Introducing the Sutter Tech Sling, your minimalist everyday carry
Introducing the Sutter Tech Sling, your minimalist everyday carry
Wear cross-body
Wear cross-body
Wear over one shoulder
Wear over one shoulder
Easy swing-around access
Easy swing-around access
Beautiful full grain leather front panel
Beautiful full grain leather front panel
Strap swivels to keep the Sling stable on your back
Strap swivels to keep the Sling stable on your back
Discreet in-set zippers for security
Discreet in-set zippers for security
Dedicated pockets for tech accessories
Dedicated pockets for tech accessories
Padded laptop compartment included
Padded laptop compartment included
Wide strap and leather shoulder pad for comfort
Wide strap and leather shoulder pad for comfort
Breathable mesh back prevents sweat spots
Breathable mesh back prevents sweat spots
Adjust the strap while wearing for a better fit
Adjust the strap while wearing for a better fit
Compact and lightweight
Compact and lightweight
Available in two sizes
Available in two sizes
Available in Ballistic Nylon and Waxed Canvas
Available in Ballistic Nylon and Waxed Canvas
Optional: Stylus Pencil Case
Optional: Stylus Pencil Case
Stylus Pencil Case has plush liner and dedicated pockets
Stylus Pencil Case has plush liner and dedicated pockets
Waxed Canvas with Chocolate Leather
Waxed Canvas with Chocolate Leather
Black Ballistic with Black Leather
Black Ballistic with Black Leather

NEW! Sutter Tech Sling

For the NEW Apple iPad Pro, MacBook, Surface Pro 6

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Minimalist Everyday Carry. The Sutter Tech Sling, named for California Gold Rush explorer John Sutter, is the ideal size for creative explorations with your NEW iPad Pro, along with the NEW magnetic Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil (2nd generation).  The strap on this one-strap daypack swivels 180 degrees, so the Sling stays balanced on your back and snug against your body. Swing it around one shoulder for easy access in crowded spaces. Also fits the NEW MacBook and Surface Pro 6. 


All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • 1050 Denier Black ballistic or brown waxed canvas
  • Full-grain leather accent

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Standard: 11.5" x 8" x 3"; 1.25 lbs.
  • Volume: 4.5 Liters
  • Full: 14" x 9.5" x 3"; 1.5 lbs.
  • Volume: 6.5 Liters


  • Adjustable Cam-lock
  • YKK zipper

  • D-ring-to-strap - 180-degree swivel strap attachment means the bag stays flat on your back, regardless of positioning
  • Flexible strap options - strap attaches to D-ring on left or right side of wearing over either shoulder
  • One-handed cam lock buckle - lets you quickly adjust how the bag rests against your body without moving it
  • Built-in shoulder pad - spreads weight evenly to give your back and shoulder a bit of relief
  • Padded tablet/laptop compartment - standard size fits 11” an Full size fits 12.9” iPad Pro (with or without Keyboard Folio); situated in very back to keep Sling flat against body
  • Swing around front pocket - accessible via the left or right side
  • Interior hand pocket - keeps small items easily accessible
  • Three interior pen pockets - stows Apple Pencil and your favorite sketching pens
  • Gold interior lining - in front pocket and main compartment for visibility
  • Inset waterproof front zippers - keeps the zippers, which are most susceptible to water seepage, protected from rain
  • Interior key fob attachment - keeps keys quickly findable
  • Rear mesh padding - enhances airflow and cushioning
  • Optional Stylus Pencil Case for holding Apple Pencil, Surface Pen, or any other stylus.

The Sutter Tech Sling is the perfect carry for taking the NEW iPad Pro on creative explorations. Also fits the NEW MacBook and NEW Surface Pro 6.

  1. Standard: built-in padded sleeve fits devices up to 10” x 7.5”
    • NEW iPad Pro 11"
    • Surface Pro Go
  2. Full: built-in padded sleeve fits devices up to 12.75" x 9.25”
    • NEW iPad Pro 12.9"
    • NEW MacBook Air Retina
    • NEW Surface Pro 6
    • 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar, Retina
    • Surface Book 2 (13.5")
    • Surface Laptop 2
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Waterfield Sutter Tech Sling Review

The Gadgeteer - January 23, 2019

“The Sutter Sling has gained my respect as a well-conceived update to earlier slings, that can accommodate your daily minimum carry, be it a laptop, tablet, or books and papers.”

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Sutter Tech Sling review: One of the best urban daily carries

Macworld Editor's Choice Macworld - November 27, 2018

“It comes as close to perfection as anything I’ve ever used.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews

Excellent product

Rocks Around the Clock!

The Sutter Sling is a perfect companion for my commute— by ferry/light rail to the UW! The sling is lightweight but roomy— I carry a small moleskine journal, an 11” iPad Pro, a charger brick, glasses, a case for my pens/stylus/pointer (WaterField!), and a pair of headphones— and there’s room to spare for gloves, a hat, a little rain parka (stuffed), and a shorty umbrella, if absolutely necessary. I prefer the sling style for easy on/off (over the double shoulder straps on a backpack), at least for commuting. It would be easy to attach a little flashing light for walking in the dark! Gotta love it!

Nearly perfect!

I've spent a solid chunk of time using this bag as my main means of personal conveyance, and it's almost everything I ever could've wanted. The only drawback (and it's a consistent one) is that due to the orientation of the bag when worn across the back, there's no way to prevent everything stored in the inner pockets from immediately spilling out into the bag's main compartment. I don't feel comfortable keeping my wallet/ keys/ misc in the outer pocket, so my new routine every time I unzip my bag is to angle it in a way where any items that spilled out of their places during transit won't fall out and break/ be lost when I open it again. I suspect this is why you sell a pencil case to go with it, but even that's an unsatisfying solution, since it's a bag-within-a-bag, and at the point where I'd cram all my sundries into it is the same point where I'd just get a fanny pack or something. I think it might be worth considering adding a flap that folds over the top of the inner pockets that could be secured with a button/ snap, or even just an inner zipper pocket in the place of the current slots.
To be clear, I really love this bag -- except for the constant mild irritation of scooping stuff back into the inner pockets (and occasional, brief heart palpitations when it seems like I've lost/ forgotten my wallet, only to find it moments later where it came to rest in the bottom of the bag) because it's 95% the best bag I've ever owned. Big fan of your company and your products, and will continue to come to you first for all my schleping needs... just maybe take another look at the inner pockets on this and see if there's a way to tweak things. As far as I can tell, there aren't many ways for the bag to stay right-side-up during transit, so it's gonna be an issue for a chunk of your customers. Anyway, I still think you're great, and am proud to be a customer!

Sutter Tech Sling

Hi team - I love the bag, it's nearly perfect. What would make it so is if there was a grab handle in the top section above the zip that holds the strap where there would be ample room to create a hole in that section without negatively impacting the integrity of the bag - in my humble opinion. This would make it a lot easier to lift and move around and carry it like a carry bag when moving around for a moment or taking it off when in a train or elevator etc. I would even be prepared to let you test this approach on my bag so would be open to discussing this with you directly.

Beyond that, I love the bag, look and feel.

Thanks for your consideration.

Get this sling. You won’t regret it.

Top notch construction, great materials, looks great, great zipper mechanism (my personal pet peeve). What’s not to like?

What makes the Sutter Tech Sling comfortable for your shoulder and back?

First, the top strap attachment swivels 180 degrees so the Sutter Tech Sling stays vertical on your back as you move about. This allows for a more balanced weight distribution. Second, the wide pad helps keep the strap from digging into your shoulders. Third, the cam lock lets you adjust the strap while you are wearing the Sling so you can always get the proper fit.

What do you mean by easy-access or one-hand access?

We designed the Sutter Tech Sling so you can quickly and easily access its contents with one hand. If you’re in a crowd with limited personal space, you can quickly swing it in front of you to access items from the front pocket. The dual zippers in the main compartment also let you access items in there.

Why is the bag lined gold?

First, the liner adds a bit of protection for the different items you carry inside. Second, we chose gold because this lighter, brighter color makes it easier to quickly see the contents inside your pouch.

What are splash-proof zippers?

These zippers from YKK, a trusted name in the zipper industry, are water-repellent and add another level of protection to the contents inside the Sutter Tech Sling.

What type of leather is used for the front panel?

We use premium, full grain leather. This is the most durable (and expensive) part of the hide with a really tight grain. Scratches on the surface are signs that this is the real thing, and it will develop a beautiful patina over time.

Have a question about this product? Contact us at

  • "Holds a lot in a small form factor."
    - Bryan B., Tampa, Florida
  • "A highlight is the cam lock that can be adjusted with one hand."
    - Claire M., USA
  • "I love the quality and smell of real leather."
    - John B., Oslo, Norway
  • "The ONE— I have looked and looked for the "perfect" EDC bag."
    - John F., Jacksonville, Florida
  • "Been looking for something like this for years and finally have it."
    - Jon B., Mayfair, GB
  • "Just what I have been waiting for. This could become a future iconic accessory."
    - Steve B., Long Stratton, GB
  • "It's lightweight but holds quite a bit."
    - Tom K., Woodstock, USA