Man smiling while playing a Nintendo Switch console during the day in a public cafe.

5 Benefits of a Nintendo Switch Protective Case

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing video game console. It's for countless reasons that the Switch has become one of the top selling game consoles of all time.

Switch and Switch Lite owners love their systems and find good reason to use them regularly. But anything that gets used regularly is prone to wear and tear. At least, that used to be the case.

With the right Nintendo Switch protective case, even hardcore gamers can enjoy their system for years to come. (Or at least until the Switch 2 is released...)

So many Nintendo Switch cases on the market, however, are simply not appropriate for all kinds of gamers. While all cases protect the Nintendo Switch, many of them are designed for and marketed to juveniles. If you are a mature professional who’s a gamer at heart, what alternatives do you have?

All WaterField cases for the Nintendo Switch are made for professionals. They’re made in the USA using quality materials like full-grain leather, waxed canvas, and ballistic nylon. Depending on how you want to carry your Nintendo Switch, we have a variety of stylish cases and bags that protect your Switch while in transit.

With that in mind, here are just a few reasons why you should consider getting a WaterField protective case for the Nintendo Switch:

1. Your Kit, Always On-Hand

Remember the dark days of gaming on the go? Game Boy cartridges callously tossed into your backpack, prone to being lost? Forgotten AA batteries that left you dead in the water right before defeating the boss?

Those days are thankfully over with modern mobile gaming cases that are designed for organization and protection.

With custom-fitted designs, modern Nintendo Switch protective cases can provide snug, organized spots for everything you need to game on the go. This includes your system, Joycons, SD cards, games, and other accessories

Think of a smartly designed Nintendo Switch protective case as a briefcase built specifically for gaming.

2. System Protection On the Go

While it works great while in docked mode, let’s face it: the Switch is built to travel. But one surefire way of ruining your Switch is to toss it into your bag alongside your keys, water bottle, and other hard objects.

A Nintendo Switch protection case can add a layer of water resistant interior padding around your Switch. This way, the screen is protected from scratches and the buttons are protected from accidental presses.

3. Separate, But Together

The Nintendo Switch is a great system. But it’s not perfect. The battery life could be better. The screen is rather scratch-prone. And we need only point to two simple words to truly make our point: Joycon drift.

Each of these issues and more can happen to any Switch. But with a dedicated Nintendo Switch protective case, you can help prevent common issues as you travel with your system.

The efficient organization of a Nintendo Switch carry case means you can carry charging cables and additional battery packs to ensure you’re always juiced up.

Moreover, employing a padded Switch sleeve means your screen isn’t at risk of being scratched when not in use.

But most importantly, you can help avoid Joycon drift by keeping your Joycons tucked away and protected from dust and debris while not in use. To minimize the potential dust impact on your Switch’s Joycons, consider a Nintendo Switch protective case.

4. Everything in its Right Place

To truly game on the go, you need more than your Switch. You need games, battery packs, and much more. It’s a lot to carry, and simply tossing everything into a backpack or satchel risks disorganization at the very least and loss at the very worst.

Give yourself the gift of organized gameplay with a Switch carrying case designed for all of your accessories. Packing everything before the daily commute or a big trip means no chance of forgetting anything. When it’s time to leave, simply grab and go!

5. Sneaky Storage

Like we said up top, so many protective cases for Nintendo Switch look like they were designed for school children. But for professionals who game, there is nothing more credibility-breaking than a pastel plastic Nintendo Switch case peeking out of their belongings in the office.

Instead, consider a padded Nintendo Switch case for protective organization that allows for smart looks that match snug device protection. Styles abound, if you know where to look, with materials and styles that range from sophisticated leather to workaday canvas and linen.

System storage doesn’t need to look like a child’s plaything. Get your hands on the best protective cases for Nintendo Switch befitting of a professional like yourself.

Discover the Best Protective Cases for Nintendo Switch

We love the Switch just as much as you do. But we also know a well-made Switch travel case can make all the difference for your favorite system.

With different designs and styles from WaterField, adult gamers can find the storage solution that works best for them:

Magnetic cases, pouches, and slip cases are all minimalist Nintendo Switch protection cases that you can insert into bigger bags. Meanwhile, the WaterField CitySlicker is an everyday shoulder bag that looks professional and offers a plush microsuede lining. Or you could consider the WaterField Hip Sling, which is ideal for gaming parties and can fit the Switch, accessories, and other extras with ease. Truly, there are myriad professionally-appropriate Nintendo Switch protective cases to consider.

A WaterField Designs case offers craftsmanship you won’t find elsewhere. And we offer the Nintendo Switch’s best protective case for every need. Enjoy the difference of well considered console protection. Buy Your Nintendo Switch Carrying Case Now!