WaterField Designs Cycling Collection - Made by Cyclists for Cyclists

WaterField Designs Cycling Collection - Made by Cyclists for Cyclists

Ever since its inception, WaterField Designs has had a close relationship with the world of cycling. 

Before founding WaterField Designs, Gary Waterfield worked as a bike messenger in Boston and as a regional manager at a mountain bike company. Thanks to this experience, he was able to lay the blueprints for the first WaterField Cargo Laptop Bag.

Today, WaterField Designs continues to showcase Gary's love for the two-wheeled lifestyle by producing some truly fabulous cycling gear. 


Cycling Cases

At WaterField designs, we know that being well organized and unencumbered greatly increases the joy of the ride. That is why we've designed several cycling cases over the years to help cyclists keep their riding essentials close and well packed. 

The ultra-compact Magnetic Cycling iPhone Case protects your iPhone, multi-tool and a few essentials on your rides. Made from waterproof X-Pac® laminate, it keeps contents dry from heavy sweat or rain. It is also equipped with an ingenious magnetic "zipper" that lets you easily open the case even with long-fingered gloves on. It also fits neatly into your jersey pocket and can be pulled out quickly thanks to a large nylon loop.

Designed for cyclists by cyclists, the slim Cycling iPhone Wallet organizes your riding essentials without adding bulk. Keep your phone, cash, and keys dry and easy to access in your jersey pocket.

The premium Jersey Pocket Tool Case holds a mini pump, spare tube, CO2 cartridge, tire levers, and a phone and it fits neatly in narrow European jersey pockets. It is finished in rugged ballistic nylon with the choice of four different full-grain leather top panels. This case is the perfect companion if you want all of your cycling gear to be within arms reach at all times. 


Cycling Bags

Cycling bags can come in all forms and sizes, and we've really taken advantage of this fact to explore different ways to keep you organized. 

Our most popular cycling bag isn't just one bag, but rather three related bags. Our Vitesse Cycling Musette, Vitesse Musette Plus, and Vitesse Messenger Bags are all created in the original spirit of traditional bike messenger bags. They are simple in their design, but this simplicity is what makes them a joy to use. They are all crafted from 15 oz. waxed canvas and have a classic, minimalist aesthetic. They can also be outfitted with a stabilization strap to keep them from swinging around when biking. 

The Cycling Tote lets you organize and carry all the essential gear you'll need on long rides. This bag has separate compartments for shoes and water bottles, with plenty of room for your helmet, food, and post-ride clothes to change into. It is crafted from 15 oz. waxed canvas, but you can upgrade to the deluxe edition for full-grain leather front and rear panels.


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