Waxed canvas with chocolate leather
Double Compartment
Single Compartment
Comes with removable straps
Includes Supreme Suspension Shoulder Strap ($49 value)
Duffel Bag D-rings
Small - Dimensions
Large - Dimensions
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Waxed Canvas w/ Chocolate Leather
Waxed Canvas w/ Grizzly Leather
Black Ballistic w/ Black Leather
Black Ballistic w/ Chocolate Leather
Black Ballistic w/ Grizzly Leather

Bolt Duffel Bag

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Indispensable for fitness or travel, the handsome Bolt Duffel befits any office environment. The double-compartment model separates clean from dirty clothes or shoes. Folded shirts stack neatly in the roomy one-compartment Bolt. 

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • 1050 Denier Black ballistic or Brown waxed canvas
  • Full-grain leather accent
  • More details here


  • Small:
  • 17.25" (l) x 11" (w) x 10.25" (h)
    43.81 (l) x 27.94 (w) x 26.03 (h) cm
    Volume: 32 Liters

  • Large:
  • 21.5" (l) x 12.5" (w) x 10.75" (h)
    54.61 (l) x 31.75 (w) x 26.03 (h) cm
    Volume: 47 Liters


  • Small Ballistic Nylon: 1.75 lbs. / 0.79 kg
  • Small Waxed Canvas: 2.60 lbs. / 1.17 kg
  • Large Ballistic Nylon: 2.40 lbs. / 1.08 kg
  • Large Waxed Canvas: 3.30 lbs. / 1.49 kg


  • Dual handles with leather accent for comfort.
  • YKK splash-proof zippers keep your gear dry.
  • Made of waxed canvas or sturdy ballistic nylon.
  • Leather color accents: Black, Chocolate or Grizzly.
  • Removable shoulder strap with matching leather shoulder pad for varied carry styles.
  • Includes removable, adjustable Supreme Suspension Shoulder Strap for carrying comfort.
  • OPTIONAL: Martexin Original Wax can be used to touch-up and and freshen the wax on your bag.

The Bolt Backpack is part of the Bolt Collection of bags.

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  • International: 2-3 business day delivery. Country duty/tax calculated at Checkout. Details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Jim S. (Colorado, United States)
Same Excellent Quality

I purchased my 2nd Bolt Duffel bag from Waterfield, and it is every bit as good as the first bag (still in use and going strong). These bags last. This Bolt Duffel bag fits my weekend air flight carry on needs perfectly. Highly recommended. Thanks Waterfield!

KEvensen (California, United States)
Beautiful and classy bag

Great bag for work! I love that straps are long enough that I can wear them over my shoulder. Nice feature that each compartment can be filled to full capacity of the bag.

Paul K. (Idaho, United States)
Quality, function and style.

This time I opted for The Bolt Duffel in waxed canvas with chocolate leather. Sharp aesthetics, intelligent design, exceptional quality... everywhere I go it turns heads. As a veteran user of Waterfields products, I've grown accustomed to compliments and inquiries on my gear bags from my fellow travelers, and I'm pleased to recommend to them a company like Waterfield Designs.

Dylan G. (California, United States)
Best Bag Ever....Literally ever.

I'm a full time gigging musician and I have to lug lots of pedals, cables and gear with me every time I go to work. I spend more than a week looking for hours a day for the right gig back. The problem is most gig bags are branded with the bright and tacky colors of their company. I play weddings and 5-star hotels, corporate gigs and sometimes pretty fancy spots. I don't want to be a spokesperson for the company of the brand of my bag with a giant red alligator or eyesore of a logo, I have my own brand to represent when I'm performing and I want even my bags to match the aesthetic of my brand.

Most cable bags have lots of compartments and straps for storing many cables and miscellaneous items, but the bag quality itself is kind of crap. It's marketed towards musicians but the actual bags are often sub-standard but musicians keep buying them because they are the only bags specifically for us. I wanted something better. Something that I could carry all my gear in but that would actually look sleek. A full leather bag would be a bad idea since it would get scuffed up so much from the constant lugging.

When I came across Waterfield I was freaking out because aesthetically it was exactly what I was wanting. It was the best of both worlds - the durability of a professional gig bag but with just enough leather to make it look cool. It looked so much better than all the other bags that I was looking at. Then I read the reviews on it.....I was in. After getting this bag for myself, I have loaded to the brim with gear. It sometimes must weigh 50 pounds or more. The light rusty orange colored inner lining is perfect for spotting cables and things trying to hide in the darkness. The outside is clean and classy and looks uber professional. It has enough pockets and dividers to store all my pedals and cables. The bag is a work of art.

Sometimes I literally just sit in my car and sigh looking at the bag because this bag is so awesome. Get it.

And to Waterfield - you should seriously make a musician series of these bags. You'd make a killing. No company comes even close to this quality, but musicians have no idea you exist as a company. Reach us. Help our tacky bag problem. Musicians need better bags.

I 100% recommend this bag. It's the coolest bag I've ever owned. It's expensive yes, but it's better than pay alot up front for one thing you will have for decades or your lifetime than a little bit here and there for pieces of crap that break so often you're essentially renting them.

Go Waterfield or go home.

Jeff (Minnesota, United States)
More than a Day Bag

I bought the Bolt Duffel bag, as I knew from experience with many past purchases from SF Bags, that the quality and construction would be top notch. I was not disappointed. Tight stitching, quality leather and materials, solid zippers.

My only note to others; the LARGE bag is probably more than you need if you're using it for a weekender. I wanted the larger one because I pack away a Laptop and a CPAP machine and wanted to get down to 1 bag for travel. This one does it! If you're just packing 2-3 days of clothing, sundries and a small laptop or tablet, the smaller bag will probably fit you perfectly. The larger bag is certainly not a travel bag for airlines.

Once again, I have bought close to a dozen items from sfbags over the last few years and I have yet to be disappointed. These are not cheap, foreign made (chinese) bags; they are made in the US and made to last for years. I've got a few bags that are going on 8 years old that I use daily that are still in amazing shape. Spend your money wisely now and invest in quality; over the lifetime it will save you money.

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WaterField's Bolt Duffel Bag Delivers Style and Function

Newsweek - August 9, 2021

“As corny as it sounds, the Bolt Duffel Bag is more than a pretty face––it gets the job done.”

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WaterField Designs takes the wraps off their new Outback Duffel bags

The Gadgeteer - May 14, 2014

"I always get excited when an email comes into my inbox that has a title that starts with "WaterField Designs announces..." because I know I'm going to see a great looking new leather bag that I'll want to try out." ... "I love the blocky rustic style."

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The Waterfield Outback Duffel Bag is ready to go

Gear Diary - May 13, 2014

"Thoughtful about every aspect of their bag designs, the company made sure the large duffel will still fit in airline overhead bins." ... "Like everything we've seen from Waterfield, we expect the Outback Duffel Bag will not only look great in person but will also be beautifully built and last a long, long time. "


The Bolt Duffel Bag is available in two sizes:

  1. Small (Daily):
      Great for everyday use, a short trip, and perfect carry-on size for airline travel.

  2. Large (Weekender):
      Sized to maximize most airline carry-on restrictions.


Now you can keep clean clothes apart from your soiled ones. Or, keep your apparel away from accessories. 

"You should get the dual-zipper version. It's the best part! Each side can take over ~75% of the internal volume with the extra fabric in the divider. It's a clever, effective bit of organization that doesn't really detract from the main use for a duffel. You can overstuff the "back" pocket with bulky compressible items like clothes and still have useful volume for a dopp kit, shoes, electronics, etc. Less digging and less re-packing mitigates the more annoying parts about duffels." - Matthew C., San Francisco



Keep your bag looking new by applying wax when you think it needs a little refresh. Although any wax is applicable, you can use Martexin Original Wax which was initially used to coat your canvas bag.

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