Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Switch Carrying Case for Adult Gamers

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Switch Carrying Case for Adult Gamers

The Nintendo Switch is an exceptional console that offers consistently high performance at home and on the go. Of course, a Switch has to be in good working order to be used just about anytime, just about anywhere. That makes protecting your Switch especially important. It’s not enough to just throw it into your backpack or general-purpose bag. To effectively protect your Switch, you need a Switch carrying case designed with this console in mind. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s important to protect your Switch. Then, we’ll review key qualities that are a sign of a truly exceptional Switch carrying case. 

Nintendo took the gaming world by storm by introducing the Switch as the next evolution of portable gaming.  Nintendo Switches are designed to be portable, so keeping them safe while on the go is paramount and Nintendo Switch carrying cases and travel cases from WaterField Designs do just that. Our cases aren't overly modern or technical, nor do they use complicated cutting edge technology to protect your handheld gaming device. We simply use the best rugged. full-grain leather and resilient canvas or ballistic nylon to create a great protective barrier for your Switch. This allows our cases to be simple yet stunningly handsome, and helps them keep a low profile, both physically and visually. 

In addition to this, protecting your Switch helps you get the most out of it. Our protective Switch cases use zipper or magnetic closures to securely seal your Switch within the case. This protects the Switch from external contaminants like dust or dirt, giving your Switch a longer lifespan. Furthermore, all of our Switch carrying cases and protective cases are lined with an extremely plush fleece liner which protects your Switch's screen from scratches.  Keeping your Switch protected makes it easy to use it whenever and wherever you want, and we strive to make cases that facilitate this.

While our cases are very aesthetically pleasing, we don't forego functionality. Take for instance our Switch Magnetic case: this case is designed to carry your Nintendo Switch and a few small accessories, but have the contents of the case be very accessible. In order to achieve this, we designed an ingenious magnetic zipper that can be opened and closed extremely quickly, but that also creates a very wide case opening for easy retrieval of gear. Like the Switch Magnetic Case, all of our other Switch carrying cases are deigned to be extremely functional within their use case. Additionally, we know that Switch users usually carry many auxiliary accessories with their Nintendo Switches. Due to this, all of our cases have additional storage compartments for accessories, and some of our cases even come in larger sizes to accommodate third-party grip cases. To make carrying all of this easier, many of our cases can be optioned with shoulder straps that make carry and travel a breeze. 


The Nintendo Switch carrying cases and Switch travel cases from WaterField Designs stand above the rest  due to their well thought out design, their strong focus on functionality, and their handsome aesthetics.


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