve
Can hold a laptop-in-a-sleeve
Perfect for carrying cycling essentials
Perfect for carrying cycling essentials
Two sewn-in side pockets for organization
Two sewn-in side pockets for organization

Vitesse Cycling Musette

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Cycling Musette Transformed. Sling the new Vitesse cycling musette on, toss in your wallet, keys, phone and the rest, and you're ready for a ride on your bike or a walk around town. Inspired by the musette bags used in cycling races to pass food to cyclists, this modern version is as straightforward, lightweight and compact, but we've upgraded it to be more comfortable, lasting, functional, and—dare we say—handsome? The Vitesse can easily be folded and packed into another bag for travel of any kind. Premium waxed canvas and leather. What are you waiting for?
Part of the Vitesse Collection.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.

- Waxed Canvas
- Naturally-tanned grizzly leather tab closure with black screw stud

Weight & Dimensions:
10.5" (Height) x 16" - 13" (Tapers from top to bottom) x 0.5" - 2.75" (From top to bottom); Standard - 11.1 oz. With Flap - 13.5 oz.

- Black metal screw stud
- Seatbelt webbing strap with metal Tri Glide to adjust strap length

  • Adjustable strap
  • Two Internal Pocket
  • Three canvas colors - brown, burgundy, blue
The following devices will fit inside the main compartment in a Sleeve:

  1. MacBook:
    • 13” MacBook Air
    • 13” MacBook Pro
    • 12” MacBook
    • 11” MacBook Air
  2. iPad:
    • iPad Pro 9.7"
    • iPad Pro 12.9"
    • iPad Air 2
    • iPad Mini 4
  3. Microsoft Surface:
    • Surface Book
    • Surface Pro 4
    • Surface Pro 3
  4. Other Confirmed devices:
    • Dell Latitude 12
    • Dell Latitude 13
    • Google Pixel C
    • HP Spectre X360
    • HP Spectre X361
    • HP Folio G1
    • Razer Blade Stealth
    • and other Laptop and Tablets up to 12.8" x 8.75" in a protective Sleeve.
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Vitesse Cycling Musette

BikeHugger - June 3, 2015

“What do I like the most about it? Just a simple musette to toss an iPad, wallet, battery, cord, and snack in for the commute or ride into town for a meeting.”

Is this waterproof?

It’s not waterproof, but it is water-resistant.

What is the Vitesse Collection?

Although vitesse is French for "speed", the only speedy thing about the Vitesse Collection is how fast it can help you transition from casual to work and vice versa. The straightforward, un-complicated designs use lightweight canvas and full-grain leather to create contemporary pieces from old favorites. This collection is committed to the essentials, and have an easy, relaxed style: few pockets, no lining, no extra hardware. Fold and take them along as second travel bags, or use as your primary carry-all.

How can I keep the Cycling Musette from sliding toward my side when I’m riding?

Advice from Gary: Any messenger bag will slide around - while bent over on a bike, the center of gravity is below and in front of you - so the bag wants to go there. Larger messenger bags have the cross stability strap that helps keep the bag on your back. The smaller Musette bag is small enough that you should be able to keep it fairly well balanced on your back to keep it from sliding around. Back when I was messengering in Boston there were no Stability straps - we had to balance the larger loads on our back. You want to keep the strap short enough so that when riding - the bag fits into the small curve of your back.

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