CitySlicker iPad Case

  • CitySlicker iPad Case
  • CitySlicker iPad case back pocket
    CitySlicker iPad case back pocket
  • CitySlicker iPad Case with strap
    CitySlicker iPad Case with strap
  • CitySlicker iPad Case under flap
    CitySlicker iPad Case under flap
  • Strap Options
    Strap Options
  • CitySlicker iPad Case leather flap
    CitySlicker iPad Case leather flap
  • CitySlicker iPad case with handle
    CitySlicker iPad case with handle
  • CitySlicker iPad Case with handle
    CitySlicker iPad Case with handle
  • CitySlicker iPad Case with handle
    CitySlicker iPad Case with handle
  • Black Leather
    Black Leather
  • Chocolate Leather
    Chocolate Leather
  • Grizzly Leather
    Grizzly Leather
  • CitySlicker iPad Case with handle
    CitySlicker iPad Case with handle
  • Nubock Leather
    Nubock Leather
  • Peruvian Leather
    Peruvian Leather
$104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 $114 $126 $136 $136 $114 $126 $114 $126 $136 $114 $126 $136 $114 $126 $136 $94 $106 $116 $94 $106 $116 $94 $106 $116 $94 $106 $116 $94 $106 $116 $104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 $104 $116 $126 Three layers of protection and six naturally distressed leather flap options offer superior protection, custom fit, and style for your iPad mini or iPad Air.
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More than meets the eye. You'll find superior protection for your iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 in the dime-thin, compact CitySlicker. Three layers of protection—impact-resistant plastic + high grade neoprene + padded liner—keep the iPad safe and snug. Multiple pockets for essential accessories are smartly sewn and hidden under the rugged leather flap that snaps into place for a sleek look.


  • Custom-fitted for the iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 3 naked or with Apple Smart Cover
  • Dual-Leather Flap Colors: Black, Chocolate, Grizzly, Nubock, Peruvian
  • Options:
    • Handle
    • Strap













I have had the new 13" City Slicker for almost a month now. I joined a multi year project that required me to go from meeting to meeting and needed something to carry my MBA 13" and have room for power cables, and other accessories.

My requirements were ability to carry basic accessories, power cord, mouse, cables, portable hard drive, and IPhone. Needed to have style but not look like I was carrying my desk in a backpack from meeting to meeting.

I saw the City Slicker and it seemed to fit the requirements. My previous experience with Waterfield cases has been very positive, as I still use the original Ipad Ultimate Sleeve Case. The quality, well thought out design and durability gave me an assurance that this would be money well spent.

The City Slicker I ordered was the Chocolate with no handle, but with "D" rings. I use my shoulder strap from my IPad case along with the mini piggyback if I need to carry more. I found my choices were correct.

The Chocolate looks great and the comments on the City Slicker have been numerous. The best part is I can carry what I need, for all my meetings without over burdening myself. I can pack up quickly and efficiently from one meeting and run to the next.

Last weekend I used the City Slicker to travel throughout Boston for leisure and work. The City Slicker is now my travel "light" tool.

The guys and gals at Waterfield continue to design, and produce quality products understanding the customer. Thank you and when asked I my recommendation is that they cannot go wrong with Waterfield Designs.

Tom (Hartford, CT)


After receiving the CitySlickers bag for my MBPr and getting to use it for a little over a week, I must say that it is a FANTASTIC bag. I am slightly a perfectionist and i have to say i love everything about this bag. From the leather used to the protection provided to the stitching im a very happy with the bag. I love the sleekness and find myself leaving the cable guy in the trunk of my car in case i ever need my charger. These two product work great with each other. My first week using the cityslicker and i have already received 3 compliments on the bag. I even gave your post card that comes with the bag to someone so that they could visit your website and possibly order a bag for themselves. i love the professional look of the bag. Great job guys on a fantastic product. Any possibility of leather wallets or card cases in the future?

John Szwed

Dear Gary,

As usual, your company continues to provide exemplary customer service. You keep your customers updated if items they've ordered are out of stock and then again when new stock has been received. You even make sure the customer still is interested in the original order. I do most of my purchasing on-line and WaterField Designs honestly has, by far, the best customer service of any and also provides an elegant, well-made product. I wish all companies and businesses were as caring and customer-oriented as WaterField.

Dr. Carl

The iPad Fan

Review : CitySlicker iPad and iPad mini Case

The iPad Fan - March 12, 2014

“Overall I really like the CitySlicker. It’s a beautifully crafted case…like a piece of art you take with you. It protects the iPad mini in transport, holds extras, and again, is just stunning.”

WaterField Designs CitySlicker iPad mini case review

Tech Tips - January 23, 2013

“WaterField Designs continues to impress me with their products and I have no problems recommending the CitySlicker.”


Waterfield's CitySlicker is a luxurious home for your iPad mini

TUAW - December 11, 2012

“The CitySlicker is the Rolls-Royce of iPad mini sleeves.”

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