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Six-Word Testimonials

The magic of six! Six word stories (Ernest Hemingway), six word memoirs (Smith Magazine), six second videos (Vine). Now, six word customer testimonials from WaterField Designs. Care to try? Show your creativity.

The Cycling Ride Pouch is Perfect.
-Jay B., Massachusetts

Cycling made easy with my pouch!
- Ray G., New York


The best 3DS case available. Period.
- Brandon M., California

Classiest 3DS case I've ever seen!
- Stephen T., California

Best 3DSXL case ever, enough said!
- Nicolas B., Canada

3DS case is perfect, apart from.
- Andrew D., Scotland

Nexus 7 + WaterField = bulletproof.
- Chad M., New York

My PS Vita never looked better!
- Joshua H., California

3DSXL. Vita. Wallet. Customer for life.
- Nick W., USA

Makes my 3DS look grown-up!
- Chris C., Georgia

Happy customer satisfied with Vita Case!
- JD J., United Kingdom

Super comfortable “house” for my 3DSL
- Chunyu G., China

- K. P., Texas

Best 3DSXL case on the market!
- Joshua H., California

Quality 3DSXL case. Worth EVERY penny!
- Beau C.

3DS's never look this respectable guys!
- Andreas Z.


outback canvas duggel

Garment bag is also duffel; genius.
- Dan K., Minnesota

Simple, Practical craftsmanship. A great duffel!
- Jeffrey O., Nevada


Bolt Laptop Briefcase

Bolt canvas gorgeous awesome retro looking
- Kai C., England

The Bolt is another WaterField hit!
- Michael C., New Jersey

Practically perfect, in absolutely every way.
- Amy S., California


"Sexy bag" is what they say.
- Jenn P., Washington

Phone case really makes me sexy.
- David M., USA

New case looks sexy. Friends jealous!
- Joshua H., Florida

Museum guard asked where to buy.
- Chris U., California

A great bag for a man!
- Jane P., Colorado

Looks good, functions well, impresses others.
- Roy D., Oklahoma

Works gud; looks gud. Thx.
- Mike M., New Mexico

Everyone: where did you get IT ?????
- Kristina M.


This can handle a big boy.
- Shy Guy, New York

Spinn Case. Rugged. Classic. Stylish. Perfect!
- Chuck C., Ohio

Perfect case for my iPhone 6.
- Jim C., USA

Great quality & fit! Happy iPhone 6+.
- Al D., Canada

Love it. Well made. iPHone loves it.
- Ralph I., New York

iPhone case, much better than expected!
- Randy A., Virginia

Love my iPhone holster.
- Robert B., USA

Every day on my hip with iPad.
- Michael H., Washington, D.C.

Best looking 6Plus case I've used.
- Brad A., South Dakota

Best holster ever!
- Jack H., USA

iPhone 6plus fits like a dream.
- Celeste D., Florida

iPhone 6 case, EDC - love it
- Mark L., California

Spinn Case is the real deal!
- Mike G., Ohio

Spinn iPhone Case: Wow! Just Wow!
- Steven D., Texas

Spinn: finally, a hip belt case!
- Ric G., Oregon

Spinn Case awesome, quality bar none!
- Ted D., Hawaii

iPhone Spinn Case: great sophisticated utility!
- John R., California

Custom Spinn Case is simplicity perfected!
- Kyle M., USA

Dad's Spinn Case induces hipster envy.
- John P., Texas

iPhone Spinn Case perfect for 6 Plus!
- John B., New York

iPhone 6 case was office hit!
- Maurice S., Jakarta, Indonesia

Spinn Case- beautiful, tough, worth it!
- Dean B., New Orleans, LA

Spinn: finally a hip belt case!
- Ric G., Oregon


External Mac drive has amazing home!
- Dean D., Michigan

Sleep well, my Surface Pro 3.
- David H., Virginia

Outback case keeps my iPad safe.
- Kevin L., Washington

SleeveCase for iPad & Keyboard exceptional!
- Michael J., Texas

Nexus 9 Sleeve: Best sleeve yet!
- Michael C., New Jersey

HAPPY with my Apple SuperDrive Sleeve!
- Patricia C., U.S.A.

Kindle snug asa bug ina rug.
- Downing B., Oregon

Best sleeve I have ever owned!
- Stan W., California

Just arrived, laptop case, best ever!
- Bob M., Georgia

Your tablet case is the best.
- Tony V.

Dropped laptop. Not broken. Thanks, Waterfield!
- Amy B.

After that, my laptop should have broken.
- David C.

Have Pixel? Need WaterField! Enough said.
- Jeff S.

Tight but comfortable fit, durable quality.
- Sebastien B.

Sleevecase helps calm my anal retentiveness
- Eric T.

First case! iPad mini is cozy.
- Wes H.

Sleeve pull tab, pure unadulterated genius!
- Patricia C., Massachusetts

Best looking sturdy. Built to last.
- Frans G., The Netherlands

Bombproof bags for active lifestyles.
- Khue C., California

Rugged enough to last a lifetime.
- James E., California

Holding up well to regular use.
- Rich K., USA

I can't seem to hurt it.
- Skip K., Colorado

Best laptop bag around, very durable
- Lady in Utah

My original WaterField Wallet: None better.
- Nikki R., Georgia

Quality craftsmanship, classy designs, unbeatable construction!
- Cody D., Texas

WaterField is durable, weathered authentic gear.
- Mickey G., Denmark

Tough as nails and extremely practical.
- Mitchell S., Alberta, Canada

WaterField's Durable Bags Outlive Politicians' Promises.
- RJ T., Oregon

Two years and not a scratch!
- Jose R., Arkansas

Donkey's years old. Good as new!
- Gwynne H., United Kingdom

Three year old. BEST. CASE. EVER!!!
- Beth F., Massachusetts

Stylish, durable: aging better than me.
- Chris M., Indiana

Elegant, beautiful, classy...made to last!
- Jan L., California

Beautifully handmade. Tough as nails. Win
- Derick S., California

My great-grandkids are inheriting this.
- Richard G., United Kingdom

Simple design, perfect function, timeless quality!
- Stephanie C., Illinois

Fashionably Fabulous! Functionally Foremost, Bullet-proof Bags!
- Bill H., Thailand & China

Takes a beating—still looks new!
- Mary D., Arizona

Great cases. Solidly built. Protection everywhere.
- Frank B.


Finn: a pun on ""thin"". Droll.
- Eolake S., UK

BEST wallet EVER! Absolutely LOVE it!!
- Tami K., Tennessee

Open zip, money flip, very hip.
- Charles A., Arkansas

Greatest wallet ever made have I.
- William R., California

Wallet rocks my pocket, zips up!
- Shy Me, Connecticut

Finn wallet goes everywhere with me!
- Celestino S., Virginia

Finn wallet--flatter, tougher, better looking.
- Todd B., Texas

Wallet full; not stuffed. Happy money.!
- Jesse M., Maine

Love the Finn Wallet for iPhone.
- Shy Guy, Georgia

If I was doing acid iwouldstareatthiswalletallday.
- Craig M., U.S.

I love using my Finn Wallet.
- Ulf T., Sweden

Exact wallet I've been searching for!
- Dane F., Texas

One Wallet at last: cards, money, phone.
- Shy Guy, Massachusetts

Hello, Finn. Bye, bye, butt bulge.
- Paul G., Pennsylvania

Cures 'Costanza Syndrome' even with phone.
- Stephen H., Washington

Thru washing machine: Finn is Fine!
- David B., Pennsylvania

First wallet that wife approves of.
- Gary C., California

Pants pockets stuffed? Fix with Finn!
- Guy S., Illinois

Wallet Stolen From Bar; Free Fin?
- Kevin T., California

Staad, Finn. Happy, happy, joy, joy!
- Geoff D., Minnesota

Finn 69 holds everything great product
- Eugene Q., Singapore

Stop searching: Finn wallet just perfect
- Phillipe D., France

Finn 42. Swallows everything! You beauty!!
- John A., United Kingdom

Loved my Catch! But Finn? Priceless…
- Erick B.

Finn Wallet, money secure!!!
- Robert S.

Simple Finn design streamlined my life.
- Ray H.

Finn? Want! Catch? Bought. Wait? Years.
- Terrance M.

Finn. Phone, cards, cash. Stylishly carried.
- Mark H.

Awesome wallet. Cards, money, iPhone. Cool!
- Ben M.



Multiple Slings, Year 4, As New.
- Laura H., Massachusetts

Inspired Protective Products Now, and Future
- Lloyd M.,New York

In case of apocalypse, choose Waterfield.
- Kelli B., Oregon


3DSXL case makes me look rich.
- Eden M., California

Work sucks less with WaterField bag.
- Traci F., Pennsylvania

Got bag. Next: whip, fedora, treasure!
- Todd N., Connecticut

Conversation starter that showcases exceptional quality.
- Ryan N., California

Builds confidence! 'Better than a therapist'.
- Robert B., Texas

Products that add to life's experiences!
- Bill W., North Carolina


Rugged Slim Perfect Fit American Made
- Danny C., Washington

Searched relaxed elegance uniqueness quality ordered
- Richard H., Sweden

Elegant simplicity whilst providing excellent security.
- Julian L., United Kingdom

Great style, functionality, well made. Perfect.
- Geoff L., Australia

Amazing Stylish, Waterproof, Unique Love it!
- Alana M., Canada

firmitas, utilitas, venustas —Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
- Andrew M., California

Bombproof bags for active lifestyles.
- Khue C., California

Sturdy, elegant, functional, easy. Perfect!
- Emanuele G., Italy

Classy and functional. Draws great attention.
- Paul A., U.S.A.

Very functional without bulk.
- Jackie D., Texas

A case for every new device!
- Jonathan J., United Kingdom

Stylish, well-crafted, practical, durable, amazing!
- Michael S., Texas

Style and function that last forever.
- Dan C., New Jersey

Super sexy products for sexy devices!
- Carl S., California

Great solutions that keep you organized!
- Leonie B., Netherlands

Elegantly functional. Never leave without it!
- Bryce V., Canada

Cool, contemporary, comfortable, casual, compact, choice.
- Jim F., United States

Nice looking, well built, strong bag.
- Curt R., Iowa

Awesome style, completely practical, everyday, everywhere.
- Tony M., Australia

WaterField carry style without the baggage.
- Rajarshi C., Georgia

Sturdy, fitting, stylish bags to go!
- Rivo A., Ungarn (Hungary)

mouth WATERing, FIELD ready, great DESIGN
- Horst N., Germany

Everything in its place, easily found.
- John W., California

Fast Friendly Fine Fun Fashion.
- Kallman C., New Jersey

World class collection with touch of perfection.
- Vinay G., India

Looks, design, convenience, quality - Waterfield.
- Nancy W.

WaterField Designs: aggressively cool, elegantly functional.
- Mike D.


I don't own anything but WaterField.
- Erin M., California

Superb quality and functionality inspires loyalty.
- Justin P., Nevada

Own five products. Just ordered sixth.
- Lee F., North Dakota

WaterField cusotmer since 2002, what else?
- Henk D., Netherlands

Outstanding service and Products: Lifelong Customer.
- Sam H., Georgia

Ten-year customer--still returning for more
- T.R.

Repeat customer. Never leaving. They ROCK!
- Aaron K., Oregon


6+ purchases - what more 2 say
- Shy Guy, California

Excellent products! Second purchase, soon third.
- Kasper S., Copenhagen, Denmark

A totally satisfied happy returning customer.
- Beverly B., Florida

First time buyer. Definitely coming back!
- Michael H., Washington

Own 2 WaterField products. Never feel disappointed.
- Nan P., Maryland

Love my case--Repeat customer made.
- Jackson S., Canada

Loved old case--ordered new one!
- Jenine G-W., Connecticut

First time customer, hungry for more...
- Jeroen G., Netherlands

Returning customer, great designs, unbeatable construction.
- Shy guy, Washington

Six? I need but one. Phenomenal.
- Bob F., Massachusetts

Hmm. I'll have one of everything.
- Braden W., Canada

Newbie.Soon to be a repeat customer
- Rebekah H., Virginia

Third purchase and satisfied once again!!
- Frank D., Florida

Have twenty WaterField products, need more!
- John R.

Have six Waterfield bags, love them!
- R.Z.

I cannot count all my products!!
- Linda H.


Made in USA, carried in Switzerland
- Reto G., Switzerland

American Made Masterpieces Affordable To Everyone
- James L., California

SFSFSF: Stylish Favorite So From San Francisco
- Harold S.

Ingenious, Innovative, American-made, Surpassing expectation.
- Grant M., Texas

Great product, very proud American craftspeople.
- Victor C., Ohio

Beautiful craftsmanship! Made in America! Leather!
- Guy B., Florida

Awesome! An American made iPhone Case!
- Shy Guy, Virginia

Fantastic products made in the USA
- Michael H., Idaho

Durable, functional, sweet; made in America.
- Carl W., Utah

Finally, American craftsmanship means something again.
- Emory L., Iowa

Gadgets = proud Americans, buy them WaterField!
- Lisa G., Wisconsin

USA Made, Bags that live forever
- David M.

Well made bag made in USA!
- Traci F.



14-year-old addicted to Waterfield. Saving up!
- AJ G., Ohio

Need or want? Whatever. Ordering more!
- Dennis K., Maryland

Six products in four years. Outstanding!
- Shy Guy, Australia

Get stuck on SFbags! I did!
- Phil S., Texas

Addicted to WaterField! Joss Whedon's fault.
- Christopher W., Wisconsin

Some received, more ordered. Bagaholism satiated.
- Jason R., Ireland

Seeking treatment for my WaterFiled obsession.
- Steven K., New Jersey

Buy one, then you’ll want others.
- Danny D., South Carolina

Like chips, one is not enough!
- Tammy S., Connecticut

Help! I am addicted to SFbags!
- Julee M., California

Stop me before I buy again!
- Joseph T.

My advice: buy whatever they sell!
- Mark A.

So good, I keep coming back!
- Cameron D., Australia

How did I survive before WaterField?
- Jeff G.

I keep buying bags from WaterField.
- Alex C.

I buy more despite lifetime construction.
- James F.

Obsession Satisfied. Finally found perfect bag.
- Michael K.

Use it every day. The best!
- Andrew E.

Amazing products! Please take my money!
- Dave C.

Fantastic bags! Addicted!
- Gil G.

ipad,keyboard,iphone-all I need!
- Tom E.



WaterField Muzetto is perfect for iPad!
- Cindy S., South Carolina

Raining today, no worries with Muzetto!
- Doug C., California

Muzetto Outback canvas perfect for pilots!
- Jim W., United States

Have Muzetto Bag; will travel stylishly.
- Gerald S., Georgia

Found my last bag; Muzetto.
- Rick C., Colorado

Wear Muzetto and get compliments everyday.
- Jeremy H., California

Muzetto is the best bag period!
- Sal B., Canada

Muzzetto: Fashionably Exceptional Mens Urbanite Carryall
- J.V.

My Muzetto goes or I don't.
- Ronald B.

Muzetto. It's awesome. No regrets.
- Pete W.

 Love my Muzetto bag. Spot on.
- Erick B.

My Macs in Muzetto & Racer-X.
- Kenyada K.

Not one day without my Muzetto!
- Rudy P.


Works great. Everything I expected.
- Dennis N.

Not much that I love more.
- Peter R., Florida

Expedient, honest, convenient, masculine-looking bag.
- Jim H., California

Sound investment protecting my Apple gear.
- Robert B., California

Truth!! Never owned a better case!!!
- Joey M., California

Durable design, quality construction, impressive performance.
- Lisa B., Florida

Wonderful, Sturdy, and Beautifully Versatile Bags.
- Valinda R., New York

One for every comp. No regrets.
- Jonathan P., New York

Solutions that actually work as intended!
- Jim H., New York

In WaterField Designs cases I trust!
- Matthew D., California

Loving your iPad, iPhone, Mac accessories!
- Robert B., Wyoming

Style, Quality, Gorgeous! Simply in love.
- Vicki P., Arizona

Love the bag! Well made!
- Edgardo D., New York

Quality, style, utility. I'll be back.
- William W., New Mexico

Great Product! Great Service! Great Expectations!
- Terry A., Wisconsin

Cards, cash, coins, crayon, coupons: complete.
- Mathurin D., France

Sleek, stylish yet practical and functional.
- Kirthi G., New Hampshire

Why would you buy anything else?
- Jeff P.

A bag for grown up techies.
- Mike M., California

Even the gift cards are gorgeous.
- Adam T., California

A little expensive, lots of awesome.
- Sohrab S., Canada

All it was said to be!
- Ken M.

Good work, works good, 'nuff said!
- Don A., Georgia

The best made tech bags...Period!
- Richard B., Maine

When only the best will do.
- David M., Canada

Greatest bag I ever bought!
- Bradley H., Florida

Most fantastic I have ever purchased!
- Louis G., Texas

Snap, zip, smooth, safe, and sound.
- Patrick C., Tennessee

World class service, quality, and people.
- Josh C., New Jersey


Great quality product with amazing service
- Rory A., New Zealand

Good service? No. It's Incredible.
- Shy Guy, United Kingdom

Superior quality and outstanding service.
- Dennis M., Idaho

Great design. Quality product. Great service.
- Tom L., Pennsylvania

Exceptional product quality and customer service.
- Andrew C., Colorado

Exquisite case. Fast delivery. Excellent service.
- Sharon D., New Zealand

Quality only surpassed by service. Period.
- Ryan M., Nebraska

Professional, courteous, reliable, friendly, and fantastic.
- Jose L., Hinchinbrook NSW, Australia

Beautifully crafted product, outstanding customer service!
- Sandra B., California

Superb service. Superb products. Thank you!
- Terry B., Oregon

Awesome service! Quality products! The BEST!
- Barb P., Ohio

My transaction was a perfect action.
- Craig C.,California

Awesome products and amazing customer service!
- Janeen S., Florida

Manchester UK in three days, excellent!
- Alison B., United Kingdom

See + order + receive '<'24h. Smile.
- Brian G., Canada

Best customer service on the planet.
- Denise B., Montana

WaterField Designs = Quality products & Great Service
- Lynn L.

Quality products with excellent service rendered.
- Jeffrey C., California

Highly impressed! Excellent product and service.
- Jim D., Earth

Best customer service! Best Bags EVER!
- Rex M., California

Absolutely great product and fast shipping.
- Sam N., Georgia

Great service. Cool Bag. Envious friends.
- Lisa G., Australia

Fast shipping, great product. Very happy!
- Deanna Z., Washington

USA to UK 3 days fantastic
- Richard Y., England

I place orders, Gary signs cards.
- Emory L., Iowa

WaterField, awesome customer service, none better.
- Cindy N., Illinois

Superb customer service. Delighted with the product.
- Mary Lynn P., South Carolina

Super fast delivery. Super awesome bag!
- Lori A., California

Amazing top-notch products and service
- Elizabeth C., California

Best service. Not just for hipsters!
- John C., Australia

Excellent customer service, excellent quality product!
- Adrian O., Singapore

Exceptional products, Unbeatable service, Enough said!
- Kimberly C.

Great Product. Great Price. Great Service.
- Earle K.

Excellent service, great bag, lacks magnet-closing-mechanism.
- Christian F.

Gary's service and products rock. Period.
- Kent B.

Great service! Sturdy, versatile, attractive, functional.
- Kristin F.

Perfect for iPad plus keyboard.
- Kristin F.

Outstanding customer service, excellent product quality!
- Marcus L.

Service, great. Quality, high. Awesomeness, 1000%.
- Kasper R.


Tremendous quality, easy to organize, great looks
- Shy Me., Arizona

Outstanding design, craftsmanship, and customer service!
- Jim M., Georgia

Innovation, sophistication and attention to details.
- Nidal H., USA

Impressive design, flawless construction, unequalled support.
- Terry E.

Smartly Designed. Elegantly Functional. Stylishly Durable.
- Richard U., Philippines

Four words: Incredible design, incredible service.
- Shelley W., Kentucky

Clean, beatiful, classy and well done.
- Stephan S., Germany/Mexico

Beautiful Functionally Designed and Expertly Handcrafted.
- Lauren G., New Hampshire

Detailed Refinement with fashionable technical materials.
- Eric M., Florida

Considered invention with care and attention.
- Paul M., Manchester, UK

A wonderful design; built to last.
- Gary C., California

Retro feel, functional fit, reliable companion
- Mark P., Colorado

eye catching, well made and stylish
- Matthew D., Illinois

So Sleek. Not Weak. Geek Chic.
- Erik M., Maryland

Timeless, Classic, Understated. Less is more.
- Rodney C., East Sussex, UK

Simplicity plus workmanship equals quality.
- Juan C., Georgia

Consumer loyalty always follows great design.
- Mario L., California

Functional perfection. Cords, chargers, beautifully organized.
- Mercedes H., California

Ballistic nylon, the greatest design choice.
- Chris H., Canada

Perfection can be an understatement.
- Alfred Y., Malaysia

Simple, clean, useful SFBags. Simply awesome.
- Sean L., Canada


Always excitement when receiving WaterField item
- Ronen Z., Israel

Only bags worthy of my electronics!
- Dana H., New Jersey

Wrote paper on Waterfield. Weird? No.
- AJ G., Ohio

Won't find better. Don't even try.
- Travis F., California

Bags are optional; SFbags are not.
- Victor S.

WaterField, the only bags you want.
- Shy Fan, Illinois

Best quality business and personal bags.
- Jim C., Texas

Better than hoped. Would buy again.
- Brad B., Florida

WaterField Bags are for women, too.
- Traci F., U.S.A.

Where the best dressed technology shops.
- Jason R., Ireland

Look here first. Best bags ever!
- Ryan M., Maryland

Finally mine! Ready to roll! Thx.
- Zzepp O., Antwerp, Belgium

EXACTLY what I was looking for!
- Russell T., Texas

Products with passion built with love!
- Jeff B., New Jersey

Simply outstanding. Nothing else will do.
- Jonathan T., Arizona

Get more than you pay for.
- Magnus L., Wisconsin

Perfect size. Premium Quality. Phenomenal build.
-Ryan M., Kansas

The Best in the Business…Period.
-Joseph P., Rhode Island

There are no words to describe
- Daniel M., U.S.

Best bags one can ever have!
- Kelvin T.

- David W.

Most excellent bags I ever had
- A.R.

Best bag you can buy, period.
- Chris L.

Best bags ever. Thank you Gary!
- Christia T.

awesome products fair prices none better
- Michael S

Best beg I have ever used.
- David F.

Beautiful, well made bags that work.
- Paul C.

Best motherfucking bags known to mankind!
- Debbie U.

Made well, looks nice, great value!
- Jay S.

GOTO: Super Fantastic BAGS dot COM
- RJ T.



High Quality Designs Never Get Old!
-Michael I., New York

HIGHLY recommend Water Field. Amazing quality.
-Dillon G., Illinois

Quality made by those who care
-Craig H., Indiana

Quality protection for all my stuff.
-Joan K., California

Great quality and Design. Awesomeness
-Paul L., New Jersey

Where thoughtful design and quality meet
-Michael H.

Quality, Design, The Best Service = WaterFieldDesigns
-Travis K., Connecticut

Great quality and excellent service. Thanks!
- Ventura F., Spain

WaterField Is The Definition of Premium.
- Curt B., Nevada

Premium quality, style, and service.
- Jonathan C.

Quality products with excellent service rendered.
- Jeffrey C., California

Quality, quality, quality, couldn't be happier!
- Nick G., England

High quality products and excellent service.
- Stephen B., Georgia

Impeccable quality keeps me coming back.
- James K., Michigan

Incredible quality and delivery time.
- Mitchell E., Canada

Functional stylish quality from friendly people!
- Charles W., New York

Elegant. Tough. Best Quality. Best value!
- Tom R., United States

Quality, attention to detail and value!
- Don J., Texas

High Quality, Great Products, Satisfied Customer
- Vandoeun L., Texas

All quality needs met! Never disappointed.
- Sandy K., United States

Superior quality and fairly priced bags!
- Tony C., New Jersey

WaterField is quality in a product.
- Joseph C., Australia

Unique beautiful quality products. Happy customer.
- Hung D., Sydney, Australia

Top quality, affordable prices, always satisfied.
- Jonathan J.

Highest Quality. Timeless Style. Best Investment!
- D.P.

Quality, style, service - exceptionally engaging experience!
- P.R.

Quality. Six years old looks new.
- Colleen K.

Top quality, affordable prices, always satisfied.
- Jonathan J.

You get what you pay for
- John R., Washington

Quality, style, functionality made in USA
- Carl W.

Quality products and service -- repeat customer.
- Billy G.

Service, Quality, Design, Ergonomic, Variety, Durability
- M.P.

Excellent, Superior Product Surpassing Other Manufacturers
- John R.



12" MacBook home, better than expected
- Shy Guy, California

Mac Mini case received and (en)closed!
- Shy Guy, United Kingdom

Surface Pro 3 case: beautiful, rugged.
- Kirk W., Montana

Love my MacBook Air case! Yay!
- Eddie S., Kentucky

Masterfully Manages Minding My Mighty MBP.
- Scott F., Melbourne, Australia

iPad Air 2 found safe home.
- Neal B., California

iPad Air 2 sleeps in its sleeve.
- Mary M., Illinois

Mac Pro likes stylish understatement bags!
- Lutz J., Germany

A device is only as good as the bag it wears.
- Jay S., Texas

iPad to my pad; no worries.
- Mayumi R., Japan

Lenovo Pro/3DS + WaterField Products = Flawless.
- Joshua B., Georgia

Previously vulnerable, Mac's now safe.thanks.
- Bill R., Virginia

I envy MacBook's bulletproof tuxedo sleevecase.
- Daniel L., CA

Enjoy unholstering your Mac through security.
- Raymond S., Australia

Never have to buy another case.
- Magnus L., WI

My laptop flies WaterField Designs Class.
- Cathy R., Massachusetts

Mac products luv their SF bags.
- Lina M., Lebanon

Only reason I've kept my MacBook.
- D.S.

Bag arrived! MacBook Air now happy.
- Glenn D.

Laptop snug as bug in rug!
- Mellissa H.


Black leather and ballistic gorgeousness. Beautiful.
- Happy Customer, United Kingdom

Best leather bags I've ever owned.
- Howard G., Holualoa, Hawaii

Beautiful leather I love to touch.
- Shy Fan, Earth


Blue Cargo: Wallace Stevens' new guitar.
- Tom L., Tennessee

My Cargo bag turned 15. Legendary.
- Tom W., Massachusetts

Large Cargo. Home away from home.
- Mark L., Australia

My Cargo – my worldwide travel companion!
- Colin R., California

Cargo Bag delivers me in style!
- Patrick M.

Cargo excites years later - Bulletproof! Versatile!
- Glenn H.

Cargo Bag delivers me in style!
- Patrick M.

Cargo Bag is Best Bag Ever!
- Tom P.

Loved medium Cargo; bought large Cargo !
- Ruhi D.

It is bigger on the inside.
- Justin S.



"Cityslicker"? Strange way to spell, "Awesome!"
- Joseph J., California

Tripped. CitySlicker flew. MacBook saved!
- Carly D., Guam

A bag that is absolutely, positively supercalifragilisticexpealidocious!
- Jeani W., Washington

- David W.



Great bag! Cats loved the box.
- Anne M., California

Note to wife: "No! It's mine!".
- David S., Massachusetts

Hey Gary, can't do any better.
- Brad B., Long Island, NY

So Sleek. Not Weak. Geek Chic!
- Eric M., Maryland

Everywhere, everything, every time, with me.
- Bruce W., Maryland

Technological Perfection!.
- David R., New Hampshire

The logo WaterField, pierced my eyes.
- Ann J., California

Found best bag ever, at last!
- Sarah M., Massachusetts

Buy another brand? Are you crazy?
- Jay D., New Jersey

So light; perfectly crafted: happy back!.
- AC H., New York

Vegans deserve luxe, too. Well done.

A road-weary protector of dreams.
- Dave S., Newfoundland, Canada

Online chat answered my deepest question.
- R.H.

I love the bag, love WaterField!
- Robert T.

Fits perfectly in my scooter trunk!
- Karen C.

Mac, iPad, iPhone. Covers them all!
- Leslie T.

The Simple Life in a Bag.
- Ray H.

My bag makes me happy
- Richard S.

My goto bag. Light, strong, perfect.
- Eolake S.

After that, my laptop should have broken.
- David C.

Consternation. Investigation. Contemplation. Execution. Expectation. Elation!!!
- Will R.


My iPad's one and only nest...
- Mario C., Italy

Outback Slip Case is amazingly BEAUTIFUL!
- Mike M., Idaho


Considered invention with care and attention.
-Paul M., Manchester, UK

Bags designed with you in mind.
-Ryan P., New York

Quality and durability meet form and function.
-Ross S., Missouri

Creativity—Gary plus iPad equals awesome.
- Conrad S., California

Thoughtful design. Well made. Value delivered!
- Tom R.

Waterfield Bags = Quality, Style and Function.
- Michele F.

Best materials + design no doubt!
- Sally M.

Cool points for the bag alone
- Andre B.

durable, functional design with badass hardware
- Joseph R.

Service, Quality, Design, Ergonomic, Variety, Durability
- M.P.

The most stylish gear I own.
- Alyosha V., California

True Apple Protection For Design Products.
- Cody B.



VertiGo 2.0--functional, quality, style, customer-oriented.
- Cyrus W., Ottawa, Canada


What a cracking bit of kit.
- David H., Lancashire, United Kingdom

OUTBACK is great in the OUTBACK.
- Max N., Australia

Top quality...very happy with my Solo.
- Georgi B., Bulgaria

Bonniest bag in Edinburgh? Och aye!
- Doug I., Scotland

Outback Solo my iPad Air Taxi
- Teri T.

Outback Solo – Chic, Lightweight
- Teresa L.

Sleevecase was for backpack. Now solo.
- Jonathan P.


Victor victory! Over bulging wallet!
- Roy W., Florida

Bulging no more, Victor slim victory!
- Roy W., Florida


Rough Rider arrived. Muzetto isn't lonely!
- Cale C., Texas

Rough Rider. Form. Function. Indestructible. Me.
- Sam H., Georgia

Rough Rider Messenger best bag ever.
- Brian C., Florida

Rough Rider love at first sight!
- Fernando M., Maryland


First review ever, Outback Sleeve awesome!
- Alex S., Virginia

Outback Sleeve can hug XPS too!
- Reid H., Washington

Outback sleeve superb. Samsung tablet Aussiefied!
- Dennis L.

outback sleeve: rugged, stylish -- it's me!!
- John R.



Staad backpack is elegant and functional!
- Brian J., Oregon

Love, Love, LOVE my Staad Backpack!
- Stephen C., California

Staad: sleek, sturdy, stylish-- worth every$!
- Helena S., Victoria, Australia

Staad, like your greatest back massage.
- Andreas H., Sweden

My last backpack ever, love it.
- Magnus L., WI

Staad Stout is simply excellent
- Brian N., Michigan

(Staad) - Best backpack ever. Worth every penny!
- Brandon H., Idaho

Staad, couldn’t decide so bought two!
- Alex L., Hawaii

Staad, best backpack in the marketplace
- Sig B., United States

Staad is the backpack for me!
- Jay J.

Just from looking at the bag…this is a must-own bag
- Jesper N.



Eight years, on still looks great.
- Felix C., United Kingdom

Incredibly durable and wonderfully stylish bag.
- Mo S., Florida

Indestructible Cozmo four years still new.
- Allan C., Texas

Awesome products both versatile and durable.
- Pierce L., Texas

Five-year-old bag looks new!
- Robert Y., Texas

Eighteen months old. Looks brand new.
- Douglas T., Florida

Seven years. No wear. Function->Form.
- Murray L., Virginia

Long lasting and reliable! Love ya!
- Dwayne W., Texas

So happy I found you again!
- Lynne B., Indiana

Ten years later, still like new!
- Emil K., Pennsylvania

Takes a beating—still looks new!
- Mary D., Arizona

Every day, everywhere, still going strong!
- Craig S.

It just keeps on going!
- Thomas M.

Years of use, not one scuff.
- Son D.



Totally awesome kindle cover kicks ass!
- Jessica S., Florida

Love the keyboard and iPad portability
- Kevin R., Wisconsin

Kindle. Tablet Case. I live well!
- Roxanne S.

My kindle now travels in comfort.
- Susan S.

Perfect Carrier for Tablet and More!
- Michael H.

Open. Slide iPad in. Close. Safe.
- Marie-Paule G.

Tight but comfortable fit, durable quality.
- Sebastien B.



Cozmo bag great for everyday use.
- David S., California

Cozmo + Laptop Sleeve= :) MBP Retina
- Alex N.

Took Cozmo to meeting. Turned heads.
- Cliff D.

Cozmo Seen...Cozmo Came....Cozmo Conquered
- Michael R.

Cozmo: super quality and very functional
- Jeff G.

Cosmo, Functional Durable Organized Smart Light
- Patrick L.

Leather Cozmo: modern, practical ... just right.
- Mark R.




Smart Case makes my iPhone intelligent!
- Kaled A., New York


Gear pouch is gear bliss!
- Doug S., Florida

Padded Gear Pouch — great for travel!
- Fred N., Greece

Padded-Gear-Pouch is just what I wanted.
- Julio L., Peru

I'll never forget my gear pouches.
- Emory L., Iowa

”Hint” only missing fingerprint censor access.
- Jay P., California

CableGuy = Art stuff, wires, no worries
- John E., Michigan

Outback-bag & cable-guy - we are inseparable.
- Gail R.

Cableguy. Perfect for global tech adventurers.
- James M.

Bag, wallet, pouches....ready to go!
- Jeff G.


Awesome Indy bag and excellent service
- Fadi M., United Arab Emirates

Indy: husband-, toddler-, and baby-resistant!
- Sooah B., Switzerland

Everyone is jealous of my Indy.
- Antimere R



Outback Canvas Tote - love zippered pocket!
- Kathy H, New Hampshire.

A great casual all-purpose bag.
- Curtis L.

Useful, incredibly roomy; attractive leather contrast.
- Ingrid H.


MacBook SleeveCase motorcycle commute. Durable protection.
- Doug A., Virginia

Yummy yummy portability; yummy yummy portability!
- Gary R., Iowa

My tech travels safely in style!
- Leslie M., Oregon

Very happy with them, packs easily.
- Rodger P., Arizona

iPad+keyboard+case=real mobility!
- Terre S., Georgia

Surface Pro 3 travels in style.
- Tyler D., Tennessee

Business trip. One bag.
- Shy Customer, Planet Earth

Flame SmartCase travelled to Japan. Perfect.
- Incognito, California

I now take my laptop everywhere.
- Matt S., Texas

Must Have: WaterField Bags for Travel!
- Jeff G.

Africa and Back--safe and sound
- T.R

Bag packed. Ready to go, everywhere.
- Leslie T.

Lightweight computer, lightweight bag, happy traveler.
- Jamie C.

Vertigo has traveled. ChromeBook now protected.
- John H.

Bag, wallet, pouches....ready to go!
- Jeff G.

Wallet, sleeve, Cableguy, sling... Bagtopia... badabing.
- Emily C.