Game Card Holders for Nintendo Switch
Crafter from premium full grain leather
20-Game Card Wallet in dual layer full grain Leather
10-Game Card Holder full grain leather matches WaterField Nintendo cases
4-Game Card Holder in full grain Leather
4-Game Card Holder slips in Dash Express Case (sold separately)
20-Game Card Wallet
20-Game Card Wallet secured with a band
Very compact
Easy to fit it other cases
10-Game Card Holder fits in CitySlicker and MultiPlayer Pro
NEW! 4-Game Card Holder
Grizzly Leather - 10 games
10-Game Card Holders in five Leather Colors
Chocolate Leather - 10 Games
Crimson Leather - 10 games
Blue Leather - 10 games
Black Leather - 10 games
Chocolate Leather - 20 games
Grizzly Leather - 20 games
Crimson Leather - 20 games
Blue Leather - 20 games
Black Leather - 20 games
Chocolate Leather - 4 games
Blue Leather - 4 games
Crimson Leather - 4 games
Black Leather - 4 games

Game Card Holder for the Nintendo Switch

4-Game Card Holder
Custom-made for Dash Express Case

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For Nintendo Switch-loving gamers, this full-grain leather Game-Card Holder ages beautifully like a favorite wallet. Three sizes hold 4, 10 or 20 Nintendo Switch game cards and fit into WaterField's Nintendo Switch cases.

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All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Full-grain cowhide leather
  • More details here

Dimensions & Weight:

  • 4-Game Card Holder
  • 2.875" (l) x 0.125" (w) x 3.625" (h)
    7.30 (l) x 0.32 (w) x 9.20 (h) cm

  • 10-Game Card Holder:
  • 6” (l) x 0.13” (w) x 3.75” (h); 1.5 oz.
    15.24 (l) x 0.33 (w) x 9.52 (h); 42 gm

  • 20-Game Wallet (closed):
  • 6.25” (l) x 0.25” (w) x 3.62” (h); 2 oz.
    15.87 (l) x 0.63 (w) x 9.19 (h) cm; 57 gm

  • 20-Game Wallet (open):
  • 12.75” (l) x 0.13” (w) x 3.62” (h)
    32.38 (l) x 0.33 (w) x 9.19 (h) cm



This product was designed with customers who gave input from idea to production. See the process here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Brian C. (California, United States)
It’s Nice

It’s a leather case for your switch games. Not many people in the market making those things so…it is what it says it is. My rec is the get the chocolate colored one if you went with the canvas bag. I did in 2017 before they had the lather ones.

Wil L. (British Columbia, Canada)
Excellent service, good product!

The switch folio and the shoulder pads are expertly made. What stands out however, is their commitment to help you prepay import duties. It has helped me save over 10$ in handling fees that DHL or FedEx would usually levy. I highly recommend this store if you are an overseas purchaser, and would recommend Waterfield to my friends.

Robert P. (New Mexico, United States)

Game Card Holder for the Nintendo Switch

Michelle Z. (Nevada, United States)
Always the Best

This is the second Nintendo Switch game cartridge wallet I’ve gotten, and they’re just such amazing quality leather goods. I highly dislike those cheap plastic cases that are clunky and impractical, as usually the plastic takes up more room than the actual cartridges do. These wallets fold in half and are really thin... allowing me to put both of them in the interior side-pocket of my small carry bag that I use for my Switch and accessories when I’m traveling. I even had my first game cartridge wallet painted on the front by a leather painter who did an excellent painting of one of my favorite characters in Manga/Anime. The workmanship of these products is unmatched, the leather is high quality, and they look mature and sophisticated—unlike the plastic cases or the thick zipper folios you’ll find on Amazon. When I need more room for physical games, I will buy another. They’re that perfect! It’s just as easy to take both with me on a small trip as it is to take one... so if it’s a long trip, I’ll take them both. And if it’s a small trip, I’ll take one. It takes up much less room than those zipper folios, and you can’t really break those down to downsize on the go. With the Waterfield game wallets, you can have just the number of games you need with you for any purpose.
They’re just excellent products. I couldn’t be any happier.

Justin F. (New York, United States)
Beautifully crafted gaming solution

I absolutely love the game cartridge holder. Everyone who has seen it has fallen in love with them as well. I've filled up two of them completely with Nintendo switch games. It provides a really premium feel to the game collecting process and also gives more incentive to collect physics games


The Switch Game Card Holder and Game Wallet works with Switch Game Cards only. The Game Holder fits up to 4 or 10 games and the Game Wallet fits up to 20 games.

This game holder also fits nicely in the back pocket of the CitySlicker for the Switch, Sutter Sling Pouch for Nintendo Switch, SwitchPack, Slip Case, and Pouch for Nintendo Switch

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