Meet the AirPods Max Shield Case
Meet the AirPods Max Shield Case
Central magnet puts AirPods Max in low power mode
Central magnet puts AirPods Max in low power mode
Full-grain leather panel + ballistic nylon
Full-grain leather panel + ballistic nylon
Full-grain leather + waxed canvas
Full-grain leather + waxed canvas
Organize everything you need in the case
Organize everything you need in the case
Central magnet protects ear cups from bumping to each other
Central magnet protects ear cups from bumping to each other
Interior mesh pocket for power plug
Interior mesh pocket for power plug
Front zipper pocket for accessories
Front zipper pocket for accessories
Back mesh pockets for accessories
Back mesh pockets for accessories
In-case charging
In-case charging
Available in multiple full-grain leather colors
Available in multiple full-grain leather colors
Five full-grain leather colorways
Five full-grain leather colorways
Also in high-performance, premium Forza textile
Also in high-performance, premium Forza textile
Four vegan-friendly colorways
Four vegan-friendly colorways
Chocolate Leather with Waxed Canvas
Chocolate Leather with Waxed Canvas
Black Leather with Ballistic Nylon
Black Leather with Ballistic Nylon
Blue Leather with Ballistic Nylon
Blue Leather with Ballistic Nylon
Crimson Leather with Ballistic Nylon
Crimson Leather with Ballistic Nylon
White Leather with Ballistic Nylon
White Leather with Ballistic Nylon
All-Black Ballistic Nylon
All-Black Ballistic Nylon
Blue Forza
Blue Forza
Green Forza
Green Forza
Red Forza
Red Forza

AirPods Max Shield Case


NEW! White leather cover

Pamper your AirPods Max in the protective Shield Case. Three layers of protection and a softly-lined interior cradle the entire headset and safeguard it from scratches. With in-case charging and a central magnet that puts the AirPods Max in low-power mode, your headphones will be safe and well-protected. 

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • 1050 denier black ballistic nylon or rugged waxed canvas
  • Water-resistant, cross-woven Forza fabric
  • Four full-grain leather panel colors
  • More details here

Dimensions & Weight:

  • One size:
    9.50” (l) (at widest point) x 2.25 ” (w) x 9” (h)
    24 cm (l) (at widest point) x 6 cm (w) x 23 cm (h)

  • Weight:
    Ballistic: 11 oz; 317 gm
    Canvas: 14 oz; 408 gm
    Forza: 11 oz; 317 gm


  • Waterproof zippers


  • Central magnet separates headphones and puts AirPods Max into low power mode.
  • Top and bottom layers of closed-cell foam protect AirPods Max and resist compression.
  • Smooth-gliding waterproof zippers help protect against the elements.
  • Soft, plush lining backed with additional soft foam prevents scratches.
  • Zip-around closure with dual zipper sliders allows for in-case charging.
  • Top nylon loop makes it easy to grab, or to hook a carabiner.
  • Interior pocket holds a power block.
  • Exterior stretch mesh back pocket for accessories.
  • Front full-grain leather or panel contains an easy-access pocket with a bit of depth for storing bulkier items.
  • Optional attachments for carrying the AirPods Max Shield Case with a carabiner or wrist loop.
  • Can insert into other bags, like our WaterField backpacks, briefcases, messengers and holdall bags.


  • Domestic: Flat rate 2-day shipping. Details.
  • International: 2-3 business day delivery. Country duty/tax calculated at Checkout. Details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 747 reviews
John M. (Colorado, United States)
Excellent product

This product was 100% as billed. Even if you were not enamored with the AirPod max, the case was a perfect match for theAirpod max phones. Perfect fit, great storage pockets, great appearance and excellent protection. A real winner.

Michael B. (Florida, United States)
Top of the Line Headphone Deserve a Top of the Line Case

If you’re buying the top of the line headphones, why not get the best case? As with everything from Waterfield Designs, the materials are first rate. Be aware that this case will not be “form fitting”. The case is a little bit over sized but you will have extra cushioning to protect your headphones. But isn’t that’s a good thing. There is space to store a power block and cables as well. The bottom line is, you are getting what you pay for and this case is well worth the price.

Jason S. (Queensland, Australia)
Absolutely perfect

Anyone who wants a premium product to protect your Airpod Max investment the you can’t go past these. Can be used with or without the factory case which makes for extra convenience and the finish is exemplary.

Daniel D. (California, United States)
Should have bought this sooner

A lot of other cases will not put the AirPod maxs into sleep mode / this does and keeps it secure from the way the padding is situated inside / case is perfect !!

Andy L. (Ontario, Canada)
Better than perfect!

I’ll preface my review by stating that if I had the know how, skill and imagination, this is precisely how I would have manufactured this case.

Needless to say I like it. But why do I like it so much? Fair question. To begin with, I like nice stuff. I like quality and more often than not, do not feel comfortable compromising on quality when I can afford the privilege.

So materials, workmanship and design are all A1 on this WaterField Designs Apple AirPod Max case. The headphones sit in their stingy Apple bra and can fit into the WaterField case with no issue. There’s room for the old fashioned usb c to lightning cord, a charge brick if required and even a little more. Not that you really need to store more for these AirPods.

One thing that I look closely at on my bags is the zipper. And they put a lovely, strong and smooth zipper on this. I’m not sure how it compares to the line of YKK zippers, but having those on some of my things too, the one WaterField chose, is definitely in the premium variety.

I chose the ballistic nylon model in blue. The nylon fabric is thick but pliable. Between the outer and inside is housed some nice padding that would certainly absorb impact in drops and bumps. The interior is a soft velvety fabric which feels nice to the touch. They have placed a nice sized pocket on the inside where I keep my usb c/lightning cord and the pocket closed by a Velcro secured patch of soft nylon. A small magnetic flap resided on the case floor to use in case you don’t want the Apple bra yet still want the case to trigger sleep mode.

Back to the outside, one side has a large zippered storage compartment that could likely hold thin gloves if needed. The other side has a soft nylon stretchy pocket that again, is large enough to store the same types of gloves (I couldn’t think of a better example when I wrote this but wanted to give the reader a fair idea in usable size). And this second pocket has no particular closure but stays perfectly flat when not used for anything.

So having taken my AirPods Max cans in and out of this bag numerous times now, I confess that each time I go to retrieve the headphones, I look forward to handling the pouch. Crazy maybe.

So where’s the con? Must be one right? Well, being in Canada and buying from lovely SAN Fran, leaves me with currency exchange, shipping, duty/tax. A fair bill getting close to nearly 1/4 the cost of the headphones themselves. But I looked at nearly everything on Amazon and read as many reviews (I have lately had time to do that) and went to a few interesting places Mr. Google directed me to as well (including Europe). Although there were a great many cases I could have dropped $20 to $50 bucks on, nothing I found was comparable to the WaterField case.

This case will likely last a lifetime, much like people say about brands such as Maxpedition and Briggs & Riley (as examples in quality). So I won’t for a second hesitate on recommending this case, whether you’re American, Canadian or somewhere overseas. If ya love your Apple stuff, WaterField stuff is an appropriate accompaniment. I honestly don’t think Apple would have built their’s (if they had one) even this good.

Lastly, I’ll give kudos to how these guys conduct their business. Having been self-employed most of my career, I appreciate professionalism and recognize a company’s enthusiastic efforts at making doing business with them, a warmer experience. Though it often is with small businesses, WaterField hasn’t missed the mark on anything I can see here. And I’m very picky and probably fair to say, not easy to impress.

Bravo to WaterField and that I was moved this much to write such a rambling review to boot.

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Your AirPods Max deserve a case that’s not butt ugly; enter the AirPods Max Shield

Apple World Today - March 25, 2021

“rugged, durable and protective; lots of pockets for stashing accessories”

Rating: 10

Click to read review >

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WaterField AirPods Max Shield Case review: The case that Apple should have included

Macworld - January 15, 2021

“It's a shame this product is even necessary, but you couldn't ask for a more thoughtfully designed and expertly made AirPods Max case.”

Macworld Editor's Choice

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Review: WaterField Shield Case offers complete protection and puts your AirPods Max to sleep

AppleInsider - January 6, 2021

“For those looking to fully protect their AirPods Max and make sure they enter ultra-low power mode, this Shield Case is an excellent option.”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Waterfield Designs' AirPods Max Shield Case review: The case that Apple should've made

iMore - January 6, 2021

“This is the case that Apple should have shipped with the AirPods Max.”

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


The compact AirPods Max Shield Case is custom-fit to protect and carry your AirPods Max with or without the Apple Smart Case.


A central magnet puts the AirPods Max into low-power mode when the two ear cups are placed on either side of it. It also keeps the ear cups from bumping into each other accidentally. 


The magnetic tab lies flat when the Apple Smart Case is on the AirPods Max, and flips up when the Smart Case is off, preserving power while it's in the case. 

"After receiving my headphones, I realize the case should do two things: protect the metal earcups from smacking/rubbing together, and have some way of putting them in ultra low power mode.” - T.B., Arizona


Everything you need for your AirPods Max can be organized in the compact AirPods Max Shield Case. The mesh pocket holds the power plug, while the soft, fleece-like interior lining cradles and protects the AirPods Max's stainless steel ear cups and delicate head band. 



We received 1200+ responses from customers who shared their requirements for the ideal case. Many had these themes:


“It's very important that the case lets the headphones go into the ultra-low-power state (since there is no power-off button).” - #1023


“Should accommodate the Smart Case so the power-down feature still works.” - #708


“Make it compact and slim-fitting but protecting the whole headphones.” - #11 

“Compact, professional looking (no lingerie or purse please…), classy design. Color variety is essential, but nothing flashy." - #610

“Colorful, contemporary looking, hidden features.” - #1032


“I'd love it to be reasonably sleek.” - #1111


“High quality materials and a smooth zipper desired.” - #90


“Please make this. I will buy it instantly.” - #26


We use the high-performance Forza textile to create a colorful case to complement the AirPods Max headset. The Forza fabric is made by weaving together two yarn-dyed nylon threads in a unique basketweave creating a vibrant pattern with undertones. It has a very classy look with a bit of texture. 


“I'd personally like to see colour options to match the AirPods themselves, as I think they are already fairly muted colours and professional enough.” - #1394


"Color options mirroring the AirPods Max's colors would be nice. - #1007


"Professional, colorful, and customizable (different materials, colors, trims) - #719



By using premium textiles, we created non-leather options for a vegan-friendly alternative. Using durable ballistic nylon and sturdy Forza textile, these cases come in one color to complement the AirPods Max. 


“Compact with room for auxiliary and charge cables and a normal AirPods case. Vegan materials with a wax type finish.” - #834


“Simple/elegant. Protective. No leather (vegan).” - #323


“I know you specialize in leather, but could you offer a vegan option?” - #51




If you have the waxed canvas and chocolate leather AirPods Max Shield Case, Gary shows how you can maintain these materials so they'll look great over time. 


For the chocolate leather panel, we use full grain Roughman leather which has oils that respond well to heat. 

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