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A Custom Fit Case for the Mac Pro
A Custom Fit Case for the Mac Pro
Mac Pro Go Case fit
Mac Pro Go Case fit
Mac Pro Case Apple wireless keyboard pocket
Mac Pro Case Apple wireless keyboard pocket
Mac Pro Go Case
Mac Pro Go Case
Disc Pouches for padding and storage
Disc Pouches for padding and storage
See more User Reviews below
See more User Reviews below

Mac Pro Go Case

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The Mac Pro Go Case protects Apple's powerhouse in transit. A plushly-padded main compartment cradles the Mac Pro, an exterior pocket houses the Apple wireless keyboard, and a disc pocket inside keeps accessories handy.

All our products are crafted locally in our workshop by the most skilled sewing team in San Francisco.


  • Rugged ballistic nylon exterior
  • Soft, cashmere-like interior

Weight & Dimensions:

  • 7.5" diameter, 12" - 14" height; 1.6 lbs.


  • Suspensions Strap attaches to metal D-rings
  • Non-slip shoulder pad

  • Two disc pouches are included for storage and additional protection

The Mac Pro Go Case is custom fitted for the Mac Pro along with Apple wireless keyboard, a mouse, cables and power cord.

Gear We Love: Mac Pro Go Case a good fit for your on-the-go Mac Pro

Gear We Love: Mac Pro Go Case a good fit for your on-the-go Mac Pro

Macworld - August 11, 2014 “The Mac Pro Go Case is a great accessory for anybody looking to regularly transport a Mac Pro.”

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Mac Pro Go Case

Tuaw - May 20, 2014 "What I really like is the round, disc-like accessories bag, which can take a bundle of loose goodies, zip them up, and then sit in the "ash tray" on top of the Mac Pro."

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WaterField Designs' Mac Pro Go Case keeps Apple's desktop safe during transport

Apple Insider - May 20, 2014 "With the concerted effort Apple put into redesigning its flagship Mac Pro desktop, the company was able to shrink chassis size substantially compared previous designs. WaterField Designs is taking advantage of the hard work in a new case made to transport the powerful machine into the field." "The Mac Pro Go Case holds nearly everything on-the-go professionals need to transport and operate a Mac Pro in the field, including a pocket for a full-size keyboard, a sack for the power cable and a mouse and extra space for other peripherals."

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Mac Pro Go Case Review

MacRumors - May 20, 2014 "The case cushions the Mac Pro with both internal padding and a plush liner, and there's a heavy duty plastic plate to protect the bottom of the computer."

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The Mac (not Book) Pro as a portable computing device?

Technology Tell - May 23, 2014 "...I anticipate better prospects for WaterField Designs' new Mac Pro Go case, released just in time for WWDC next month. For one (very important) thing, the size and weight of the new cylindrical Pro and its peripherals are much more real-world reasonable, and will be able to keep Apple's diminutive powerhouse and its associated bits safe in transit."

Customer Reviews

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I am a professional retoucher and often need to travel on location for photo shoots. I recently bought a Mac Pro trashbin for this purpose and wanted something to transport it safely. The Go Case does the trick. My only criticism for improvement would a velcroed pouch on the other side from the outside pocket, where you could store cables and more stuff. You can only really fit a mini keyboard in the pocket. Not a showstopper of course.


Awesome craftsmanship... AND function, with style.

Considering this is the only manufacturer of portable protective cases for the 2013-2019 mac pro, (the most portable mac pro on the market!), it's a double-edged miracle. The strap - completely indestructible, with quality buckles to the case - the case itself, durable, water-tight (or seems so, didn't get to test it yet), stylish black material (thick nylon?), with an interior lining fit for the glossy shell of the mac. even has a spot for the wireless keyboard, and some other internal space for accessories. Turns the somewhat weighty mac pro cylinder into something more resembling a round messenger bag (with a little heft). Excellent stitching, seems it will last for many, many trips with the mac. Really couldn't be much more pleased with it.

“Papa’s got a brand new bag”

What can I say, I love this bag in every way from the materials used to the design to the feel and craftsmanship and all that at a very reasonable price. I think the only thing I would ‘possibly’ do to embellish it would be to have the top a little longer so it could roll over like a dry bag, but it works pretty much in the capacity as is. Top notch, great job! 5 out of 5!

How much can fit in the disk pouch?

The Disk pouch can fit quite a lot. Whether it be a mouse, your USB chords, power chords, or charger, you can get a lot into those little pockets.

Is it waterproof?

The entire case is water resistant. But don’t surf with it.

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  • Quality products and service -- repeat customer.
    - Billy G., New Jersey
  • True Apple Protection For Design Products.
    - Cody B., Alabama
  • Great Product Great Price Great Service
    - Earle K., Illinois
  • Mac Pro likes stylish understatement bags!
    - Lutz J., Germany