Cozmo Laptop Bag

  • Grizzly Leather +$20
    Grizzly Leather +$20
  • Cozmo Laptop Bag
  • Cozmo Laptop Bag main compartment
    Cozmo Laptop Bag main compartment
  • Cozmo laptop bag with SleeveCase
    Cozmo laptop bag with SleeveCase
  • Cozmo rolling suitcase
    Cozmo rolling suitcase
  • Cozmo laptop bag YKK zipper
    Cozmo laptop bag YKK zipper
  • Cozmo laptop bag three sizes
    Cozmo laptop bag three sizes
  • Cozmo laptop bag three sizes
    Cozmo laptop bag three sizes
  • Cozmo with SleeveCase and Cable Guy
    Cozmo with SleeveCase and Cable Guy
  • Cozmo laptop bag small diagram
    Cozmo laptop bag small diagram
  • Cozmo laptop bag medium diagram
    Cozmo laptop bag medium diagram
  • Cozmo Laptop bag large diagram
    Cozmo Laptop bag large diagram
  • Grey Playball
    Grey Playball
  • White Playball
    White Playball
  • Black Ballistic
    Black Ballistic
  • Slate
  • Nubock Leather +$20
    Nubock Leather +$20
  • Peruvian Leather +$20
    Peruvian Leather +$20
  • Black Leather +$20
    Black Leather +$20
$189 $189 $189 $209 $209 $209 $199 $199 $219 $229 $229 $229 $229 The Cozmo - the perfect work bag. Interior pockets, separate laptop compartment, stylish enough for the office and casual enough for the road. View it here.
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Cozmopolitan. Go first class, even if you're just going down the block. Smart design and smart style includes off-set d-rings for auto-balance and “weightless” suspension shoulder strap. The Cozmo’s great shape allows it to stand up on its own, empty or full.


Size & Dimensions:

  • Small: 16.5" at widest point, 14.5" base to top, 4" depth
  • Medium: 18" at widest point, 15.5" base to top, 4.5" depth
  • Large: 19.5" at widest point, 16.5" base to top, 5" depth


White Playball

White Playball

Grey Playball

Grey Playball



Black Ballistic

Black Ballistic

Black Leather

Black Leather


Grizzly Leather

Grizzly Leather

Nubock Leather

Nubock Leather

Peruvian Leather

Peruvian Leather

I want to let you know how much I like my Cozmo bag. I use it everyday and the thing is flawless. I have taken it overseas several times and carry it on my shoulder like a courier bag. I read blogs where people question the cost- give me break- I don't like to part with my money but this is the best deal on the market when it come to bags. The bag can sit side by side with bags that cost a lot more but are not better. And Gary your service is next to none – I pray you prosper much and have continued success.

Doug Dorsey


I am a confessed lover of atttaché cases. With this in mind, I bought the Cozmo bag one year ago. It was more expensive than the typical Lands End/LL Bean bags (before the Cozmo, they suited me just fine). Naturally I was somewhat hesitant, but it was such a great looking bag on your website. The gold lining helps me find anything easier. It stores more than anything I have ever had. I have used this everyday for a year and am delighted with this bag! I am able to carry my Mac Book Pro with my with cables, and my Franklin Planner fits nicely in the outside flap. The strap takes the burden off my shoulders. Two weeks ago for a change of routine I used my old attaché. I couldn't wait to switch back to my Cozmo bag.

The more I use it, the more I like it. Thanks for making a quality product that looks great and stands up to rigorous daily use!

Jack Galle

Folks @ Waterfield,

I received my large Cozmo and let me just say that this is hand down the greatest bag in the world. I commute into New York City to work at a software company, and go to school at night, so I am constantly carrying a laptop and several heavy books at one time. The elastic shoulder strap and offset placement makes all the difference in the world. I can't say enough about the design,materials and functionality of this bag. This along with the level of customer service that just does not seem exist in retail anymore has made buying this bag worth every penny.

I am telling all of my friends. Thanks again and good luck,

Dan Bratone

HOLY COW!!! I received my bag this afternoon, talk about FAST!

I am a self confessed "bag hag", meaning I am always searching for that "perfect" bag. I have several backpacks, messenger bags, shoulder bags, and totes to back this up. I see a bag that I THINK might work for me, and overlook things that I know just aren't right (ie, the bag is too big or small, has a flap, too much padding, too bulky, etc.). basically, whenever I buy a bag, there is always some sort of compromise I have to make. Of course, after a few days, I am just so frustrated that the bag ends up in the "bag graveyard" (my hall closet). Sometimes, I am able to find a home for my bag, and they are happily aquired by a friend or a relative.

FINALLY, I have found the PERFECT bag! I am so very happy with my new Cozmo bag! It is perfect in every way: No flap, holds it shape, isn't too big or bulky, has the right amount of padding, and is just an all around great, cool looking and well made function bag. My Cozmo is just the perfect size for all of my gadgets (phone, PDA, IPOD, and whatever other stuff I end up hauling around).

Best of all, the Cozmo is made extremely well. The attention to detail is amazing and it is such a nice looking bag. I just can't say enough good things about this product.

Consider me a "customer for life". I am no longer searching for that perfect bag, I now own it!



This Cozmo combination is AWESOME! I was hesitant to order something I've never laid hands or eyes on before, but my trust in your folks was well placed. The materials and workmanship are truly old-world quality and I look forward to years of service from them. No one who has seen the full suite can keep their hands off the pieces, but have to unzip, pull out and open everything, all the while exclaiming how absolutely blown away they are by the items. WELL DONE! And thanks for the coolest, best quality bags on the planet! My PowerBook and digital camera equipment have the sweetest digs around to ride in!

William R. "Rob" White
Arizona Moon Studios

Gear Diary

Review: WaterField Cozmo lets your gear "go first class"

Gear Diary - January 2012

"What I Like: Great material, design and build quality; Shoulder strap design is super-comfortable; Small size is large enough for the MBPro in a SleeveCase without feeling overly bulky; Pulls lock down by simply placing flat; Looks fantastic; Available in a variety of trim colors and materials..."


Review: My favorite laptop and gear bags for the road warrior

ZDNet - August 2012

"It's now been a couple of months and I can't think of going to any other bag.

"What makes this bag work so well is the fact that it actually does have all of these bags. If I need an accessory or a cable, I simply unzip the bag, and then take out the Cableguy bag. It's all self-contained as a bag in a bag, so there are no miscellaneous pieces to gather in the laptop bag itself."

Summary: WaterField Designs delivers the ultimate combination of gear bags and laptop bags for every day use

Notebook Review

Review: SFbags WaterField Designs Laptop Cozmo Bag Review

Notebook Review

"These bags are well-designed, well-constructed, and very well-suited for business as well as leisure commutes"

Conclusion: The Cozmo bag is a very high quality, well-designed laptop bag. It's built to last with both style and function that will be equally at home in a casual office or a formal boardroom setting. Customization options make it extremely flexible and easy to use. It's definitely worth the money.

What is the difference between the Cargo and the Cozmo?

The Cozmo has roughly the same volume as the Cargo, but it is more minimalist in style and is a bit more compact and lighter weight. The Cargo has more pockets than the Cozmo, though the Cozmo still has a good number of them. The Cozmo is soft-sided with a stiff lower section, which allows it (in all sizes) to stand up on its own. The Large Cargo stands on its own, but the medium and small don't—they are soft bags.

Where do I put my SleeveCase?

Your SleeveCase can be kept in either the rear divisional pocket or the main compartment, depending on the size of your laptop.

Do I HAVE to use a SleeveCase with my laptop inside the Cozmo?

We recommend the use of a SleeveCase to protect your laptop when inserted inside any bag because the SleeveCase gives you added protection from bumps and scratches. The bags themselves aren't specifically padded for laptops. However, with our bags, you don't HAVE to use the SleeveCase; it just depends on how much protection you want.

Which shoulder strap comes with the Cozmo?

The Cozmo comes with a removable Suspension Shoulder Strap that has a built-in shoulder pad. The WaterField Designs Shoulder Pad is not compatible with the Suspension Shoulder Strap. The Suspension Shoulder Strap used with the Cozmo can also be used with a SleeveCase with added D-rings.

How are the dimensions on the product page on-line calculated?

The Cozmo dimensions on-line give you an idea of the shape and volume of the Cozmo when the bag is completely full. In this scenario, the tapered upper area lies flat. If you use the Cozmo at less than full capacity, the tapered area will stand more upright and the height of the bag will be greater.

How big is the large Cozmo?

The Cozmo dimensions on-line give you an idea of the shape and volume of the Cozmo when the bag is completely full. In this scenario, the tapered upper area lies flat. If you use the Cozmo at less than full capacity, the tapered area will stand more upright and the height of the bag will be greater.

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