All bags are designed and made in our San Francisco workshop
Meet the PiggyBack Accessory Pack
Meet the PiggyBack Accessory Pack
Attaches to the SleeveCase via D-rings
Attaches to the SleeveCase via D-rings
Attaches to Vertical or Horizontal SleeveCases
Attaches to Vertical or Horizontal SleeveCases
Also available in Ballistic Nylon
Also available in Ballistic Nylon
Keeps a slim profile
Keeps a slim profile
Wear with SleeveCase to hold accessories
Wear with SleeveCase to hold accessories
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below
Waxed Canvas
Waxed Canvas
Black Ballistic
Black Ballistic

Piggyback Accessory Pack


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Piggyback Ride. Sometimes you just need a little extra space. For those times, hook the Piggyback onto your SleeveCase (D-rings required), and you'll have enough room for your wallet, phone, keys, power cord and a few other necessities. When you don't need it, just un-hook the pouch, and slip your SleeveCase into another bag.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon or Waxed Canvas
  • Metal snap hooks attach to SleeveCase D-rings

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 9.5" x 7.5" x 1.75"; 4 oz.


  • Padded interior pocket
  • YKK zipper
  • Attaches to SleeveCase D-rings
  • Fits power supply and other accessories

The Piggyback offers flexible storage when used with your SleeveCase. The piggyback comfortably stores your power supply, mouse, hard drive, or phone. It's really up to you what you store inside, all while keeping a thin profile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Absolutely excellent accessory pack

Another brilliant product from SF Bags, excellent for all those accessories that I want to throw in with my normal stuff, technical and otherwise. Just when I didn't think it could get any better, it does....!!

Good quality but ehhh.

Way too small for the Razer blade 15 charger and didn't fit the sleeve well. I was offered a chance to send mine in for a replacement but I don't have the time and then would have to find another way to carry my charger. It works but is way to cramped and they should of specified that the piggyback didn't fit all sleeves without requesting

It’s too small

The old one was a perfect size.


The accessory bag is of the same outstanding quality of all Waterfield bags.
I have one small issue with it is that the bag. The straps that you use to clip it on the main bag are just a little too long so the accessary pack hangs below the main bag.
Other than that the bag has plenty of room for all the accessaries I want to carry with my iPad Pro.

The other thing I would like to add is that, while the Piggyback Accessary Pack is a 5-star pack, I wish that I didn’t need it and there was storage in my iPad Pro case like in my old-style iPad case.

Lastly, Waterfield Designs has been my goto back provider through several iPads and iPad minis and will be again!

UPDATE: As soon as Waterfield saw my minor complaint in the review about how low the accessary bag hangs, then contacted me and tole me that they were sending me a new on….all without my asking. Now that is customer service!

Alternative uses

I originally bought the accessory pack to use for carrying mice or cables for my sleeve, but found it great to be a great small pack that can clip anywhere or clipping into a loop onto the other clip as a handle. It is perfect as a portable pocket that I can use for my phone, wallet, keys, eye drops (for contacts) and any other items I don't like carrying in my pants pockets. I am thinking of getting another so I have one for my sleeve again.

How do I attach it to a SleeveCase?

If you have a SleeveCase or order one at the same time that you order the Piggyback, be sure that you have a SleeveCase with a shoulder strap, or just D-rings so that you will have the proper hardware where you can attach the Piggyback.

How do you suggest I clean the ballistic nylon?

The ballistic nylon is *very* durable and will take scrubbing with a stiff brush and mild soap. Blot with towels/rags and let the case dry out. This should have the case looking good as new.

How do you suggest I clean the waxed canvas?

Waxed Canvas isn’t the easiest item on the planet to clean - part of the character-building process with Waxed Canvas is how it ages with scuffs, dirt, stains and all. Still, there are things you can do. This article gives you a good idea of how to clean and re-wax if and when you are ready. They suggest using dish soap and soft brush to clean, then drip dry, then take a hot hairdryer to heat up the wax and redistribute it. This will soften any blemishes and help with the dirt. The lines and crinkles on the waxed canvas are actually normal, and happens in shipping sometimes. All you have to do is use a hair dryer and you can flatten out the wax with your hand.

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