Great for work or play
Great for work or play
Introducing the smart-looking Ranger iPhone X case in colors to match your wardrobe
Introducing the smart-looking Ranger iPhone X case in colors to match your wardrobe
Innovative Fidlock fastener for easy access and security
Innovative Fidlock fastener for easy access and security
Magnetic leather strip attaches to pants, belts, straps.
Magnetic leather strip attaches to pants, belts, straps.
Modern design for office or mobile workers
Modern design for office or mobile workers
Magnetic leather strip replaces bulky clip attachment
Magnetic leather strip replaces bulky clip attachment
Opening for lightning port
Opening for lightning port
Front pocket stores EarPods
Front pocket stores EarPods
Slim profile for comfort
Slim profile for comfort
Ranger Case attached to strap
Ranger Case attached to strap
Ranger Case on pocket
Ranger Case on pocket
iPhone X Ranger on belt
iPhone X Ranger on belt
Ranger Case on skirt
Ranger Case on skirt
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below
Black Leather
Black Leather
Chocolate Leather
Chocolate Leather

Ranger iPhone Case

Fits NEW iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR.
Consult the What Fits tab for other models.

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Indispensable companion. The Ranger is designed to keep the NEW! iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR close at hand and easily accessible. Using magnets to attach, the Ranger can be hooked to a belt, pants, or strap. The magnetic fidlock closure secures the flap to prevent accidental openings.  

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing shop in San Francisco.


  • Naturally-tanned full grain leather
  • New! Secure fidlock fasteners
  • Ultrasuede® liner

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Size #8 for iPhone XS Max: 6.5" x 3.75" x 0.65"; 4 oz.
  • Size #10 for iPhone XS: 6.0" x 3.5" x 0.65"; 3.2 oz.
  • Size #12 for iPhone XR: 6.25" x 3.75” x 0.65”; 3.8

  • All leather, eye-catching holster will develop a rich patina over time.
  • Main interior is lined with super soft scratch-free Ultrasuede® which also doubles as a cleaner while in the case.
  • A roomy external leather pocket for holding ear buds, a bit of cash. Can also hold the AirPods case in a pinch. *NOTE: Credit cards with magnetic strips not recommended.
  • Side openings provide easy access to volume and sleep buttons.
  • A cut-out at the bottom connects to EarPods.
  • Cleverly-designed fidlock closure keeps the iPhone X secure and safe in the case.
  • The holster can be attached magnetically over a belt, a shoulder strap, or over the top of pants.
  • Colors were chosen to easily match with shoes or belts.

The following iPhones can fit in the Ranger iPhone Case:

  1. Size #8:
    • NEW! iPhone XS Max naked
    • NEW! iPhone XS Max with Apple Case
    • iPhone 7/8 Plus naked
    • iPhone 7/8 Plus with Apple Case
  2. Size #10:
    • NEW! iPhone XS naked
    • NEW! iPhone XS with Apple Case
    • iPhone X naked
    • iPhone X with Apple Case
    • Google Pixel 3
  3. Size #12:
    • NEW! iPhone XR
Other smartphones that can fit in the Ranger:
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Size #8
  • Pixel 3 XL - Size #8
  • LG V30 - Size #8
  • Google Pixel 3 - Size #10
*NOTE: Similarly-sized phones can also fit in these sizes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Nice case

Bought this case for my husband. He has a hard case that screws together that makes the unit too large to fit your wonderful case. Sad he will probably never use it with it being to much of a hassle to take apart the aftermarket case so it will fit your leather case! O well live and learn if you can’t touch and see a product you shouldn’t buy it I guess.

Big and Bold Smart Phone Case

The Range iPhone Case is everything it is advertised to be - and more. It's roomy and looks good, but almost "too roomy." The magnet for the belt loop is powerful and works really well, but the overall aesthetic is excessive. There are several things to like about the Ranger case, but also some things the individual must "get used to" while using and wearing it. For example, it fits the iPhone XR perfectly but when it is used on the belt loop, the size of the case gets in the way of my trouser pockets. The Ranger is high quality and looks good but has some characteristics that the typical user will need to adapt.

Ranger case for iPhone Xs Max with leather case

Quality case, love the magnetic holder which I can easily attach to my belt or waist of my shorts. Was using a Nutshell leather case with super strong metal clip which was very hard to attach to my belt and tore up the waist of my shorts. The only thing I miss is a d ring which I could clip my keys to which the nutshell had.

Awesome iPhone Case

Well made and easy to use. Worth the money.


I put an iPhone 6s in the case, it fits fine. Great case, the magnet is very strong, exactly as it is advertised.

What is a fidlock closure?

We chose the unique fidlock fastener because it delivers on functionality and is a novel way to secure the flap. If you know how to use it, it’s very easy to open: simply pull down and un-hook. If you don’t know, it takes a bit of extra work to figure out and may foil would-be pickpockets.

Will my 3rd Party Case fit the Ranger?

We sized the Ranger to fit the iPhone when covered by the official Apple protective case adding some wiggle room. With so many cases on the market we can't test them all. Keep in mind you're welcome to order it, try it and return unused if it doesn't fit your case.

Will my iPhone 6/6s, 7 or 8 fit?

Yes, they will. Size X will fit the iPhone 8, 7/7s and 6/6s in an Apple Case . Size 8 will fit the iPhone Plus phones iPhone 8 Plus, 7/7s Plus, 6/6s Plus naked or with Apple Case.

Will the naked iPhone fit?

Yes, it will. However, it won’t be a snug fit; it will be a bit loose. In our research, a vast majority of iPhone users have protective 3rd party cases for their iPhones.

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