The Benefits of WaterField iPad Pro Sleeves and Bags

The Benefits of WaterField iPad Pro Sleeves and Bags

Simply put, iPad Pro sleeves and bags are used to cover a your tablet with a generally snug fit that helps provide protection against drops and scuffs.The best iPad Pro sleeves and bags, like ours at WaterField Designs, are custom-fit and made with premium materials. Read on to learn why you should invest in a custom-fit iPad Pro sleeve or bag from WaterField Designs.

Do you ever find yourself accidentally dropping your tablet, bumping it against a surface, or scratching it against a rough edge? Well, you can reduce the damage of your device with a cushioned, durable, and protective layer: a iPad sleeve. With a single drop, a bare tablet can succumb to immense damage, requiring a replacement device or costly repairs. A iPad sleeve or bag decreases the impact and vibrations if and when the device is dropped. A iPad sleeve will even prevent dust from building up within both the inside and outside the tablet. At WaterField Designs, we make custom-sized iPad sleeves and bags for the most recent Apple iPad models.

While providing your iPad with more protection is the main goal of an iPad sleeve, we've devised many different designs that bring extremely useful features to the simple concept of a sleeve or bag for iPads. In order to get the most out of a simple sleeve design, the large majority of our iPad Pro sleeves come with extra storage pockets or compartments. Since most people tend to use their iPads with accessories like charging cables or headphones, these extra organizational features allow people to keep all of their iPad-related gear close at hand without needing to deal with several different bags or pouches. This feature is best depicted by our iPad Pro SleeveCase and our iPad Pro Magnetic Sleeve. These iPad Pro sleeves work best for people who want some more protection and organization for their iPads, but would still like to carry a full-sized bag as well. 

In contrast to our sleeves, we introduced specialized iPad carrying bags and iPad crossbody bags. These bags, like our Essential Crossbody, we're designed to bridge the gap between a simple sleeve and a full-blow bag. By retaining the slimmer form-factor of a sleeve all the while adding ease-of-use features such as removable shoulder straps and more fleshed out interior compartments, these iPad crossbody bags have become the perfect intermediary carrying options. Our iPad crossbody bags are great options for people that pack very lightly, but still need more storage space than a simple sleeve. In addition to this, inclusion of shoulder straps allow these bags to be carried easily and support on-the-go lifestyles. 

Finally, our iPad shoulder bags and larger sized iPad carrying bags top off the WaterField iPad range. Bags like the Sutter Tech Sling and Muzetto Leather Bag offer even more storage and organizational options than our iPad crossbody bags, but have a slightly larger size. These bags offer the easiest carrying options for iPads as well as providing your iPad with high amounts of protection courtesy of integrated tablet compartments. These bags take the simple approach of the iPad crossbody bags and add more storage while still staying quite small and manageable. 


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