Neo Sleeve
Neo Sleeve
Vertical and horizontal orientation
Vertical and horizontal orientation
Use side tabs to help insert and remove laptop
Use side tabs to help insert and remove laptop
4mm neoprene protects your MBP like a glove
4mm neoprene protects your MBP like a glove
Cross-stitched side seams move as neoprene stretches
Cross-stitched side seams move as neoprene stretches
Neo Sleeve
Neo Sleeve
Protects your MacBook Pro when inserted in other bags
Protects your MacBook Pro when inserted in other bags
Neo Sleeve
Neo Sleeve

Neo Sleeve for MacBook


Fits NEW MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M3 chips

Protect your 15-inch MacBook Air from scratches in the minimalist Neo Sleeve. The 4mm neoprene has great tensile strength and keeps its shape no matter how much it's stretched.  Side seams use reinforced cross-stitching that moves as the neoprene stretches so your MacBook will always have a snug fit. Side tabs help you smoothly insert and remove your MBP, and a full-grain leather grip at the bottom makes it easy to grip and hold comfortably. 


Sizes also for MacBook Pro 13", 14", 16", 13" MacBook Air and similarly-sized devices.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.



  • 4mm Neoprene
  • Full-grain leather

Neo Sleeve Weight:

  • NEW 15" MacBook Air: 5.0 oz
  • 14" MacBook Pro: 5.0 oz.
  • 16" MacBook Pro: 5.0 oz.
  • 13" MacBook Pro: 5.0 oz.
  • 13" MacBook Air: 5.0 oz.



  • Thick 44mm neoprene surrounds the device. This is the same thickness used in diving suits.
  • Neoprene's superb tensile strength keeps its shape no matter how much it's stretched.
  • Device will fit tightly at first, and the sleeve will eventually take its shape over time.
  • Side pull tabs to help insert and remove laptop.
  • Full-grain leather tab for handheld carry.
  • Seams are cross-stitched so it moves when the neoprene stretches.
  • Top edge is sealed with a nylon tape to prevent the neoprene from wear and tear.
  • Available in horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Use on its own, or insert inside other bigger bags.
  • Only available black neoprene with black leather tab.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Raquel F. (Maryland, United States)
Stylish and Practical

I bought this sleeve for my husband. He really liked the material and the style.


I bought the horizontal version. The vertical version is better. The case is tight and it’s complicated to insert or remove the computer.

Lisa R. (Washington, United States)
Slim, but protective (and well-made)

Wanted a laptop sleeve that would protect my new 15" MacBook Air M3 against scratches and minor dings. But also not add much to the total width. The laptop pocket inside my backpack doesn't have much room to spare (see picture). This neoprene sleeve perfectly meets my needs. Has enough padding for decent protection, but not too much thickness. And it fits the laptop nice & snugly. And feels good in my hand. And seems very sturdily made (as I've come to expect from Waterfield).

Oliver E. (Louisiana, United States)
Great product, just wish it had some magnets!

I bought this sleeve primarily because it’s cheap and looks great! I actually really like it and it works well with my devices, including my iPad Pro 12.9 and my MacBook Air. However, I find myself wishing it had magnets to close it up the sleeve. I imagine they were removed from this design to make it less costly, and I know there are more expensive sleeves with magnets. Still it’s a great design and works perfectly as advertised. Thanks for a great product!

Alexander Y. (New York, United States)
Just what I was looking for!

I wanted to find a great quality sleeve for my brand new M2 13 inch MacBook Air, and this was it. It does the job well, and the finish touch on the sleeve is amazing. It's a bit of a struggle to insert my laptop in there, but I was informed the sleeve will conform the the MacBook Air, then it'll be easier. Overall, I love it.

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WaterField Design’s Neo Sleeve holds a Mac laptop snuggly and securely

Apple World Today - November 11, 2021

“I’ve chosen the US$39 Neo Sleeve from WaterField Designs to protect my pricey 16-inch MacBook Pro when traveling.”

Apple World Today Rating (out of 5 stars): ★★★★★


The Neo Sleeve is custom-fit for each "naked" MacBook Pro. Any additional protective case on your MacBook Pro will be a poor fit with the Neo Sleeve. Choose your size based on your MacBook model. 


  1. These (naked) devices fit in Vertical & Horizontal orientation:
    • 15" MacBook Air - Size #11
    • 14" MacBook Pro - Size #5
    • 16” MacBook Pro - Size #7
    • 13" MacBook Air - Size #9
    • 13” MacBook Pro - Size #38



The lightweight Neo Sleeve provides snug protection for your naked MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. We use the same 4mm neoprene used in wetsuits, so you know your Mac will be well-protected.

The fit will be quite tight initially, but give it time and the neoprene will stretch to your device's exact fit. Check out the memory stretch of your new Neo Sleeve by leaving the laptop overnight in the case, and you should see it be a bit looser the next day.  




Put your device in one side, then stretch the other side over it and slip it in. Use the pull tabs to guide it in. 


Give it time, and you'll always have the perfect fit. 

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