Cargo Laptop Bag

  • Grizzly Leather +$30
    Grizzly Leather +$30
  • Cargo macbook bag
    Cargo macbook bag
  • Cargo bag main compartment
    Cargo bag main compartment
  • Cargo rolling suitcase
    Cargo rolling suitcase
  • Cargo bag closure
    Cargo bag closure
  • Cargo bag small and medium diagram
    Cargo bag small and medium diagram
  • Cargo bag large diagram
    Cargo bag large diagram
  • Black Leather +$30
    Black Leather +$30
  • Black Ballistic
    Black Ballistic
  • Celeste Indium
    Celeste Indium
  • Taxi Indium
    Taxi Indium
  • Cardinal Leather +$30
    Cardinal Leather +$30
  • Camel Leather +$30
    Camel Leather +$30
  • Dark Grey Leather +$30
    Dark Grey Leather +$30
  • Peruvian Leather +$30
    Peruvian Leather +$30
$229 $229 $229 $259 $259 $259 $259 $259 $259 $249 $249 $249 $279 $279 $279 $279 $279 $279 $269 $269 $269 $299 $299 $299 $299 $299 $299 $279 $279 $279 $309 $309 $309 $309 $309 $309 View the Cargo - the ultimate travel shoulder bag. Pockets galore, a big interior for a iPad Pro or MacBook, and para-gliding buckle. Made in San Francisco.
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WaterField Designs - Cargo Bag Run-through with Gary (12/2010)

WaterField Designs - Cargo Bag Sizes Overview with Gary (1/2011)

Buckle Up! Cavernous main compartment. Tons of oversized pockets. Highly organized. Our signature bag comes with a black, anodized aluminum buckle used in para-gliding harnesses for easy & quick access. The biggest, boldest bag we make. Flaps come in eye-catching Indium or distinctive leather, and the buckle will have you dreaming of your next flight.

The Large Cargo is now available in two styles - standard or with a padded internal stiffener. Click for more information.

The camlock is only included on the Large and Medium Cargo bags.

All Cargo bags include a non-slip Shoulder Pad.

If you plan to carry a laptop in your Cargo, head over to our SleeveCase page to help you find the protective sleeve size that will fit like a glove. Your checkpoint friendly laptop system will help you get quickly through airport security.


  • Flap Options: Leather or Indium.
  • Size & Dimensions: Large has optional stiffener for an upright standing bag.
    • Large with Padded Stiffener – 18" x 12" x 5", 4.35 lbs.
    • Large without Padded Stiffener – 18" x 12" x 5", 3.4 lbs.
    • Medium – 16" x 12" x 3", 2.95 lbs.
    • Small – 13" x 10" x 4", 2.2 lbs.
  • A camlock for the strap is included with the Large & Medium sizes only
  • All Cargo bags include a non-slip WaterField Designs Shoulder Pad.

Celeste Indium

Taxi Indium

Taxi Indium

Black Ballistic

Black Ballistic

Black Leather

Black Leather

Cardinal Leather

Cardinal Leather

Camel Leather

Camel Leather

Dark Grey Leather

Dark Grey Leather

Grizzly Leather

Grizzly Leather

Peruvian Leather

Hi Gary,

I have had my bag for about two weeks. It is everything promised and much more. Comfortable, roomy, tough as iron and nice looking. Each time I use it I discover another clever hiding place or way to be better organized. I look forward to using the in case laptop sleeve with the TSA folks. Thanks for thinking so hard and producing such an outstanding product value. SFBAGS...RULES.

Bill Richardson

One year-ish and 100K+ miles of air travel with the large cargo, laptop sleeve, gear pouch, cableguy, and 6x9.

Shame on you for making a bag and accessories that hold up so well. Your bankers will not be happy I won't be buying another bag in this size for a while.

I'd also like to congratulate you on the bags' ability to compress dimensional space. NASA will be keen on that aspect, I'm sure. It's perfect. Laptop, cables, phones, mice, moleskines, business cards, keys, wallet, Clif bars, memory sticks, noise cx headset, inflatable travel pillow...and the list goes on.

It all fits. It's like a magic hat you just keep pulling things out from. Fits under aircraft seats with not even a notice from a flight attendant. It looks brand new. I've contemplated dragging it around on the floor just to earn some scratches and wear for street cred with my peers. Rides over the handle of my carry-on like a Bedouin on camelback.

Awesome service up front. Jeez, now I want another one in a different flavor. Mission accomplished. Customer for life.


Hey Gary,

My brother gifted me the medium red leather cargo bag about 3 years ago. I was DELIGHTED with your product. As the years went by, and as I upgraded laptops, I saw that all I needed to purchase was a corresponding sleeve, which, of course, I made sure would fit the cargo bag. Safe to say, this time of my laptop upgrade, I went and made sure, before even purchasing my current laptop, it would both fit the sleeve and the cargo bag. This tells you how much I love love love and rely on your product.

Thanks so so so much!

Monica Maekawa

I just got my new Cargo bag at the doorstep (with the Mambo combo, duh) and ran outside in the rain like a little kid to open it. You guys don't disappoint.

From the exceptional, personal customer service to the amazingly beautiful product, I'm sold. For good. This is the bag I've been begging the world to make, and little did I know you guys were here all along. Can't wait for my new bag to accompany me around the country this year. Thanks for taking such good care of me and my MacBook Pro, and giving me the bag I've been waiting for.

Amber Naslund
Ace Fighter Pilot (not really, but it sounds good)

Hey there Gary, I just wanted to drop you a note and give a long overdue testimonial to the quality of your product.

I purchased a large Cargo bag in 2000 when I was working as a government contractor. It was the perfect bag for lugging my laptop and numerous other things around the planet as I visited government offices in several countries. The bag never ripped, scuffed, broke a zipper,or cracked a buckle no mater how many over head bins it was stuffed into, or how many train or airplane seats it was stuffed underneath.

Flash forward eight years and a major career change, and now I'm working as a nurse, but the cargo bag is STILL the best bag for carrying all of things I need to take care of patients: Bandages, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, paperwork, etc. all have a place in this bag. It truly is one of the best purchases I have ever made. And the bag itself still looks like new. Not a tear, scratch or scuff anywhere on it.

If I had one complaint about the bag, it is that it is so well made, and has held up so well, that I can't justify buying the large Vertigo bag I've had my eye on!

Keep up the great work, and keep making those great products!

Matthew Mininger

After Hurricane Katrina, I replaced my lost briefcase with your Cargo bag. I carried my life in that bag - from place to place until I could return home.

Now I load it down everyday with either my hefty laptop or a grad-student load of papers and books. The bag is as strong and good looking today, as the day I got it. I am only ordering another one for vanity reasons. You should be proud of your work. It's simply the best.

Don Glossopp


1st of all i must say that the customer service experience from you guys has been, to put it mildly, astonishingly good. I can't remember the last time I was personally thanked for buying something online that wasn't a cookie cutter form letter. A very nice surprise was the handwritten "Thank You" note on the invoice. I mean COME ON...who does this these days?????? Again, wow. This kind of hands-on attention is just so foreign to my other buying experiences that it just really impressed the hell out of me. Its like I have been working in an Industrial Revolution sweatshop and William Morris just showed up to give me a drink of water.

Most importantly, this bag kicks ass. I don't need to tell you about the quality & so on (you make them, you already know that) But I will say that i see where my $254 went. This thing is built like a sexy, soft and rugged tank. It looks insanely cool, it feels really good and well made, hell, it even SMELLS good.

The buying experience has been exceptional. The product is 1st rate. As a designer I see a formula for good design mixed with good business in your company.

Sincere thanks!

Mitch Goldstein

Dear Gary,

A testament of sorts to the protective properties of the Cargo.

At our annual NY's Bash I tend to have a private supply of Vodka stashed-no point wasting the good stuff on the Lite Beer guzzling types.... who would not appreciate the finer qualities of Swedish 80% proof.

I also had my Powerbook wrapped up safe in in its distinctive blue indium Cargo loaded with fine Depeche Mode, New Order and other Rave like Lullabies.

In the very early hours of New Years Day I was navigating the dark back-garden to retrieve said Vodka supply with Cargo on my shoulder when suddenly, I must have run afoul of some back garden Trolls as I felt myself flameout and rapidly depart controlled flight the pull of gravity pulling me into the inky blackness..... With vague detached horror no doubt attributed to said 80% I noted my Cargo was flying off my shoulder and heading rapidly downrange. Next thing I know, am lying prone on the lovely wet grass, after a moment or two I began a routine check of all flight control surfaces and determined I was still more or less airworthy. I then began Search and Rescue Operations to recover the Cargo, Not having the heart to try and determine its status right then after its own departure from controlled flight I waited until I got back home. I'm very very happy to report that apart from the exterior being a little damp the Powerbook ensconced within a sleeve suffered no damage whatsoever!!

Great Bag!

Thank you muchly!

Antony Platt

Waterfield Cargo Bag Overview - SchneiderStudios

Windows Central

Review – WaterField Designs Cargo laptop bag

Windows Central - February 11, 2015

“In addition to durability and usefulness, WaterField Designs' Cargo laptop bag just plain looks great.”

GadgetMac Editors' Choice 4.5/5 Rating

WaterField Cargo Bag Review


Editor's Choice - 4.5/5 Rating - August 21, 2011

Expedition Portal

Review: The WaterField Cargo

Expedition Portal

"...bag with a seemingly magical ability to swallow up gear while simultaneously making it easier to load and unload."

"This is a bag that will easily last a lifetime—a good thing, as the Cargo has become my all-time favorite bag."


Review: Hands On: WaterField Designs Cargo Bag

TechBurgh - January 2013

"The WaterField Designs Cargo Bag is a quality bag that is made in the United States...and will last you a long, long time."

JetPlane Journal

Review: WaterField Cargo Bag

JetPlane Journal

The Waterfield Cargo looks like fairly typical messenger-style bag at first. ...But there are ton of nifty design touches that make the bag very practical in everyday use:

  • The top zip makes it easy to get stuff from the main compartment without lifting up the main flap
  • The interior fabric is a bright colour, that makes it easy to find things inside
  • The back pocket is great for your iPad or a folder with papers

Unlike other messenger bags that I've owned, that have all started to fall apart at the seams after a few months of owning them, this bag feels as though it will give me a good few years of use.

Highly Recommended

What is the difference between the Large, Medium and Small Cargo bags?

The main difference is that the Large Cargo comes with the option of a padded internal stiffener that allows it to keep its full shape and to stand up on its own. Without the stiffener it is considered a soft bag and will hang more like a traditional messenger bag, though we do use a very substantial custom made ballistic nylon to help give it nice shape. The Large is about 2" deeper than the medium and gets wider and longer at the top allowing the user to insert bigger items. It will hold more gear--it is a large bag. The Cargo bags without the internal stiffener will get smaller/flatter as you take contents out.

The Large Cargo has a pocket in the back of the main compartment to keep small laptops secure. Larger laptops that don't fit into this rear pocket can fit securely end to end within the main compartment. The Medium and Small Cargo do not have this rear internal pocket because they are small enough to compress around their contents and hold the laptop securely.

What is the difference between the Large Cargo and the Large Cargo With Padded Stiffener?

The Padded Stiffener adds protection to the Large Cargo and allows it to stand on its own and to keep its full shape. The standard Large Cargo, while also substantial, is more like a traditional messenger bag. The standard Large Cargo is just like the Medium and Small Cargo...only bigger. It will get smaller/flatter as you take contents out of it.

In the Large Cargo with Padded Stiffener is the stiffener removable?


How big is the large Cargo?

It's big. If you are a petite person, it could be rather large for you.

What is the difference between the Cargo and the Cozmo?

Each has its own distinct style. The Cargo has the functionality of a briefcase and the look of a messenger bag. It includes a number of organizational pockets and compartments. The Large without Stiffener, the Medium and the Small Cargo bags are soft like a messenger. The Large Cargo with Stiffener has the padded internal stiffener that allows it to stand up and keep its full shape. The shoulder strap is not detachable; One side is sewn down and the other is attached to a quick-adjust Cam-lock so you can quickly shorten or lengthen the strap.

The Cozmo has a more streamlined style, stands up on its own, is a bit lighter in weight and comes with the Suspension Shoulder Strap that is removable.

Why don't the medium and small Cargo bags have an internal SleeveCase pocket?

The Medium and Small Cargo do not have this pocket because they are small enough to compress around their contents and hold the laptop securely.

Do I need a SleeveCase for my laptop when using the Cargo bag?

We recommend the use of a SleeveCase to protect your laptop when inserted inside any bag because the SleeveCase gives you added protection from bumps and scratches. However, with our bags, you don't HAVE to use the SleeveCase; it just depends on how much protection you want. The bag itself if not padded specifically for a laptop - that way you can use it without one as well.

Which shoulder strap comes with the Cargo?

The Cargo comes with a non-removable 'static' shoulder strap and a comfortable, no-slide Shoulder Pad. The Shoulder Pad is designed to move along the shoulder strap so you can place the pad on your shoulder even if you move the Cargo from your side to your back.

What kind of leather do you use on the front flap?

We used a naturally-tanned, lightly treated leather. Each piece is one of a kind and displays the natural texture of the hide. Over time the leather should show character like a good leather bomber jacket.

Have a question about this product? Contact us at

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