Mac Pro Go Case

  • Mac Pro Go Case
  • Mac Pro Case apple wireless keyboard pocket
    Mac Pro Case apple wireless keyboard pocket
  • Mac Pro Go Case fit
    Mac Pro Go Case fit
  • Mac Pro Go Case
  • Disc Pouches for padding and storage
    Disc Pouches for padding and storage
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Super Power on the Go. The Mac Pro Go Case protects Apple's powerful computer in transit. The soft, cushy, cashmere-like interior cradles the Mac Pro like a baby and the rugged ballistic nylon exterior protects it from bumps & scratches. It holds the Mac Pro, the Apple wireless keyboard, a mouse, cables and power cord. Accessories are stored in a disc pouch placed at the top of the case. With the Mac Pro case, video editors, gamers, developers and big power users can now take their power with them in an appropriate shoulder bag.

When empty, the Mac Pro Go Case doubles as a handy bag to take around town.


  • One Size: 7.5" diameter, 12"-14" height
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs. empty, 13.8 lbs. with Mac Pro & accessories
  • Included:
    • Suspension Shoulder Strap
    • Accessories disc pouch

I received my Mac Pro bag today and used it on my flight to LA this morning. It is awesome! I travel for work a lot and I can bring my computer anywhere now, and thanks to you I can do it in comfort and style!!
Great work,


I love it. Great work guys. Ingenious. Good build construction. Brought my mac to the Apple Store and they were asking me where I got it.

My only other bag maker I absolutely love is Saddleback Leather - but they can be a bit on the heavy side - this perfect and lightweight.

Cheers and have a great weekend.



Gear We Love: Mac Pro Go Case a good fit for your on-the-go Mac Pro

Macworld - August 11, 2014

“The Mac Pro Go Case is a great accessory for anybody looking to regularly transport a Mac Pro.”


The Mac (not Book) Pro as a portable computing device?

The Mac (not Book) Pro as a portable computing device?

Technology Tell - May 23, 2014

"...I anticipate better prospects for WaterField Designs' new Mac Pro Go case, released just in time for WWDC next month. For one (very important) thing, the size and weight of the new cylindrical Pro and its peripherals are much more real-world reasonable, and will be able to keep Apple's diminutive powerhouse and its associated bits safe in transit."

Mac Pro Go Case Review

Mac Pro Go Case Review

MacRumors - May 20, 2014

"The case cushions the Mac Pro with both internal padding and a plush liner, and there's a heavy duty plastic plate to protect the bottom of the computer."

WaterField Designs' Mac Pro Go Case keeps Apple's desktop safe during transport

WaterField Designs' Mac Pro Go Case keeps Apple's desktop safe during transport

Apple Insider - May 20, 2014

"With the concerted effort Apple put into redesigning its flagship Mac Pro desktop, the company was able to shrink chassis size substantially compared previous designs. WaterField Designs is taking advantage of the hard work in a new case made to transport the powerful machine into the field."

"The Mac Pro Go Case holds nearly everything on-the-go professionals need to transport and operate a Mac Pro in the field, including a pocket for a full-size keyboard, a sack for the power cable and a mouse and extra space for other peripherals."


Mac Pro Go Case

Tuaw - May 20, 2014

"What I really like is the round, disc-like accessories bag, which can take a bundle of loose goodies, zip them up, and then sit in the "ash tray" on top of the Mac Pro."

How much can fit in the disk pouch?

The Disk pouch can fit quite a lot. Whether it be a mouse, your USB chords, power chords, or charger, you can get a lot into those little pockets.

Is it waterproof?

The entire case is water resistant. But don’t surf with it.

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  • Quality products and service -- repeat customer.
    - Billy G., New Jersey
  • True Apple Protection For Design Products.
    - Cody B., Alabama
  • Great Product Great Price Great Service
    - Earle K., Illinois
  • Mac Pro likes stylish understatement bags!
    - Lutz J., Germany

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