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Leather Shoulder Pad Colors
Leather Shoulder Pad Colors
Colors: Grizzly (left), Chocolate (Center), Black (Right)
Colors: Grizzly (left), Chocolate (Center), Black (Right)
Ballistic Shoulder Pad for 1.5" and 2.0" webbing
Ballistic Shoulder Pad for 1.5" and 2.0" webbing
Grippy bottom side
Grippy bottom side

Shoulder Pads

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Happy shoulders. A comfortable shoulder pad makes a big difference when carrying a heavy load. The full-grain premium distressed Leather Shoulder Pad fit 1.5" wide webbing.  The Ballistic Nylon Shoulder Pad fits 2" and 1.5" webbing. Both have a grippy underside to help keep your bag planted on your shoulder.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.

- 1050 Denier Black Ballistic Shoulder pad: Non-slip underside and velcro closure
- Leather Shoulder pad: Full-grain leather, non-slip underside and snap closure

Dimensions & Weight:
-Ballistic Shoulder pad: 11.25" x 2.75"; 2.8 oz.
-Leather Shoulder pad: 8.75" x 3.25"; 3.1 oz.

These comfortable Shoulder Pads fit on WaterField’s Shoulder Straps and on existing straps of various WaterField bags.


Customer Reviews

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Small but significant

I've had a Vitesse messenger bag for a couple years & finally opted for the shoulder pad and I'm glad I did. It adds a bit more functionality to the bag, is well constructed & should last a lifetime while developing a nice patina as it ages. Good work, folks!!


Shoulder Pads

Very comfy

This pad makes a heavy load feel very comfortable to hold. Strongly recommend

Grippy All Around!

I have had the Shoulder Pad for a few weeks now and am very pleased with how well it stays on the shoulder. The strap that came along with my Crossbody Bolt already felt secure but this makes it feel absolutely secure.

A couple of notes for those thinking about the Shoulder Strap:

The curve to the Shoulder Pad’s design helps with sitting comfortably on the shoulder. That said, it does mean this product is for those who use the same shoulder almost all the time rather than those who switch shoulders regularly (i.e., those who trade off or those who switch between off the shoulder and cross body).

The Shoulder Pad secures the strap both inside and out. This results in a strap that is less likely to move freely into position if it slides down the strap. This feels less like a design flaw and more like a design trade off, so don’t read this as a complaint. It is much more an FYI comment.


I've been using my new leather shoulder pad as a replacement for my non-Wakefield messenger bag's pad. The surface area of the Wakefield pad is considerable, and makes for comfortable wearing, no matter what I'm carrying today. The underside provides a grip that works whether I wear my bag across my body or over a shoulder - it won't move either way! Strongly recommended, and I'll be looking into a Wakefield bag should my current bag need replacing.

What is the difference between a Simple Strap and a Suspensions Strap

The Simple Strap is all nylon, no shoulder pad included. The Suspension Strap has its own built-in shoulder pad which has a soft grippy underside that stays on your shoulder.

Can I use your Straps with a third party bag or case?

No problem. So long as bag or case has hardware for the strap to attache, it will work.

Can I use your Shoulder Pads with a third party strap?

Yes. The Shoulder Pads can be used with any strap 1.5" - 2".

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