How to Measure Your PC Laptop for the perfect fit WaterField SleeveCase

Need a custom-fit SleeveCase for your laptop? No worries. Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Measure your laptop. In this video, Gary explains how to measure the height and length circumference of your PC so that we can create a custom fit SleeveCase for your computer. *

  2. Place the order. Go to our PC SleeveCase  page and choose "Other."

  3. Leave a Note at Checkout. Under Special Instructions, tell us your laptop make, model, and measurements (if you know them). 

  4. Sit back and relax: We'll cut and sew a SleeveCase customized to your laptop's dimensions.

* This video is especially helpful if your laptop has a protruding battery pack or a hard shell.

Protecting your laptop starts with a snug fit, and with a WaterField SleeveCase, that's what you'll get.