Why should you use a Crossbody Bag?

Why should you use a Crossbody Bag?

As the market for tech bags evolves and bags are introduced with new self-proclaimed "groundbreaking" features that attempt to constantly outdo the competition, and can feel like a daunting task to find a bag that meets your needs while remaining easy to use and live with. Many people get drawn in by big bags, packed with features and new innovations, only to realize that the bag they opted for is much too big, complicated, or necessary for their use case. While bigger bags have their place, the often overlooked crossbody presents a wonderful alternative for tech carry. WaterField Designs offers several unique crossbody bags, each designed with different needs and uses in mind.


Though crossbody bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they are generally pretty compact and focus on preserving a slim footprint so that they can be carried easily and seamlessly. At WaterField Designs, we melded the concept of slim crossbody bags and useful tech bags to create a line of crossbody laptop bags. WaterField laptop crossbody bags offer their wearers an easy and efficient way to carry around a laptop or tablet, as well as other devices and tech accessories. One of the main draws towards using a crossbody bag as a laptop bag or daily essential bag is the fact that they can be worn ambidextrously via the integrated shoulder strap. This makes our laptop crossbody bags very versatile and able to conform to many different body types and carrying preferences. In addition to this, our laptop crossbody bags are slim and light. This makes the bags very manageable, but also incentivizes the bag wearer to pack more thoughtfully. We are all guilty of over-packing our bags, so having a smaller option helps us prioritize what we really need and what can be left behind. 

A crossbody laptop bag that perfectly embodies this carrying ethos is the WaterField Essential Crossbody. This bag was originally created as a super-compact iPad Mini crossbody pouch, but evolved into four different sizes, the largest of those being able to accommodate an Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch. Although, the Essential Crossbody evolved and received larger iterations with time, it has always retained a very slim profile. Designed for quick access, the Essential Crossbody has a padded pocket for laptops and tablets, a front zippered pocket for securing your wallet and keys, and an open front pocket for frequently-accessed items, but it stays away from any additions that would add weight or bulk to the bag. Due to this, the Essential Crossbody is the perfect crossbody laptop bag for people who only need to carry their laptop/tablet and a few other essential items.

For people that like the idea of a slim laptop crossbody bag, but want something more classically styled, WaterField Designs also makes the Muzetto Leather Bag. This laptop crossbody bag offers all the benefits of the Essential Crossbody, but adds a touch more class and refinement by being constructed out of 100% full-grain leather compared to the Essential's ballistic nylon.  

While the slim size of our laptop crossbody bags may lead people to believe that we removed features to achieve a smaller footprint, that is not the case. WaterField Designs laptop crossbody bags strive to be aesthetically pleasing and extremely useable. Our Muzetto Leather Bag and Essential Crossbody both have many different compartments, including phone pockets and several hand pockets for smaller gear. Furthermore, both of these bags have an integrated laptop/tablet compartment which offers great protection for your laptop/tablet and also keeps the size of the bag smaller. 

While great features are a cornerstone of our laptop briefcases, quality and durability is something we focus on greatly. We use premium full-grain leather sourced from North America, American milled canvas, and strong 1050 denier ballistic nylon to craft our briefcases. This supports the great aesthetics our bags offer, but it also ensures that our bags will be durable and stand the test of time. 

With all of this in mind, a laptop crossbody bag may just be the perfect bag for you.

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