Meet the Pro Executive Laptop Backpack
Mobile office-ready
Super comfortable straps
Stands upright on its own
Premium full grain leather grab handle
Quick access top pocket
Convenient swing-around access
Quick access front pocket
Quick-access large side pockets
Easy to grab commonly-used gear
Deep enough for a water bottle
Spacious main compartment
Available in three leather accent colors
Top pocket for small items
Streamlined profile
Convenient slot for carry-on luggage
Matching Executive Folio (sold separately)
Matching leather accent colors
Premium full grain leather pocket
Pro Executive Laptop Backpack
Executive Folio available in two sizes
Chocolate Leather accent
Black Leather accent
Crimson Leather accent

Pro Executive Laptop Backpack

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The Pro Backpack blends sophistication with functionality. Highly organized with two main compartments, strategically-placed pockets, and an optional Executive Folio for taking to short meetings, the Pro Backpack stands on its own.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • 1050 Denier black Ballistic nylon
  • Full-grain leather accents (no skimping on the leather)
  • More details here

Dimensions & Weight:

  • One size:
  • 13.5” (l) x 7” (w) x 16.5” (h); 3.1 lbs.
    34.29 (l) x 17.78 (w) x 41.91 (h) cm; 1.41 kg
    Volume: 25.5 liters


  • Stands upright when it’s set down.
  • Comfortable, padded shoulder straps.
  • Back slot for slipping onto suitcase handles.
  • Premium full grain leather front panel and handle.
  • Two large side pockets for water bottle and small items.
  • Top handle is premium leather for a more comfortable grip.
  • Top front pocket that’s deep enough to hold items securely.
  • The optional Executive Folio is easily removable to take for short meetings.
  • Two zip pockets on the front panel to quickly access items when swinging the backpack from the shoulder.
  • Two main chambers: back chamber zips down to carry laptop or tablet, documents, and the Executive Folio. Front chamber is spacious enough to hold other items needed for a day at the office.



This product was designed with customers who gave input from idea to production. See the process here.

  • Domestic: Flat rate 2-day shipping. Details.
  • International: 2-3 business day delivery. Country duty/tax calculated at Checkout. Details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Richard B. (New South Wales, Australia)
I found it! The perfect backpack.

Thank you Waterfield SF. I’ve tried some good backpacks over the years, but I have just found the best one. The Pro Executive Laptop Backpack is perfect. The right balance with brilliant design and clever storage spaces. Perfect for both my laptop and tablet, the optional sleeve also gives options for meetings, The smart pockets separate and store my valuables and essentials providing great access and security. And there is a main compartment for my bulky items. The bag is the perfect size. I love it. And it looks fantastic! I love how it maintains its shape. The combination of ballistic nylon and leather sets it apart. For my business trips, travel and day to day it is perfect!

Jason R. (Missouri, United States)
Best Backpack I’ve Owned

This is my second backpack from Waterfield and my third bag from them.

This thing is my gold standard now of bags. Professional, comfortable, well thought out compartments, I could not be be more pleased.

Pricey? Sure. So was the last one I bought that I’ve owned for almost ten years and it’s still in amazing condition after taking it to school (I’m a teacher) every day. It has now become that second backpack when I need to take a whole bunch of stuff somewhere. My new one was my present to myself for milestone Year 25 and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

Things I Love:

1. It sits up when I set it down, even if it’s empty.
2. Well thought out compartments with perfect zippers and placement.
3. The look. It’s really a sharp looking bag.
4. The Waterfield gold liner, laptop and iPad compartments.

On the fence? Don’t be. It’s great.

Gordon M. (Michigan, United States)
Great purchase

Waterfield is the best I have owned for EDC. Carrying a bulky laptop and all my EDC in a company provided bag came to a point where the bag was no longer professional. My wife repaired the bag a couple times and the zippers failed. I splurged on the executive pro backpack (brown), duo glasses case (blue), the padded tech case and couple other goodies.
The quality is top notch. I love the gold lining of the backpack and all the other small details that add up to a well thought out, functional, and stylish bag. I've bought plenty of items in the past where there's a stray strand of material that needs to be trimmed off, or two pieces of material aren't lined up quite right. There's none of that here. Everything I bought has been very well inspected for quality. I'm impressed.
The glasses case is a life saver since I'm constantly switching between sunglasses and reading glasses. The blue leather is compliant without flopping around. The interior lining is plush without attracting dirt. It's going to look like an old friend after a couple years of wear and tear.
The tech case holds more than I expected with the very cool locking zippers. Plus my wife won't touch it because "it smells funny" and leaves an ever so faint smell and feel of wax on her skin. As a field engineer, I love it!
This is the perfect gear that I can operate with in the field or in the office. I found a new favorite brand.

T K.M. (California, United States)
Moving to backpack

Moving my computer gear from dedicated computer bag to backpack. I can see the advantages. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions for use on the website. Hints on “as designed” were very helpful on my first airline trip with the bag. Well made. Good construction. Details well done.

Wim R. (Bavaria, Germany)
As usual a great bag.

Currently only had the bag for a week and am in the middle of my first trip with this bag to Europe. It holds a lot, but was a bit too wide to fit under the airplane seat in front of me. Had to force squeeze, but got it there. Just a great bag.

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WaterField Pro Executive Backpack Review: A Well-Organized and Professional Backpack That’s Perfect for Commuters, Road Warriors, and Remote Workers

GearDiary - January 18, 2022

“If you’ve been looking for a well-designed bag that can carry everything a successful remote worker or road warrior might need, a bag that is so well constructed that you’ll be proud to carry it for decades, the WaterField Pro Executive Backpack should be at the top of your list. It’s truly the goldilocks of professional backpacks; it’s just right.”

Overall: 5/5

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Waterfield Pro Executive Backpack Review

BagWorks - October 8, 2018

“The Pro Executive Backpack from Waterfield Designs is an exceedingly great bag for any of you business-y type people out there.”

{ diy['media3_title'] }}

WaterField's Pro Executive Laptop Backpack: The Best You Ever Designed

MacDirectory - August 18, 2018

"We never thought we’d use the word “breathtaking” to describe a backpack, but that’s the only word that really describes WaterField Designs Pro Executive Laptop Backpack.”

{ diy['media2_title'] }}

Waterfield Pro Executive Laptop Backpack review

Gadgeteer - August 12, 2018

"Waterfield’s crowd-sourced, collaborative effort has hit the mark, creating an exceptionally functional, nicely laid out backpack with a sophisticated look suitable for any business situation.”

{ diy['media1_title'] }}

WaterField Designs Pro Executive Laptop Backpack: A perfect business backpack created with the help of customers

ZDNet - June 4, 2018

"it is clear to me that the WaterField Designs Pro Executive Laptop Backpack gets everything right and is the best bag I have ever tested…”


The Pro Backpack is available in one size, divided into two chambers: front chamber is spacious enough to hold items needed for a day at the office. The back chamber zips down to carry laptop or tablet, documents, and the Executive Folio. 

The Padded laptop/tablet compartment fits devices up to 14.5" x 10" 

  • 16" MacBook Pro
  • 14" MacBook Pro
  • NEW 15" MacBook Air
  • Surface Laptop 5 (15")

The 14” Executive Folio can fit devices up to 12.5" x 9" 

  • 14" MacBook Pro (tight fit)
  • 13" MacBook Pro
  • 13" MacBook Air
  • 12.9" iPad Pro M2 with Magic Keyboard
  • 11" iPad Pro M2 with Magic Keyboard
  • 11" iPad Air with Magic Keyboard
  • reMarkable (paper tablet)
  • Surface Laptop 5 (13.5")
  • Surface Pro 9 with Type Cover
  • Dell XPS 13"

The 16” Executive Folio can fit devices up to 14.5" x 10" 

  • 16" MacBook Pro
  • 14" MacBook Pro
  • NEW 15" MacBook Air
  • Dell XPS 15"

Customer-vetted Devices - From Customer Reviews: 

  • Lenovo X1 Carbon, Yoga 720 (13") fits in the Laptop Compartment
  • Dell XPS 13, 15 fits in the Laptop Compartment
  • 15" Dell Inspiron fits in the Laptop Compartment (Terrance, H., Atlanta, US) 


Fits everything for your mobile office. Ideal for shared office or remote workers without dedicated desks.  


"It's the little things that truly set it apart, like having it stay standing— a feature I didn't think about until I had it." - Brent W. 


Best known as crowdsourced design, our Community Design projects involve customers from development to production.  Together, we collaborate on user requirements, features, and use cases. See how it all unfolded. 


The Pro Executive Backpack shows how useful a product can be when real people with real needs are behind its development. 

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